About Us


Clean Remedies starts with a story. A story about personal tragedy of a beloved family member who committed suicide after being on big pharma anti-depressants. After that life altering moment we dedicated ourselves to formulating a product that was safe & reliable. We wanted to create a better option for our families and yours, through the power of nature. We strive to earn your trust & wish you long lasting health. Thank you for being a part of the Clean Remedies family!



Our Mission

To improve the quality of life through natural hemp products and encourage a more natural way of health and wellness. We are passionate about helping people live a healthier life through the power of nature. We strive to be a national leader of health and wellness, enabling people to live a life free from harmful drugs. We promise to only use organic and natural ingredients, which are free from harmful chemicals. Our products must benefit your well being and meet our high standards of efficacy. We never test on animals. We are an independent family business taking pride in helping people feel their best.

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