When Is The Best Time To Take CBD Oil?

When Is The Best Time To Take CBD Oil

If you're new to taking CBD oil, then you probably have a lot of questions. First, we should say, "Welcome to the club!"

And secondly, we should address the number one question we get asked the most. When should I take CBD oil?

In the morning? In the evening? Which one is better?

This is a fantastic question. And one that doesn't necessarily have a straightforward answer because everyone's individual body chemistry is different.

But we'll give you some of the pro's and con's that accompany taking CBD oil in the morning or evening. And a couple of factors that you can decide on for yourself! Ready?

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Taking CBD oil in the morning

Some say po-tay-to, some say po-tah-to. And it really is the same deal with when to take CBD oil. So how does CBD do with your morning cup of coffee?

May improve stress response

You may know that CBD accesses the endocannabinoid system in the body. But you may not know that this also affects your nervous system.

CBD relates to the cannabinoid receptors in your body, namely the activity of your GABA receptor. This receptor controls the balance between hypoactivity and hyperactivity in the nervous system.

So some users have found that CBD works for them in the morning to offer a calming effect. And some even go as far to say that it helps to even out their morning coffee jitters!

May improve physical endurance

You might not think that CBD oil has any place in your morning workout. But think again.

This is not to say that CBD oil enhances your performance. But it may help you focus and improve upon your physical stamina and endurance.

Adding just a few drops of CBD oil to your pre-workout routine may help you get through a more effective workout. While some users prefer to apply a CBD cream after their workout which may reduce soreness.

May boost focus for daily performance

Morning brain fog is a very real thing. And plenty of folks have come up with their own remedy to shake this fog off.

Certain health benefits may occur when you take CBD as it may offer pain relief or provide relief from other ailments

But CBD oil isn't like jumping into a cold shower or getting a boost of adrenaline from an espresso shot. Instead, it may help your body find a healthy state of balance and calm.

Those who suggest the morning as the perfect time of day to take CBD have reported that small amounts of CBD oil address their anxieties. And promote a focused attitude for the day ahead.

Taking CBD oil in the evening

Alright, let's hear from the po-tah-to people. And see why they suggest evening as the perfect time of day to take CBD oil.

May improve sleep quality

If you struggle with sleep cycles, or more specifically getting into that deep sleep stage, CBD oil may help your mind and body wind down. Taking more CBD may have a sedating effect.

And for some users, they prefer such desired effects to help them relax after a long day. Additionally, some studies have found that taking CBD oil may encourage the body to maintain homeostasis.

And that's just a fancy word for balance within the body's processes. Talk about a daily supplement that fits right in with your essential fatty acids, vitamins, and more!

May offer calming effects

Even if your desired results aren't surrounding sleep, CBD oil may still offer you rest. We've all had those days at the office where we just can't seem to shake off the day when we return home.

And it leaves us with excess energy that we feel we either need to burn off. Or tamp down inside of us.

Neither sounds like a great option. But CBD oil at least offers an avenue that may put those anxieties to rest and allow you to come down from the energy of the day.

May help you wake up more rested

When was the last time you woke up and felt completely rejuvenated? Odds are, you can remember the exact date because it was so rare and gratifying.

Clinical trials have discovered a CBD finding that a daily dose if best for offering therapeutic effects

Well, when you take CBD oil in the evening, you may find yourself having more of those kinds of mornings. Rather than be woken up by abrupt body movements in the night, CBD oil may help you not only when you're falling asleep.

But when you're trying to stay asleep as well. Furthermore, some studies have looked about the link between CBD oil and reduced REM sleep disorders such as tremors, vivid dreams, and vocalizations.

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When to take CBD oil depending on the CBD product

Like we said earlier, choosing the time of day to take CBD is going to come down to what works best for you. But let's take a look at the big wide world of CBD products and what they may offer you.

CBD oil

Typically when you take CBD oil, you're taking it sublingually so that it absorbs directly into the bloodstream. This not only produces faster effects than any other consumption method.

But it also makes for a great addition to your morning or evening routine. Usually, users report feeling effects within 30 minutes of consumption.

So if you find yourself wanting that in the morning or evening, know that you can get your desired results quickly. Additionally, you can incorporate CBD oil for your pets as well depending on their needs.

And don't worry. You're not giving them straight CBD oil. Most often, CBD oil tinctures for pets (and humans) are mixed with carrier oils for a more pleasant consumption experience.

