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Cannabidiol (CBD) is the second most common compound found in the cannabis plant. Recently, people have been known to use it for a number of different reasons, including potential chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and seizures, among other things.

While the FDA has yet to approve these uses, a growing amount of research has been done in recent years that investigate the potential of CBD. This research has helped CBD find its way into a number of applications.

Clean Remedies has formulated products with B12, caffeine, and CBD for an energizing boost.

CBD for Energy

The endocannabinoid (ECS) system is a network of neurotransmitters and cannabinoid receptors. Research suggests that the ECS system has a role to play in energy metabolism, learning, and memory.

The evidence suggests that CBD has a biphasic effect of which it has both a stimulating and sedating effect depending on the serving taken. The Current Psychiatry reports 19:23 on Sleep Disorders states, “Indeed, low-dose CBD has a stimulating effect, while high-dose CBD has a sedating effect.”

In a report by the Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australian Government, “High doses of CBD have been observed to increase sleep duration whilst low doses (15 mg) appear to have alerting properties.”

“A similar effect on sleep was observed when CBD was injected into the lateral hypothalamus suggesting that CBD behaves as a wake-promoting compound,” states Current Neuropharmacology.

Potential Side Effects

CBD is generally well tolerated by most people. It does have a couple of potential side effects that are largely dose-dependent and include dry mouth, diarrhea, fatigue, and changes in weight and appetite.


Caffeine is a well-known stimulant acting on the brain and nervous system. It is estimated that 80% of Americans consume caffeine in some form each day. There are several prescription and non-prescription medicines that make use of caffeine.

In small doses, caffeine can improve energy levels and make a person feel reinvigorated, while in larger doses, it can create a jittery effect.

Potential Side Effects

There are several known side effects associated with caffeine. Most of them are dose-dependent. The side effects include restlessness, insomnia, headaches, dizziness, rapid heartbeat, dehydration, and anxiety.

CBD and Caffeine Together

Studies are currently investigating a number of different uses for CBD, including the combination of CBD and caffeine.

It has been suggested that CBD, when combined with coffee, has an anti-anxiolytic quality, with CBD’s effects and caffeine for its kick or ability to create focus; the two seem slightly at odds. Coffee and CBD are becoming an increasingly popular combination. There are several other ways to take caffeine and CBD, including gummies and pouches.

It is not all smooth sailing for this combination. New York's health department has recently advised restaurants that CBD could not be served as an edible in combination with caffeine in things like lattes because it is not safe as a food additive. So while people are free to spike their own coffees, the legitimacy of the CBD latte is under question despite its growing popularity.

The Science Behind CBD and Caffeine

There is relatively little research into the effects of CBD and caffeine combined. There is a suggestion that it may help improve memory, and scientists have ruled out any major health risks associated with the two being used together in low doses.

Scientists have made it clear that the exact interaction between CBD and caffeine remains unclear. They have also emphasized that it is difficult to predict how someone would react to the combination because the various doses of each substance are likely to impact the response.

The effects of CBD and Caffeine

Despite the scientific evidence relating to the combination of the two substances being somewhat slow, the response from consumers has been largely positive, with the anecdotal evidence suggesting there are clear advantages to taking the two products in combination on a regular basis.

CBD combined with caffeine and B12 is used to give those taking the product extra energy and focus.

Regularly taking a product that combines caffeine and CBD includes:

  • Supporting a sense of calm in the body and mind
  • Easing discomfort following exercise
  • Supporting overall relaxation and help a person address the daily stressors of life
  • Supporting overall health and wellness

When CBD is used in combination with caffeine and B12, it has been shown to promote a quick boost of energy without the jitters that come with drinking several cups of coffee.

The Clean Remedies Energizing Solutions

Clean Remedies currently offers two products that combine CBD, Caffeine and B12 vitamins.

Energy and Focus CBD Sour Gummies

Each organic CBD sour gummy contains 10 mg of CBD, caffeine, and B12 flavored with natural juices, citric acid, and sugar. The serving is largely dependent on the effect the user is looking for, with some limited experimentation required to achieve the dose that works best.

CBD Pouches

Each CBD pouch contains 10mg of CBD, 2mg of B12, and 10mg of Guarana (caffeine). The pouches should be placed between the cheek and gums. Saliva activates the pouch, which is designed so that the ingredients disperse through the cheeks, gums, and digestive tract.

While the scientific studies to support CBD and caffeine as part of a person's daily routine are lacking, the same can be said concerning the majority of CBD uses. However, the merits of the approach are clearly evident in the comments and experiences of those who have tried the combination and use it regularly as part of their daily wellness routine.

The major effects of the ingredients mentioned are increased energy level, an increased ability to deal with life stressors, and a sense of overall calm. Given this, the products sold by Clean Remedies are worth trying if you are looking for a natural product to give you that energy boost to help you through the day.