How To Choose The Best CBD Oil

How To Choose The Best CBD Oil

Quantity or quality? It's an age-old debate that, of course, offers us a couple of different perspectives.

But when it comes to what you place on or in your body, (we hope) you'll choose quality over quantity every time. Even still though, it can be hard to know what to look for when searching for the best CBD oil out there.

And that's why we decided not only to hold your hand along that journey. But give you a guided tour on CBD products so you can make the most informed decision.

Think of us as your spirit guide. Or a museum docent you actually care about listening to! (No offense to all the museum docents out there...)

Because not all CBD oil products are made the same. So here's what you need to know:

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#1. Decide what kind of CBD oil you want

Typically, a CBD product may be one of these three options. So what exactly do each of them offer?

Full spectrum CBD oil

Full spectrum CBD oil products contain all additional cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Yes, this means that trace amounts of THC will be present.

But legally, it should only contain 0.03% THC. Some consider full spectrum CBD to be the holy grail of CBD as it may play into the entourage effect.

Broad spectrum CBD oil

Broad spectrum CBD is a step down from full spectrum CBD. Broad spectrum CBD products may contain some additional cannabinoids found in hemp plants.

But it will not contain any THC. That's something you can always expect from broad spectrum.

CBD isolate

CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like: just plain ol' CBD. So if you want nothing else but CBD in your CBD products, then this is the way to go.

#2. Consider how you want to use or consume CBD oil

Consuming CBD can take on many forms. And you'll want to know what CBD brand offers the most options.

CBD gummies

Now this is a CBD product that has only grown in popularity. Typically, these kinds of CBD products will tell you how much CBD per gummy there is.

The cannabis plant that your hemp oil is sourced from should be CBD legal and hemp authority certified

And this makes it easy to measure out how much CBD you want to consume. Additionally, the world of CBD gummies is vast in and of itself.

So you can choose between pure CBD gummies, delta 9 gummies, full spectrum CBD gummies, and more. Just note that gummies will take effect about an hour or two hours after consumption. So be patient!

CBD tinctures

Tinctures are another discreet way of taking CBD oil. And when applied sublingually, this CBD product can get you results much quicker than a gummy.

CBD oil will typically be mixed with a carrier oil like coconut oil. But CBD tinctures will have an alcohol base.

Either way, you'll want to look at what ingredients that CBD company uses for their CBD products. So you can buy CBD oil and know exactly what you're getting.

Especially if you're getting that CBD oil for your pets

Smoking or vaping CBD

Smoking hemp seed oil or CBD oil is the quickest way to get CBD into your bloodstream. So if you're looking for quick results, this will be the best option for you.

That being said, you should be extra cautious around CBD oil vape pens. They produce little smoke but the concentrated oils used may contain propylene glycol.

In order to steer clear of this, choose CBD products that have solvent-free oils. This way, you can indulge in your CBD products with peace of mind.

Topical CBD

That's right, CBD oil isn't just for consumption. It's for your skin too!

What makes a CBD rub different from other high quality CBD products is that it is applied to a localized area. So you're not actually using your entire body to absorb those CBD oils.

That being said, topical CBD oil can take longer to take effect. And results will vary from person to person.

#3. Look into reputable CBD brands

Okay, by now you should know what kind of CBD products you're looking for. So what exactly should you be looking for in CBD brands?

CBD interacts with your endocannabinoid system and may provide relief from chronic pain though it is not regulated by the food and drug administration

We know this sounds a lot like a dating profile. But if you're looking for CBD oils to be your best friend, then you're likely looking for the same traits!

You know, how do they make you feel? Do they come in sleek packaging? Okay, maybe not that last one...

Read reviews of their CBD products

You probably already do this, but reading product reviews will give you so much more context to the CBD oil you have in mind. Whether it's good reviews or bad reviews, both can help you choose the best CBD oil for you.

Even if that means that the CBD oil you were looking at doesn't bode too well in the comments section. And hey, we've all been.

You thought you found a full spectrum CBD oil that was going to tick off all your boxes. But then it turns out they're still living with their mom?

Oh right, sorry. CBD oil. That's what we're talking about.

Of course, comments aren't the only route you need to explore when choosing high quality CBD oil. There are other things you should definitely investigate as well.

Compare to other CBD companies

The CBD industry is booming with new businesses cropping up everyday. And as a consumer, this can actually help you find the right CBD oil for you.

Comparing companies offers you insight into where they get their hemp plants from and how they obtain said CBD extracts. And while you might be one to root for the underdog, we'd advise going the more reputable route.

