Best CBD Roll On For Pain In 2022

CBD Roll On A Complete Guide

By now, you've likely seen the term "CBD roll ons" going around. But have you ever wondered what exactly they are?

Sure, they seem self-explanatory. But like anything that seems obvious on the surface, there's actually quite a lock to unpack there.

Like an iceberg! You know, just skimming the surface of what's really hidden underneath.

And besides, just like other CBD products, a CBD roll on will differ from its peers. Whether it's the ingredients used, whether it offers a cooling relief as well, or whether it jives with your sensitive skin.

See? A lot to unpack. Suddenly that iceberg analogy doesn't seem so far-fetched. So, shall we?

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What is a CBD roll on?

A CBD roll on stick is a topical CBD product that allows you to apply CBD to an affected area, just like a CBD rub. But out of all other topical CBD products, this one is really gaining some steam.

(No, not literally. Although steam wouldn't have adverse effects on your CBD roll on either.)

That's because in this topical, CBD interacts indirectly with the body's endocannabinoid system. So it packs a more concentrated punch in a specific area rather than a lackluster nudge everywhere else.

Just like applying an anti-inflammatory cream to a bug bite. You wouldn't take an Advil for a bug bite, would you?

(No judgment if you've ever done that. We're sure you'd have done anything to stop that pesky itching!)

Why choose a CBD roll on product?

Some of the best CBD creams are out there, so why choose a CBD roll on stick? Well, we're glad you asked!

Perhaps the greatest draw of a CBD roll on stick is that you don't waste precious product on your fingers and hands. (Unless, of course, that's where you're applying your topical creams.)

Think of it this way. You've got a spot on your leg that you want to apply a CBD cream to.

By the time you're done applying, you've got a majority of the cream caked between your fingers! Seems like such a waste of CBD oil when you could use a CBD oil roll instead.

With roll ons, you're guaranteeing that the affected area gets the most attention. And besides, who doesn't love the feel of a roller ball?

(If you don't love the feel of a roller ball, you're either lying or you've never had one of those roller balls gently massaged all over your body. No, seriously, give it a try. We'll wait.)

Other CBD topicals to choose from

CBD topical products come in a variety of forms. So we thought we'd also let you know what your other options are out there.

(That's right. We're confident enough to let you explore outside the confines of our relationship. Now that's saying something.

CBD creams

Like we said before, no disrespect towards CBD creams. They may have the exact kind of hemp extract that you've been looking for!

CBD roll on for pain is perfect for those who are looking for a CBD pain relief roll and for those who suffer from chronic pain joint pain muscle pain muscle aches sore muscles muscle recovery stiff joints muscle soreness acute pain muscle tension and more

But a CBD roll on stick just ensures that you get the most product in the exact place you're looking to apply it to. Besides, you might be into more of a gel than a cream, who are we to say?

CBD oils

Maybe you're more into that pure CBD isolate that only oil can provide. Maybe even that new CBD oil for pets you just bought. And that's okay too!

But don't think that you can't pair that CBD oil with a nice cooling sensation when you match it in a CBD roll on. Ah, we can just see your shoulders easing down from letting go of all that tension.

Best CBD roll-ons for you to try

Alright, we've talked up the CBD roll on enough at this point. So which brand of CBD roll on is best for you? We'll help you decide.

#1. Clean Remedies' CBD Muscle Gel Roll On

What? How did this one get here? And at the top of the list? What a coincidence! That we definitely didn't know about or plan in advance at all!

(Okay, we're done with the fake-surprise-tone now. Let's get down to the good stuff.)

With 450 mg CBD, our CBD Muscle Gell Roll On is sure to become your new best friend. Free of heavy metals, this CBD binds together with menthol, Arnica Montana flower extract, MSM, and essential oils to bring you that special something your prescription medications might be lacking.

You can use this CBD roll on anywhere on your upper and lower body. And its instant topical cooling effect will give you the chills (in a good way!).

Not to mention the essential oils in our unique formula will give your nose a pleasant experience while the aloe vera will keep your skin moisturized. So don't worry about that CBD extract drying you out!

Also, isn't it gifting season anyway? We're just pointing it out in case you forgot to check your Christmas list twice...

#2. Charlotte's Web Hemp-Infused Roll On

Who knew a friendly little spider could come up with such an inventive way to use the hemp plant! Just kidding.

But as far as full spectrum CBD products go, this hemp-infused roll on is no laughing matter. Packing 100 mg CBD, this roll on comes in two different blends - one with peppermint oil and the other with lavender, bergamot, and chamomile.

CBD roll on for pain relief otherwise known as CBD pain relief is a great way to relieve minor aches through a CBD pain relief roll while also allowing you to treat pain with a relief CBD roll and its anti inflammatory effects and engage in pain management overall with a relief CBD roll

Just reading that makes our mouths water. And our noses inhale a sigh of relief.

This product alone is a prime example of how CBD topicals prove to be something your whole body can enjoy. Even if you're only applying to a specific area.

