Does CBD Oil Expire? 4 Ways To Tell

How Long Does CBD Expire

Tinctures, topicals, and vapes, oh my! The never-ending wonderland of CBD products has taken the world by storm.

Understandably, most peoples' first questions revolve around the effects of CBD. Don't deny that you've Googled, "how long does CBD stay in your system?" or "can I take CBD edible on an empty stomach?"

But our obsession of, "How long does CBD last?" has started to revolve only around how long do the effects last. Not when or will CBD oil expire.

If CBD topicals and other hemp-derived CBD products like delta 9 gummies have become a part of your regular routine, then you definitely need to know the in's and out's of CBD oil shelf life. Just like any other prescription medications you may be taking.

Of course, if you're still interested in how long the effects of it last, go ahead and Google away! Don't let us stop you!

But this article is here to help you develop a more sustainable approach to the life of CBD oil, especially if you're taking it regularly. So get your snacks ready, snuggle down, and read on!

Does CBD oil expire?

Bet this thought never crossed your mind. But if it did, then we stand corrected!

Either way, yes, CBD oil expires. Sometimes, the expiration date is clearly labeled on the packaging alongside its recommended consumption methods.

Sometimes, it’s not. But how you store high-quality CBD oil matters most. Without knowing, you may be expiring your CBD oil long before its actual expiration date.

So it really is up to you to extend the shelf life of your CBD. And, in most cases, you can even make sure your CBD oil lasts longer!

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A few factors that affect the shelf life of CBD

If you're only vaping or smoking, you're likely not as worried about whether your CBD will have a longer shelf life or shorter shelf life. You know, one breath in, one breath out.

But when it comes to consuming CBD products and keeping them around for longer periods of time, try to keep these factors in mind. And you'll not only improve its overall shelf life, you'll ensure that it has a long shelf life too.


Sure, you might consume CBD isolate, but what else is in that product that's going through your digestive system? Whether it's flavoring or other oils, each ingredient has its own shelf life.


Of course, a quality product will have a much longer shelf time than low-quality CBD oil. This quality can boil down to the very CBD flower or cannabis plant through which this product was made.

Extraction process

When it comes to extraction methods, there is actually a gold standard among them. Sure, CBD extracts might come from solvent extraction or steam extraction.

But the best extraction method is none other than the carbon dioxide method of extraction. (Cue fanfare and crowd cheering!)

CBD oil cbd oils essential oils cbd oil carrier oil cbd gummies product's shelf life just pure cbd cbd quality ethanol extraction cbd gummies cbd extract keeping cbd oil lose potency

Other methods can keep the compounds stable, but carbon dioxide maximizes the level of CBD obtained from the cannabis plants. And when you're taking Full spectrum CBD or Broad Spectrum CBD, you'll want all those extra compounds and goodies.


CBD oils and CBD rubs come in their own packaging for a reason. Sometimes, CBD oil will come in a darker-colored glass container.

And that's to make sure that the shelf life of CBD remains long. (CBD prefers to be kept in a dark place.)


The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has found that both light exposure and heat exposure can actually accelerate the degradation of CBD. So make your CBD oil last and make sure to store CBD oil properly.

How to tell if your CBD oil has met its expiration date

If you're thinking of taking hemp seed oil or giving that CBD to your pet and you're wondering, "When exactly does CBD oil expire?" consider these red flags. Without proper storage, how long CBD oil lasts can easily be answered by a sniff or a glance.

They smell gross

A quick way to deduce that your cannabidiol CBD oil has expired is that it just smells gross. Actually, expired CBD oil smells more skunky than gross (still, ew). 

Their consistency becomes thick

CBD oil should have the same consistency as olive oil or coconut oil. So if it's become thicker over time and more "slushy," you can consider it an old CBD oil ready to hit the can.

(We apologize for the use of the word "slushy." If the visual images that just crossed our minds are as disturbing as they were, then we can't even imagine what we just put you through.)

The oil begins to look murky

Sometimes, your CBD oil can look a little cloudy if you've left it sitting in a cold room or cold temperature space. But if you've left it out for a couple of minutes to adjust to room temperature and it's still cloudy, then your CBD oil has gone.