We know CBD isn't a beauty contest. (Although a lot of the packaging is quite beautiful.)

But reputable companies are far more trustworthy, especially when it comes to putting CBD oil in or on your body. Besides, reputable companies will have been around for longer to gain the reputation they have.

So it's a safe and reliable choice. (Kind of like what you want to gain from the dating pool, right? Okay, we'll let this metaphor die now...)

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#4. Check where their hemp seed oil is sourced

Whether it's hemp oils or CBD oils you're looking into, doesn't matter. Both CBD and hemp should come from sustainably sourced sites that have your best interests in mind.

Locally grown in the US is best

We don't mean to throw shade on other hemp growing operations. But U.S.-grown hemp will offer you the most reliable source for your hemp extract, CBD isolate, pure CBD, or other type of CBD oil.

That's because companies are able to be a part of every stage of the process. From growth to formulation to production.

Taking CBD may promote pain relief and may offer additional health benefits but always check with your doctor first especially if you are taking prescription medications

At Clean Remedies, we make sure to support local farmers while delivering you the pure CBD you asked for. And in turn, we know exactly where our agricultural hemp grows: under the Oregonian sun.

Besides, you never know what could happen to the hemp plant if you're trying to obtain it from abroad. So staying local is best not only for its high quality, but also for your peace of mind.

Look up their extraction methods

Extraction methods will vary from company to company. But ideally, you'll want your oil extracted via a CO2 solvent.

This method tends to yield higher volumes of cannabinoids. And all without adding additional chemicals to the process.

Typically, a reputable company will proudly claim what extraction method they use. So if it's difficult to find on their site, consider calling in and making sure.

That could be seen as a red flag. Only because other methods of extraction do include harmful chemicals. So it's best to remain vigilant on this front.

#5. Ask for a Certificate of Analysis (COA)

We doubt you'd ask for this on a first date. Unless you're just really interested in getting straight to the facts.

But when it comes to CBD oils, this is not a forward question you should hesitate putting out there. In fact, third party lab test results should be easily accessible on a company's website.

Because ideally, they should have nothing to hide. Third party testing simply provides an objective analysis of what is contained within the CBD product.

And you know it's objective because it's a third party lab. (Pretty self-explanatory, right?)

Either way, this certificate will hit you with the facts. And it won't be full of marketing language like the rest of the website.

Not easily accessible = red flag

On the off chance that their third party lab results aren't accessible, just ask them. They should be more than willing to provide you with the information you need.

But if they seem a little stiff upon your inquiry, consider ditching them for good. You want CBD oils with nothing harmful in them.

That's not a lot to ask for. And that shouldn't be a lot for them to have to give you.

So stand your ground and ask. There's absolutely no shame in getting what you came for. In fact, it's admirable!

#6. Learn how to read the label correctly

This might seem obvious. But there is a good checklist that you can run through your head when reading the label!

Some CBD products may also use MCT oil so always be sure to check the ingredients first on your hemp derived CBD products

The label should tell you whether your CBD is full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate. But even still, there's so much more:

  • Name and address of the distributor and manufacturer
  • Non-cannabis additive ingredients
  • Cannabinoid content
  • Weight of the product
  • Lot, batch, or control number
  • Production date
  • Expiration date
  • Instructions on how to use the product
  • Instructions on how to store the product
  • A suggested serving size
  • Any warnings

We know this seems like a lot to keep track of. But trust us when we say that you won't regret.

Any label that doesn't include these items is likely not a trustworthy company. And in this case, it is totally fine to be a little bit picky!

Check if there are additional ingredients

Additional ingredients can be anything from essential oils to artificial flavorings. Let's say you just want plain old natural flavor full spectrum CBD.

Then that's exactly what the ingredients should be. Anything else that seems out of place probably shouldn't be there in the first place.

Not just so that you know what's going into or on your body. But so that the bioavailability of the CBD is still intact.

We get that we're getting down to the nit-picky details here. But these are the details that are most important in helping you find the best CBD oil for you.

Besides, you can think of it as an investigation. And let's be honest - we've all wanted to live out those kinds of shows.

So put on your detective's hat and trench coat and get to solving! Or whatever attire gets you into the investigative mood.

Simply the best (CBD oils)

Well, you've made it to the end of our journey together. Hopefully, these tips have armed you with the facts you need to determine what is the best CBD oil for you.

So get to it! And remember: don't accept anything less than the best.

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