What Is The Difference Between Health And Wellness?

What Is The Difference Between Health And Wellness

The terms health and wellness are often talked about hand in hand. But did you know that there are actually some major differences between the two?

Of course, both encourage intelligent lifestyle choices. But understanding the difference between health and wellness can help you unlock your full potential to live a more meaningful and more successful existence.

Below, we'll go into the various definitions of health and wellness that the World Health Organization (WHO) and National Wellness Institute provide. But we'll also give you some extra tips on how to maximize your health and wellness through a holistic approach.

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What is health?

Oftentimes, health refers to the absence of illness or chronic disease. But the WHO actually defines health as a state of "complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity."

Pretty surprising, huh? Below, you'll find the three main factors that go into helping you achieve a positive overall health status.

Physical health

Physical health is most often the first thing that comes to mind when we think of health and wellness. But being physically fit is only one part of the ever evolving process of health.

At its core, physical health is about paying attention to your body. You may feel stiff from a sedentary lifestyle.

Whereas regular exercise and eating a balanced diet can contribute to your overall wellness, and may even help you lose weight. That being said, there are also times when the physical body is in need of rest.

And that's where CBD oil comes in. Pairing physical activity with a conscientious CBD routine - for pets or humans - is tantamount to achieving balance within your physical well-being.

Using a CBD rub can tap into your cannabinoid receptors, accessing a larger network of important neurological functions. So rather than thinking of physical fitness as "go, go, go," it's actually more balanced to think of it as, "go, rest, recharge, go."

Mental health

There's no question that complete physical health is key to leading a healthy lifestyle. But mental health contributes just as much to your overall well-being.

CBD can be incorporated into your wellness routine

You could be considered healthy physically. But if you're not problem-solving through mental blocks or past traumas, then your emotional well-being is not being cared for.

So if you work with a health or wellness coach, remember to place just as much significance in your mental health as you do your physical health. Because the active process of health and wellness happens both internally as well as externally.

Emotional health

Emotional health obviously plays a big part in your mental health. But emotional health is also about how you respond to situations in real time.

Are you cultivating and nurturing your emotional intelligence? Are you able to function in emotionally appropriate ways?

Daily occurrences with co-workers, family, and friends all impact our emotional health. So it's important to engage in self-care rituals like CBD to maximize our ability to respond mindfully to our environmental factors.

What is wellness?

Perhaps the biggest difference between health and wellness is that wellness operates on more of a spectrum. That being said, good health can exist within each of these realms of wellness.

So the idea of wellness health is not entirely off. In fact, holistic health recognizes each of these branches of wellness.

And actively seeks to enhance overall health through these various forms of wellness in a person's life. Ultimately, wellness refers to balance within one's all-encompassing lifestyle.

But the more you understand the difference between health and wellness, the more you'll find how similar they are too. It seems like a paradox, but it's all a part of the active pursuit and dynamic process of living holistically and mindfully.

Physical wellness

You might think physical wellness is the same as physical health. And while the two are tied together, wellness in the physical form actually focuses more on your body's experience.

Think of it this way. Physical health refers to a regular exercise routine, a mindful diet, and eliminating certain risk factors like heart disease or chronic pain.

But wellness in the body can also include the products you use on your skin and hair, supplements you take, and overall physical upkeep. So again, it is not merely the absence of disease.

It is the active process of caring for your well-being in all physical forms. Again, this is a great place for CBD to jump in.

Physically, when you ingest delta 9 gummies, for example, your body interacts with these various cannabinoids. And contributes to the regulating functions of the endocannabinoid system.

Listening to your body is tantamount to physical health

This system is in charge of a large network of bodily responses. And it ultimately works to achieve homeostasis within the physical form.

As you've seen, wellness encompasses both internal and external forms of well-being. So think of CBD as nurturing your health and wellness from the inside out, not unlike a supplement.

Emotional wellness

Emotional wellness is very closely tied to that of emotional intelligence. Emotional intelligence focuses on being able to understand your own emotions as well as others' emotions.

But emotional wellness also teaches you how to handle stressful situations in real time. Much of a healthy lifestyle can be chalked up to mindset.

And having a grounded mindset with the proper tools to nurture your emotional well-being is tantamount if you want to achieve good health. As you probably know, a person's individual characteristics may predispose them to bouts of anxiety or depression.

But emotional well-being offers the tools necessary to cope with those feelings in a healthy and proactive way. So you're no longer having to dial down your feelings of unease within your physical environments.

