How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Cat?

How Much CBD Oil For Cat

Cat parents are always looking for new ways to spoil their feline friend. And with CBD oil for cats, it's never been easier.

Just like dog CBD, cat CBD oil can be administered to your cat through a number of different ways. There's CBD cat treats, CBD oil for cats you can drop in your cat's food - well, you get the point.

So if you're interested in giving your cats CBD oil but don't know where to start, we've got you covered. Keep reading to learn all there is about CBD oil for cats and how much CBD you should be giving them.

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How to introduce CBD oil to your cat

It may not feel like giving your cats CBD comes with an instruction manual. But that's exactly what we've compiled for you below:

#1. Start with a gradual introduction

When introducing pet CBD oil into your cat's routine, start small and slow. Pet parents know that their furry friend never likes to be rushed into something.

Cats, especially. So start by easing CBD oil for cats into their diet.

Notice if they experience any adverse effects. And otherwise let them warm up to the idea of hemp oil.

#2. Talk to your veterinarian

Who (besides you) knows your pet best? Their veterinarian!

Ask them about CBD oil and how it may affect your pet. They may know plenty of CBD products that you hadn't heard of before like soft chews or drops.

And you can also ask them about any additional ingredients in the product such as olive oil, coconut oil, or more. Ultimately, you want what's best for your pet - and your vet does too!

#3. Consider why you are giving your cat CBD

No two CBD products are alike. So consider why you are planning on introducing CBD oil to your pet in the first place.

CBD dosage will vary on the product and the right CBD dose or CBD doses for your pet will be a trial and error so it get dosing recommendations but know that it will take time to find the right dosage and dosing frequency

Before going forward, it is important to note that research is still ongoing to determine whether CBD oil can effectively help pets with their various health issues. So each of the following is meant to offer a potential benefit - not a scientifically proven fact.


There's no question that both cats and dogs can suffer from anxiety. And some pet owners have decided to turn to CBD dog treats or a CBD pet tincture for help.

So far, research has found that CBD's interaction with the adenosine and serotonin receptors of the brain may ease anxiety. But there is still plenty of research to be done.

Inflammatory bowel disease

CBD oils from the hemp plant and cannabis plants are known to contain anti-inflammatory properties. And when readily absorbed, may help pets who suffer from inflammation.

Chronic pain

Pet care certainly changes as your pets grow older. And some owners have found hemp oil to ease arthritis, though this is not scientifically proven.

Either way, you'll want to consult your veterinarian on CBD oil for cats. And be sure to bring up why you are thinking of giving your pet a CBD product in the first place.

#4. Go off of your cat's weight

The mg of CBD you give your cat will greatly depend on your cat's weight. Below is a very general guide on how much CBD to offer your pet based on their body weight.

But again, this guide is not meant to dictate how many mg of CBD you give to your pet right off the bat. Rather, these are ballpark numbers that can help inform how many mg of CBD you give your pet.

Body weight of 1 - 10 lbs

The average amount of CBD to give a cat weighing 1 to 10 lbs is 4.2 mg of CBD. If you're administering your CBD oil with a dropper, this is roughly 1/4 of the dropper.

Some pets are able to tolerate more mg of CBD at this weight. But do not exceed more than 8.4 mg of CBD. This measurement is roughly 1/2 a dropper.

Body weight of 11 - 25 lbs

A cat weighing 11 to 25 lbs may take 8.4 mg of CBD on average. AKA 1/2 a dropper like we mentioned before.

But others may be able to tolerate more mg CBD. So some pet owners give their 11- to 25-pound friend 12.6 mg of CBD.

It may take time to figure out the optimum CBD dosage size for your pet but consult a vet on CBD dosage to determine CBD dosing for your pet even a CBD dosing chart and dosing instructions may help

Just remember that there is such a thing as too much CBD. And consult your vet before giving your pet any more mg of CBD than is suitable for their weight.

Body weight of 26 - 40 lbs

Pets weighing 26 to 40 lbs may take 12.6 mg of CBD on average. And this comes out to be about 3/4 of a dropper.

You can gradually increase the number of mg of CBD you give your pet to 16.8 mg of CBD within this weight range, which is 1 full dropper of CBD oil. But always monitor their reactions and keep track of their sleep schedule.

Body weight of 41 - 55 lbs

If your pet weighs anywhere between 14 to 55 lbs, you can administer 16.8 mg CBD, or 1 full dropper of CBD oil. And if they tolerate this well, you may increase to 21 mg CBD.

This is roughly 1 1/4 of a dropper. But again, keep an eye on their reaction and read the instructions on every CBD product as hemp derived CBD products may vary amongst themselves.

