CBD Dog Treats: Will Your Dog Love Them?

The latest natural treatment to lower your dog’s pain or anxiety is CBD. CBD dog treats are an excellent and effective alternative to CBD oil, as they are far easier to “administer,” since they are made specifically for your dog’s taste and for the ease of your administration. An increasing number of satisfied CBD users are asking the question whether their new preferred product can be of any substantial benefit to their best (non-human) friends. Veterinarians are starting to use and advise use of the product for a variety of ailments in dogs. As long as the dog’s owner is doing proper due diligence in selecting an unadulterated product containing no THC, the dog’s experience should not be anything to worry about. As one veterinarian, Dr. Patty Khuly, said when referring to how she approaches finding the right product for her patients:

Most of the patients I’ve medicated with CBD oil have thrived. After recommending it to hundreds of patients (I carry it in-house now), I’ve not yet observed an adverse reaction. Sure, some patients have balked at its delivery, but that’s about it for negatives.Still, not all CBD oils are created equal. Do your research. Chat with veterinarians on Veterinary Information Network and in your vicinity. Talk to the pharmacist in charge at the company whose products you choose to recommend to be sure there’s no THC at all in the product. Follow all these recommendations and you can rest easy knowing that you’re offering a product that meets a high standard of care.

CBD treats would be an optimal choice if your dog didn’t enjoy the taste of CBD oils when you applied to their tongue or food. Many CBD treats are made with peanut butter and/or coconut oil to mask the taste of CBD. With CBD treats, you simply feed them to your dog a treat and presto, CBD administered!

What Is CBD?

CBD or cannabidiol was discovered in 1940, and it is a phytocannabinoid that can be sourced from hemp. CBD is safe to use because it doesn’t have any psychoactive effects. In other words, you won’t get high from it, and neither will your pet. This non-intoxicating compound has a variety of therapeutic benefits, including anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, seizure-suppressant, and analgesic properties. 

How Can CBD Help Your Pet? – Main Benefits

Just like humans, pets can experience a wide range of health problems. Cats and dogs feature endocannabinoid organisms, which means they could seriously benefit from the use of CBD. The system we just mentioned allows cannabidiol’s active ingredients to relieve or alleviate many symptoms. 

CBD dog treats are good for both occasional and chronic conditions such as:

  • Anxiety;
  • Joint pain;
  • Digestive issues;
  • Chronic pain;
  • Seizures;
  • Arthritis, etc. 

CBD dog treats are free of the effects of THC, and they provide a wide range of advantages. So, you don’t have to worry that they will make your dog “high.” Besides the things listed above, CBD products are also good for blood disorders and cancers or tumors. They prevent cancerous cells from developing due to their antioxidant properties. 

Why are CBD Products Better Than Other Alternatives?

In recent years, CBD has become a viable alternative to Ibuprofen and other similar medications. Many human patients say that CBD hemp oil has helped them with several health conditions like mental conditions, body inflammation, and more. Unlike humans, pets might reject the texture or taste of the oil, so, in their case, CBD treats might work better. 

Many dog owners choose to treat their pets with CBD products instead of giving them standard medication due to the many benefits of CBD, convenience, availability, etc. With CBD for dogs, it will be easy for you to customize your desired dosage and tailor it to match your dog’s unique needs. 

Being a completely natural treatment makes hemp CBD more appealing to dog owners. All the species that have a backbone feature an endocannabinoid system and dogs are not an exception. Their organisms already produce this type of substance, so it allows the body to respond to external CBD sources positively. Unlike THC, CBD is harmless and safe to use. 

Compared to hemp CBD, standard pharmacy drugs aren’t natural, and they might cause many unwanted side effects. Using medications like Xanax or Valium to treat an anxious dog can create a whole new set of problems and the potential for accidental overdose. The CBD pet industry has also created a multitude of products that will enable you to easily give this helpful compound to your pet in a treat that they will love and savor! Another thing you should consider is CBD’s high versatility level, which makes it an effective treatment option for a lot of health issues. Compared to medications that are taken orally, CBD dog treats don’t lead to gastrointestinal upset. They can be mixed with substances that assist dogs in digestion. When confronted with the decision of whether to move to a more serious medication, or try CBD first, it makes sense in consultation with your veterinarian to try the easier and safer option first.

CBD Oil vs. CBD Dog Treats – What’s the Difference?

Are you wondering whether or not CBD dog treats are more effective than oils? It depends a lot on how the product is received by your dog. Some dogs are okay with the oils, while others accept dog treats or dog biscuits a lot easier. CBD oil works better for humans, while CBD treats are an optimal choice for dogs because they will also enjoy the taste and texture of the product. 

The best CBD treats are marketed in a wide variety of available flavors like chicken, bacon, turkey, etc. Your dog will certainly love the full spectrum of flavors and textures available for your furry friend. Plus, it will be easier for you to follow the dosing guidelines when you’re giving CBD treats to your pet instead of oils. 