Instead, you're focusing on the calm you carry within you. And this can allow you to enhance your health and wellness in ways that non-holistic health coaching may not offer.

Environmental wellness

Environmental wellness refers to how our physical environment may impact our health. Not only does this element of wellness encourage us to live within hazard-free environments focused on eco-conscious practices.

But it also encourages us to assess our external or environmental factors. And identify if there are certain elements that are harming our health and well-being emotionally and mentally.

This may mean removing yourself from a toxic interpersonal relationship. Or simply keeping your living space clean and tidy to balance your mental clarity.

All in all, this spectrum of wellness can address everything from your physical health to your emotional wellness. So it's important to be intentional with the physical spaces you occupy.

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Social wellness

Our social well-being refers to the people we allow into our lives. It's about the social circles we keep amongst family, friends, colleagues, and more.

Social well-being definitely highlights a big difference between health and wellness in that it focuses on our relationships. Not only with ourselves, but with others.

Our relationships affect our health and wellness too

A person may be incredibly physically fit but have no real friends or family to rely on. And that alone tells you that their wellness is not being cared for in the way it should be.

Alternatively, when we have a strong social circle of friends, and both chosen and birth family, we allow more joy into our lives. Human beings are social creatures.

And maintaining that sense of interconnectedness is integral to nurturing our health and wellness. Because no matter what anyone says, no person is an island.

Rather, you are able to find balance by strengthening the relationships in your life. And knowing that in true moments of peril, you have a strong network of individuals that you can fall back on.

Spiritual wellness

Spiritual health often gets misconstrued with organized religion. But it doesn't have to only include organized religion!

Spirituality, at its core, is anything that helps you feel connected to the greater universe. This might mean being in nature, meditating, practicing gratitude, or strengthening your yoga practice.

Each of these practices help you nurture your relationship to the greater unknown. And offer you spiritual guidance when you're in need of inspiration.

But more so, spiritual well-being means living a life that feels purposeful, meaningful, and gives you a sense of belonging. This kind of health and wellness will look different to everyone.

And that's the great beauty of it too. What matters is that your spiritual self is tied to your physical self, making for a more intentional way of life as you move through this world.

Intellectual wellness

Ever heard of intellectual wellness? That's okay - not many people have!

Intellectual wellness often slides under the radar. But it's a crucial part of caring for your overall well-being.

So what is it, exactly? It's about wellness pertaining to your skills and knowledge. This may mean engaging in mental exercises to engage your learning, problem-solving, and creativity skills.

And while this may sound just like brain teasers, it has a much greater impact than you might think. Exercising your mind is not only a great way to promote a better attitude and mindset.

But it also encourages you to continue learning new things and challenging yourself to grow. The only true constant in life is change itself.

And engaging your intellectual properties to traverse change is a great way at exercising your ability to cope. In short, intellectual curiosity is a cornerstone to leading a life well lived.

Because when we're done being curious, there's really nothing left for us to engage with. So remember to engage your intellect on a daily basis for a happier, healthier life.

Occupational wellness

Another big difference between health and wellness is the acknowledgement of occupational wellness. This part of the spectrum of wellness refers to how you feel in relation to your job or career.

Clean Remedies has your health and wellness in mind

It's no secret that plenty of folks tend to stick with a career they're not passionate about. But remaining in this unfulfilling state can impact your overall wellbeing.

Furthermore, jobs that cause a lot of anxiety and strife can certainly impact one's mental health and even physical health too. That's why wellness focuses on your occupation.

Because it's not just a way of making a living. It's a way of living in and of itself.

Financial wellness

Not all spectrums of wellness identify financial wellness. But it's important to take it into account nonetheless.

There's no question that finances can become a huge cause of stress for some folks. And this stress can manifest itself in devastating ways.

That's why it's important to care for your finances just like you would other areas of your life. Because it impacts your wellbeing even if you think it doesn't.

And this isn't to say that you need to have all the money in the world. Rather, financial wellness focuses on how you spend your finances, where you save up, and how you interact with money in general.

Reaching your optimal health and wellness

Hopefully by now, you are starting to understand the difference between health and wellness. Of course, there's plenty of overlap.

But defining wellness as a spectrum may help you open up to the different realms of yourself that you may have been ignoring. Like we said before, CBD can become a huge component of your wellness routine.

So as you browse through our catalog of products, keep these different areas of wellness in mind. We promise we've thought through them all in crafting these unique products to give you the best chance at reaching your optimal health and wellness. 

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