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What Are CBD Tinctures?

CBD this, CBD that, CBD with a wiffleball bat! CBD is everywhere, and you may even be inundated with ads and information about it. However, don’t merely dismiss it as another health and wellness hype; it is not. Tens of millions of customers all over the world are voting yes with their wallets for CBD. The projected growth of the market is astronomical. CBD is best known for being the ‘other’ compound in the  marijuana plant that does and does not get you 'high' or impair your brain function! Up until 2018, the legal risk of possessing and consuming CBD, due to the federal prohibition of marijuana, was too high to support a viable and legitimate commercial industry that offers CBD. This changed in 2018 when Congress passed the Agricultural Improvement Act (colloquially known as the farm bill), which created a fully federally legal designation of the cannabis plant, containing less than 0.3% of THC called Hemp. Thus, this new industry now stocks shelves of the nation's biggest retailers with everything from CBD tinctures to CBD beauty products. 

The most important thing to understand is that CBD is not medicine and should not be used to treat any particular illness, disease, or chronic ailment even though people are taking CBD to promote their health and wellness. You also always need to consult your physician before starting to take CBD or any other supplement. CBD can have  mild side-effects, and it can also have counter-productive interactions with several types of prescription medications. 

What are tinctures exactly? It is essentially a graduated dropper with markings to indicate the amount inside. CBD oil is often mixed with another kind of oil, and consumers should be wary of all the ingredients in the product. The word tincture itself is a bit dated and seems to have fallen out of common parlance. However, CBD veterans and time-tested users often prefer tinctures for a few reasons. Tinctures are the original delivery method. They also allow the user to experiment with which mixture or extract they like best. There are several different methods for extracting CBD from the Hemp plant, which results in different kinds of extracts. 

How Is CBD Made?

Almost all CBD that is sold legally under Federal Law in the United States is derived from Hemp. Hemp is a different crop for several reasons. Its new legalization has created some unsavory incentives that customers should be sure to avoid. The cannabis plant is very good at extracting pollution and heavy metals from over-utilized soil. Many farmers understand that they can clean their used up fields with Hemp and then sell the tainted products to customers who ironically are seeking the product to promote their health and wellness. Heavy metals and health and wellness do not go together very well! That is why it is incredibly important to be an informed consumer and select only CBD that you know is pure and tested from start to finish. Even though you can't rely on the FDA to monitor the contents of CBD products, you can rely on purchasing only CBD that was grown using processes that qualify it to be considered as certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture. This will ensure you are getting higher quality CBD or hemp extract that does not contain contaminants. 

There are two primary methods of extracting CBD from the Hemp plant. One uses C02 and the cold temperature to isolate the compound, and the other uses hydrocarbons or alcohol to bind to the compound and then separate from the agents. What’s equally important is which process is used. For the most experienced users, many prefer to have full-spectrum hemp extract. This is because while THC and CBD are the most famous cannabis plant inhabitants, they are far from the only ones. Cannabis has over 60 compounds that are considered cannabinoids, and many users feel that products containing all of them provide a more well-rounded experience that will more significantly contribute to health and wellness. One downside to this is that if you are adverse to THC for any health or personal reason, this product may not be for you. This is because it contains up to the legal limit of 0.3% THC, which may cause a user to have trouble with false negatives on drug tests for marijuana. 

For users who may have specific concerns about levels of THC in a product, the industry created Broad-Spectrum hemp extract. This is almost identical to full-spectrum extract except for one key difference, to the extent possible all THC has been removed. Current commercial processes do not allow for the complete removal of THC; however, if you have a product that has received a 0% lab reading for THC, it likely means it has less than 0.000199% THC present in it. While it still may be technically possible to fail a drug test at these levels, scientifically, it is incredibly unlikely. Even if you were to fail a drug test at these levels, if you have consumed no other THC products, it is likely that upon a secondary examination of your urinalysis that the lab would identify it as a false positive for exceedingly low levels. However, because the length of time THC can stay in the human body widely varied based on behavior, body-fat, and even sex, it is impossible to say with certainty that this product will prevent the incidence of false positives for marijuana on drug tests. 

Advantages of CBD Tinctures

Consumers find the advantage of this product in particular to be it's easy administration and access. Also, users report that the use of tinctures will lead to fast-acting results. Purists point to the pleasant and earthy flavor from quality hemp oil. This is the most popular method of administration for a reason. 

Most CBD tinctures direct you to try about 1ml per-use. You place the oil under your tongue and let it sit there for about a minute before swallowing. The compound enters your bloodstream quickly from under your tongue. Many users report feeling calming effects both mentally and physically. Remember, unlike THC, the active intoxicant in marijuana, CBD will not alter your ability or produce euphoric or intoxicating feelings. The relaxing effects of CBD make it an enjoyable evening supplement to take an hour or so before bedtime. Medical research into the effects of CBD has found that it reduces physiological symptoms of anxiety in some animals. Other research has indicated the CBD may have an antipsychotic effect. The FDA has approved CBD derived medications for the treatment of epilepsy and the prevention of seizures. While the effects of CBD are not mind-altering, they may be relaxing. Thus, some consumers may prefer to take unique daytime formulas. 

For those who prefer to take CBD by the day, there are caffeine and other natural additives that can counteract the mild connection CBD may have to sleepiness. With that being said, there are plenty of active CBD users who claim they get no fatigue from using CBD and that the only slowing-effect is a positive one on their racing brains.

It is essential as a consumer to select only high-quality CBD vendors. This can be a hard area to navigate as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is not responsible for guaranteeing the claims made as to the effects and contents of CBD products. If you are having trouble navigating this space, we can help you. If you are looking for a Woman-Owned Business that uses only USDA certified organic Hemp and provides state-of-the-art lab testing, then click here to purchase your hemp extract from Clean Remedies!

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