Why Should You Opt for CBD Dog Treats?

CBD pet products are easily accepted by dogs, being tasty and appealing. The CBD contained by these products will be quickly absorbed by your pet’s organism. CBD dog treats are easily available and quite affordable. Based on their amount of CBD, you will know how many treats to give to your dog on a daily basis. 

Does CBD Have Side Effects?

CBD is safe to use, and unlike other cannabinoids, it doesn’t have psychoactive effects. Most pets receive and assimilate this compound without problems. CBD treats and oils don’t typically induce bad sensations, such as drowsiness. The best thing to do is to keep an eye on your dog and see how its body reacts to this natural treatment. For any in-depth details, it’s best to clarify any question you may have with your pet’s veterinarian. 

The following symptoms were reported by individuals who consumed CBD but you can always pay attention if you pet manifests any of them:

  • Dry mouth – while your dog isn't able to tell you that it has dry mouth, you should check that from time to time while also increasing its water intake;
  • Drowsiness – make sure your dog's sleeping patterns don't change during CBD administration;
  • Tremors – humans to took higher doses of CBD manifested tremors which should definitely be a concern if you see that side effect in your dog;
  • Lightheadedness – notice whether or not your pet seems dizzy or disoriented; 
  • Low blood pressure – regular vet checkups could be very helpful when you're giving CBD to your dog. The specialist could easily verify if your pet's blood pressure is too low. 

How to Know that CBD Works for Your Pet

Soon after consuming a CBD treat, your dog will begin acting calmer and less anxious. Many dogs become significantly better rather quickly, suddenly running around and acting younger and happier than they have in years. Others will have more subtle results. You may have to experiment with the CBD dosage to ensure you give your dog enough CBD to help them but not so much that you make them sleepy (which is one of the few side-effects of too much CBD). Again, remember to make absolutely certain to ensure the product does not have THC in it as this can actually cause an overdose in your dog. In the event that your dog exhibits any of these signs, take your pet to the dog immediately.


There are several things you should know about CBD dog treats. Here are some of the most common questions: 

  1. How Long Does It Take for the CBD Treat to Start Working?

If your pet deals with anxiety issues, it will only take between 30 and 60 minutes for the CBD treat to work. That’s when you should see your dog calm down. For pain related to joint or mobility problems as well as for many other chronic conditions, you may have to wait up to a couple of weeks to see optimal results. If your dog’s sleep pattern is significantly altered, you may want to lower the dosage. 

  1. How Many CBD Treats Can I Give to My Dog?

One CBD treat per day should suffice. However, in more severe cases such as epilepsy or cancer, you can give your pet a maximum of two CBD treats each day. This is of course assuming the amount in each treat (or serving is specified an appropriate). Always make sure to double and triple check the ingredients and levels of CBD in your dog’s treats. If your dog doesn’t like the treat, don’t force them to eat it. 

  1. Will CBD Oil Calm My Hyper Dog?

More and more veterinarians recommend the use of CBD oil to calm down your pet, especially if your dog suffers from a disorder such as separation anxiety disorder. All the existing studies show that cannabidiol can lower anxiety, seizures, aggression, muscle spasms, and pain. CBD treats can also be used in cases of neurological disorders. Generally, CBD is believed to reduce the physiological symptoms of anxiety. Young dogs that demonstrate excessive hyperactivity will likely calm within 30-60 minutes of eating a CBD treat. If the dog is not sleeping through the night, a treat before bed may assist in the dog being able to sleep peacefully throughout the night. 

  1. Is CBD safe for my dog?

While there is a dearth of high-quality verified research on the effect of CBD on dogs, many vets anecdotally report the efficacy of the substance in treating the symptoms of various common conditions a dog may experience like arthritis or hyperactivity. The FDA has approved a CBD drug for epilepsy for use in children. Millions of Americans are regularly using CBD with very few reports and no documented instances of widespread health maladies. The inexorable conclusion is that although there is not, and likely will not be for some time, any studies assessing specifically the safety concerns of dogs using CBD, it can be safely assumed that no salient issues about dog’s safety have been discovered by veterinarians.  While CBD is safe for your dog at appropriate levels, THC is not. So you need to make absolutely, positively sure that there is no THC in the product you are giving your dog. Don’t forget to check the other ingredients on the packaging label of the treat. While CBD may be safe for your dog, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everything else in the treat is!


If you want your fur baby to be healthy or alleviate its symptoms (such as separation anxiety), you should consider giving it CBD treats or CBD oil for dogs. These products are made to treat symptoms of a wide variety of health issues, and they are safe to consume. Make sure to pick high-quality CBD dog treats because your little friend deserves the best. Look at all ingredients in the treats, not just the quality and quantity of CBD, to make sure it all deserves to go in your buddy’s belly. 

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