5 Ways To Relieve Muscle Pain

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Muscle pain. Something that we have all experienced at some point. It can be the result of a brutal workout, physical labor, or even brought on after a day of normal actives. No matter why you are in pain, it can be uncomfortable. Try these remedies to ease the pain and speed recovery.


1. CBD OIl. 

CBD Oil  brings down inflammation that may be causing muscle pain.  Clean Remedies has two strengths of CBD OIl. The 900 mg CBD Oil Tincture is best if you are just taking CBD for the first time, the 3000 mg CBD Oil Tinture is ideal for more severe pain. 

2. CBD Oil Detox Bath Salts

Detox bath salts are the perfect accessory to add to your bath. Infused with 150 mg of Full Spectrum Hemp CBD Extract our luxurious detox bath salts are known to remove toxins from the body, relieve muscle tension, pain & inflammation. We use Dead Sea salt as well which replenish minerals and vitamins back into the body. They are designed to deliver full body relief. 

3. Hydrate

Hydration is crucial for muscular repair. Drinking adequate amounts of water per day will: get rid of wastes through urination, perspiration, and bowel movements. It will also help lubricate and cushion joints. 

4. Stretch

Stretching everyday helps lengthen muscles, increase range of motion in your joints, and relieve stiffness. 

5. Rest

Believe it or not, getting adequate sleep and resting your body can be the most effective treatment. Active memory, which is light exercise during the recovery phase tends to stimulate blood flow through the muscles to help relive some of that muscle pain. 




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