Dr. Bob Leonard Spills the Tea on Men's Health

Dr. Bob Leonard Spills the Tea on Men's Health
What can men do to help relieve everyday stresses? 
Dr. Leonard: My best recommendation is men should make it a priority to set aside 30 minutes to themselves every day. It could be silence/and or meditation, exercise, reading, etc. It allows the mind and body to pause in the midst of our hectic lives. Stress triggers many responses in our bodies including pain points, anxiety, heart stress, and exhaustion. We need to reprogram our minds that it is okay to hit the stop button and regroup. 

How can men use CBD in their everyday routine to help with pain and sleep? 
Dr. Leonard: Both my wife and I personally experienced our most restful sleep since we started a CBD regimen as part of our nightly routine. As a Chiropractor (and I get adjusted weekly) I've seen sleep changes in both patients and myself - add in a CBD protocol with those consistent adjustments and I've seen amazing results in sleep issues. 
What is the number one health element men battle and what signs should they look for? 
Dr. Leonard: Mental Health. Hands down. I think as men we are trained to "suck it up" and deal with it. We suppress our emotions; depression and anxiety are real and men typically don't talk about it.  When our bodies are fighting anxiety and depression we feel the effects in our pain receptors, sleep patterns or lack thereof, and our immune system - feeling run down, foggy, and the inability to focus. Even if depression isn't prevalent now, it should always be at the forefront of everyone's mind.

What would chiropractic care help men with?

Dr. Leonard: Chiropractic is about more than simply aligning the spine. Our approach at Great Lakes is to take a holistic approach to our patient’s health. Since each aspect of life has an impact on every other aspect, we make sure we cater our care specific to each patient. The top reasons men come to us are to relieve joint and back pain, minimize headaches, increase muscle strength, increase mobility and improve posture.  
How is CBD helping your patients in your clinic?
Dr. Leonard: Our patients are using CBD for a broad range of issues. We have moms with anxiety, athletes using it for their workout regimen, patients using it in addition to their chiropractic and acupuncture care, those looking for their minds to calm down in the evening, to name a few. 

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