CBD daily airtight container cbd oil last mct oil storage tips hydrocarbon solvents

Just think. Do you really want to risk it and put something cloudy and murky into your system? Hmm?

It tastes "off"

CBD produces a kind of earthy, grassy, or nutty taste on its own. That is if the hemp plant hasn't been artificially flavored with other ingredients.

But even if you're not the biggest fan of a nutty taste, CBD should still be palatable. So if your CBD oil tastes a little off, consider it has met its expiration date.

Can an old bottle of CBD oil make you sick?

Luckily, CBD oil doesn't end up spoiling like milk. So if you continue consuming expired CBD oil, you won't end up hurting your system too terribly.

That being said, it's always best to stay on the safe side not only to keep yourself safe. But make sure that CBD works for you.

Besides, these are products that you're buying. You should get your money's worth!

How to store CBD properly

We've already talked about how important storing CBD oil properly is. So... (you're welcome.) But here are a couple of more tips on how to avoid expired CBD oil - or, at least, how to ward off expired CBD oil for as long as possible.

Keep your CBD tinctures in the original packaging

Pure CBD oil and Delta 8 tinctures typically arrives in a dark-tinted bottle to shield it from sunlight and other pollutants. So keep CBD oil fresh by opening the CBD oil bottle only when you're using it.

Then, close it tight to make sure it doesn't suffer from too much air exposure. That fresh bottle is crucial for maintaining the chemical balance of your CBD oil products.

So extend the shelf life of your CBD products. And make sure you get the most out of your Full Spectrum CBD oil!

Store capsules and CBD oils upright

This one kind of seems obvious, but we'll say it anyway. Store your CBD oil upright in your medicine cabinet!

Not only will this enhance CBD oil's shelf life. You'll also ensure that no oils spill out by accident. That's a quick way to shorten the life of CBD oil.

And besides. You'd be kicking yourself anyway.

Keep your CBD product away from moisture

If you've got a humidifier at home, wonderful! Just don't let it become friends with your CBD.

Too much moisture can encourage mold to grow and that's the last thing you want for your CBD. Or for anything, really.

Storage tips heavy metals tastes rancid oil has gone bad nutrient rich soil

So consider one room your designated moisture room. And tell your CBD that that room is strictly prohibited!

Or be gentle about it. Who knows what kind of a CBD parent you are.

Make sure your CBD products are stored at room temperature

Let's just say it plain and simple. CBD loves room temperature. It prefers it. It thrives in it.

Anywhere like your pocket or by the window is the perfect way to make your CBD a little grumpy from extreme heat. And such environmental factors can actually accelerate the degradation process.

We know it's tempting to want to have a little friend in your pocket. But these products are like cats - they actually like being left at home.

Keep your tinctures away from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight and vitamin D are great and wonderful things. Just not for CBD.

Any place too warm can actually cause bacteria to grow in and around your CBD. And we don't think those are the kinds of friends you want your CBD hanging around with.

Sure, you want them to grow up and diversify their friend pool. But just don't let them go into the deep end like that without preparation.

(Is this parent-child language to describe your relationship to CBD getting to be a bit much? Seriously, you can tell us.)

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Make sure the dropper for your CBD tincture is clean

Maybe you're familiar with droppers for any other health conditions you have. Maybe not.

But either way, if you're using a spoon or dropper to apply or consume your oil, always make sure that whatever instrument you use is clean. Most often, tinctures will come with its own dropper that also functions as a cap - which makes it a perfect, uncontaminated instrument.

But if you're using a spoon, just don't double dip! You risk contaminating the rest of the product with harmful bacteria. Remember - better safe than sorry!

If nothing else, contact the CBD companies themselves

Because there are so many different CBD products, it's fair to say that no two products are alike. So if you're really in doubt, just contact the company you purchased your product from.

Extreme temperatures direct heat

They will be the most knowledgeable about the extraction method, storage techniques, and more. So don't be afraid to ask!

If anything, your asking could help them better promote storage directions in the future. So you'd be helping yourself out as well as so many others.

Final thoughts

You may look at CBD oils and think they're some kind of a Godsend. That they are impenetrable and simply can't go bad.

Well, just remember that even great things need to be humbled sometimes. So always be sure to double check your products' expiration dates.

And use these tips along your journey to keep you healthy and knowledgeable as you go!

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