CBD capsules

CBD capsules and gummies can take longer to produce effects because they have to travel through the digestive tract. As slow-fuse products, this means that they may start producing effects up to 2 hours after consumption.

Start with a small dose then gradually move on to high doses after you assess how your body responds then you can find the right dose for you

So if you need a little calm during the day or if you need help getting to sleep at night, consider these slow-fuse CBD products your new best friend. Users have reported our delta 9 gummies to give them the mood and energy boost they need to get through the day.

But again, how you use the cannabis plant is entirely up to you. Just know that edibles will take longer to take effect than other CBD products since they get cozy in your digestive system.

CBD topicals

Topicals like a CBD rub or roll on gel are a little bit different from the other products we've gone over. Because topical application typically focuses on a localized area of discomfort.

In this case, it's not necessarily about the best time of day to take CBD. But rather listening to your body and addressing those localized areas as needed.

And you don't need to worry about CBD passing through to your bloodstream. Instead, topicals will target the endocannabinoid system receptors in the local tissue where it was applied.

Some topicals may also include essential oils in their formulas. So it's always best to check the full list of ingredients on any given product.

CBD vape

CBD vapes are majorly preferred among users who want fast results. When you inhale, your lungs absorb the CBD quickly and directly reach your bloodstream.

It may take 15 to 30 minutes for the CBD to take full effect within your system. But considering the other consumption methods we've listed here, inhaling CBD is by far the fastest way to get results.

That being said, the effects wear off quickly. So it's best to take CBD in a vape pen on an as-needed basis, even if supplementing other delivery methods.

Additional factors that affect how much CBD oil you should take

If you're just starting to take CBD oil, you might be wondering how much to take. Well, your ideal amount of CBD depends on a lot of other factors.

And so finding the right amount for you isn't necessarily an exact science. That being said, here are a couple of things to consider when you take CBD oil and how it may affect your system.

Type of CBD used

Among the various CBD products, you'll find three different kinds of CBD. There's full spectrum CBD oil, broad spectrum CBD oil, and CBD isolate.

Full spectrum CBD includes all other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant, including minor cannabinoids. With this in mind, it's important to remember that full spectrum may contain trace amounts of THC.

But with all of these cannabinoids working together, the entourage effect is able to take place. And this allows CBD to work in its best form due to its supporting compounds.

Broad spectrum CBD oil, on the other hand, includes some of these additional cannabinoids, but not all of them. And no THC whatsoever.

Lastly, CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like. Just pure CBD. So the best time to take CBD will have these factors in mind.

Your desired effect

If you have been using CBD oil consistently for a few weeks, then your body may have built up a tolerance to it. And thus you may need a larger amount of CBD oil than when you first started to feel its effects.

Consult your doctor before taking CBD oil if you have a serious medical condition are on prescription medications or are not sure what different dosages you should take

Additionally, some users like to take CBD multiple times a day to keep it flowing within their circulatory system. So another factor to consider is how your body reacts to various potencies.

That being said, if you're just starting out, it is always best to start small. Then you can see how your body reacts to CBD and gradually increase the amount of CBD you take from there.

Quality of your CBD products

When shopping around for CBD products, you'll want to go with reputable brands that have consistently good reviews. At Clean Remedies, we pride ourselves on our customer satisfaction.

And with every product, we offer accessible third party lab results for customers to see exactly what they're getting. You might not think this affects what time to take CBD.

And if you go with a high quality product, then it definitely doesn't matter. But you don't want to have a negative experience with CBD at any point in the day.

So always stick with companies that have exceedingly great brand reputations. (Like us!)

Whether you've eaten or not

Some people don't realize that what you have in your stomach actually affects the CBD oil you ingest. And that's because the additional nutrients of what you've eaten may improve the bioavailability of the CBD you're taking.

You can think of this as similar to the entourage effect. There are just additional compounds and nutrients that help CBD perform its best.

So it's always best practice to take CBD oil when you have at least something in your stomach. You don't need to have had a gigantic meal, but taking it on an empty stomach can make for a quick breakdown of the CBD and a loss of bioavailability.

Wrapping up

What time you choose to take CBD oil is entirely up to you. But hopefully these little bits of information have helped you make an informed decision.

After all, you know your body best. So who are we to tell you what's best for you?

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