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Choosing the best CBD oil for your cat

When it comes to figuring out how many mg CBD you give to your pet, there are a couple of other factors to consider. So, let's see how you can choose the best CBD oil for your pet and determine the right amount of mg CBD for them.

Type of CBD pet products

There are so many different kinds of pet CBD products out there. So you have the choice between a soft chew, a few drops of a CBD tincture, pure CBD, THC-free CBD, full spectrum CBD, and so on.

There is no right dose as far as CBD dosing goes but CBD dosage charts will point out that a recommended dose for a starting dose is a low dose sometimes less than a regular dose and never a strong dose to start

In short, it's important to know the basic difference between the three main types of CBD. So let's break that down first:

Full spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD contains all additional cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. And it includes trace amounts of THC as well.

This is not enough to get your pet high. But with all of the additional cannabinoids working together, CBD, as a compound, may benefit from the entourage effect.

Due to all of these additional cannabinoids, you may want to adjust the mg CBD you offer your pet if the product is full spectrum. So keep this in mind as you explore the various types of CBD oil for pets.

Broad spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD also contains additional cannabinoids found in the hemp and marijuana plant. But it contains no THC whatsoever.

So if you're at all worried about THC getting into your pet's system, stick with broad spectrum. This way, your pet can still experience the entourage effect.

But without the risk of trace amounts of THC. You may find that you can offer more CBD if the product is broad spectrum. But this is not to say that you should up the mg CBD you offer your pet automatically.

Take it slow. And let them set the pace.

CBD isolate

CBD isolate is just pure CBD. No additional cannabinoids and no THC.

CBD manufacturers like to offer as many different CBD options as they can. So you'll likely find these three types of CBD in most CBD stores.

As you determine how many mg CBD to give your pet, keep these spectrums in mind. And monitor your pet's reaction as you begin to introduce CBD into their diet.

Amount of CBD content

In the general guide above, we focused on tinctures. But you may decide to offer your pet a CBD treat.

If this is the case, always look at the mg CBD present in each treat. You can easily cut a treat in half if you want to split the mg CBD they're getting.

But just be aware that CBD treats may take longer to take effect than CBD tinctures. This is not necessarily due to the mg CBD present.

But rather how the CBD gets processed. When ingested, CBD must pass through the digestive system, then get metabolized by the liver. The same goes for when you take delta 9 gummies as a human. 

When taken sublingually under the tongue, CBD directly enters the bloodstream. Your method of application may also affect how many mg CBD you offer your pet.

Third party lab testing

As with anything you give your pet, you want to know all that's in it. CBD companies with third party lab testing offer those reports openly.

And it's a great way to tell reputable companies apart from others. Because companies that show off their lab results have nothing to hide.

And that means you have nothing to fear with giving your pets however many mg CBD. So go with a CBD brand that has your pet's best interests in mind and openly broadcasts their third party lab results.

Brands many pet owners stand by

This can be applied to both how many mg CBD to give your pet and which CBD brand to go with. You want to go with a brand that has good reviews.

CBD oil dosage may vary based on your pet's health issues though a specific dose range or a strong dose may offer potential health benefits such as pain relief from a sensitive stomach or muscle soreness

And in those reviews, you may find other customers' experience with determining how many mg CBD to offer their pet. In the end, you'll find that pet CBD oil has a community of its own.

So use this community to your advantage. Ask questions, reach out to brands directly, and get the answers you need to best support your pet.

FAQs about cat CBD

We tried our best to answer every question you could possibly have. But just in case we haven't...

How often should I give my cat CBD?

Every CBD product will be different. So first, look on the label to see what the brand itself recommends.

Typically though, you can give your pet CBD every 8 hours or as needed. Some pets do best when they take CBD once a day.

Others do best when they take CBD twice a day. It will really be up to your pet to determine how many mg CBD is best for them, and how frequently they receive it.

What's the best way to give my cat CBD?

If you have a CBD tincture, you can easily put a few drops into their food. But if you want something that's entirely prepackaged, you can always go with CBD pet treats.

Some dogs are able to take a CBD tincture under the tongue. But cats tend to be another story.

Additionally, some brands offer CBD topicals and rubs for pets too. 

Ultimately, there are plenty of different ways to give your cat CBD. But your cat will be the judge as to which method is the best.

The bottom line

Every pet owner's dream is having healthy dogs and cats to care for. So when it comes to CBD, do your best to research before slowly introducing it to your pet.

Hopefully this article was able to help, even if only in the smallest of ways. We just want you and your furry friends feeling your absolute best!

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