#3. Green Roads CBD Roll-On

If you're a fan of Icy Hot but want more natural botanicals involved, then you will absolutely love this Green Roads CBD Roll On. The icy part of this CBD oil roll on comes from menthol.

While the heat comes from cayenne to provide an extra sense of comforting warmth. And what's even better?

Green Roads offers various mg CBD to accomodate your needs! So you can soak up as much or as little broad spectrum CBD and organic hemp as needed.

Because who doesn't love something that's perfectly customizable? We certainly do!

#4. Medterra Rapid Recovery Roll-On

Looking for a THC-free roll on but your broad spectrum CBD oil simply isn't cutting it? Then try out the Medterra Rapid Recovery Roll-On.

With aloe leaf juice and Arnica Montana flower extract, this roll on will provide you with a cool touch. All without THC, GMO's, or pesticides.

Not too shabby, huh? Who said you needed broad spectrum CBD to have a little fun? Not us, said Medterra!

#5. Plus CBD Extra-Strength Roll On

When you're looking for a potent CBD product, there's nothing better than the Plus CBD Extra-Strength Roll On. That's because their CBD goes through a CO2 extraction process.

And its added ingredients of vitamin E, cinnamon, and licorice all help to promote healthy skin. They really have taken everything into consideration.

It is important to note that the hemp seeds used in this formula are not grown in the US. Instead, they are EU-certified. Just a small detail that they're happy to report in their third party lab report!

What to look for when buying CBD roll ons

CBD is not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. So here are a couple of things you should keep an eye out for when choosing your roll ons.

If you are looking for a CBD pain relief roll consider using a CBD roll on stick as a CBD pain reliever that relieves pain whether it is temporary relief or whether you are looking for fast relief or soothing relief

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CBD source

Just like the draw of farm to table, you want to know where your hemp is coming from. U.S.-grown hemp is required to go through federal testing.

And this just ensures that it is pure, potent, and safe. If you want to get really picky about where in the U.S. is best, check out hemp grown in Colorado, Kentucky, or Oregon.

Each of these states have top programs that perform spot tests on hemp plant sources to check for THC levels. So if that's any concern of yours, you can rest assured knowing that these states have got your back.

Or anywhere else you need to apply that CBD roll on! Who are we to say?

Third party testing

When it comes to CBD products, you want the company you're buying from to be transparent. And the best way for CBD companies to do that is to comply with third party testing.

Typically, a product will have an easily accessible Certificate of Analysis. And this will double check the contents of that specific product.

Besides, even if you see the words "third party lab tested," then you know that they've had to adhere to strict quality and safety standards. So you're good to go!


Everybody needs a little something different. And that can often mean different types of potency as well.

So double check the potency of your CBD roll on. And know that since CBD topicals don't get absorbed into the bloodstream, there's a chance you may need a higher potency in order to get the right kind of effect.

That being said, starting off small is always recommended. And if you have any concerns or are worried about a serious medical condition, always feel free to consult your doctor on the subject.


We kind of tossed around the terms full spectrum, broad spectrum, and CBD isolate earlier. But it's worth noting that these three spectrums will each offer you something different.

Full spectrum CBD will contain other cannabinoid compounds as well as trace amounts of THC. And this can often lead to the entourage effect.

CBD pain relief roll on allows you to soothe sore muscles and offers pain relief by signaling to pain receptors that pain relieving effects are on the way so you can enjoy CBD pain relief and get back to what you love doing most without CBD pain getting in the way

But if you want a guarantee of no THC, opt for broad spectrum CBD. Broad spectrum will still contain other cannabinoid compounds.

But you won't have to worry about getting any THC in there. And finally, with pure CBD isolate, you can rest assured knowing that you're receiving 99.9% of pure CBD. And no THC whatsoever.

Additional ingredients

Depending on the CBD roll on product, each will have different ingredients. Some will opt for a simple addition of aloe vera in their formula.

Others might go for coconut oil. Either way, it's important for you to know what will work best with your skin.

Maybe aloe vera simply doesn't cut it for you. Or maybe the smell of coconut is more pleasurable to you than no scent at all.

Either way, just keep an eye out for the extra ingredients that accompany your CBD roll on. That way, you'll be the most informed about what you're putting on your skin.

And who doesn't want to know anything and everything in their products? Call us biased with our third party lab reports, but we do!

Final thoughts

Remember how we said that CBD roll ons were like icebergs in the beginning? Well, don't you feel now that you've gone scuba diving beneath the surface?

We sure do, and we hope you do too! Not only does a CBD roll on work at accessing your cannabinoid receptors while offering an accessible way to apply the product.

But it also saves you money since you're not wasting products all over your hands and fingers - kind of like those delta 9 gummies too! Even more, each CBD roll on will offer you something a little bit different from the last.

So there's a vast array of CBD roll ons for you to explore. But we've already taken you beneath the surface.

We won't take you for the full scuba diving experience again. Either way, we hope that we've been able to shed some light on any questions you might have had on CBD roll ons.

And who knows? Maybe you'll find the perfect product for you just in time for the holiday season. CBD roll ons really are the gift that keeps on giving!

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