Welcome to Clean Remedies™ Chef CBD! Join us on a culinary adventure featuring our very own Chef CBD, Paul Jagielski who guides us step by step through preparing and enjoying some of your favorite recipes with the addition of our 900mg Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract Oil and patent pending Fiber. We invite you to follow us on our journey of sharing great food combined with our CBD products, special guests, delicious recipes, and a lot of fun in the kitchen!





Chef CBD, Paul Jagielski


½ lb. diced chicken breast, ½ lb. sliced andouille sausage, smoked ½ lb. Shrimp 1 c Diced, medium red pepper 1 c Diced, medium yellow pepper 1 c Diced, medium orange pepper 1 c Diced, medium, sweet onion 1 c diced celery 2 T minced garlic 2 T minced, jalapeno 6 T olive oil 1 cup rice 1 c. Diced Tomato 1 c crushed tomato 2 C chicken broth Salt and pepper to taste Cajun Seasoning to taste

Heat large cooking saute pan or pot with 3 T of olive oil. Add diced chicken, brown and add sausage. Cook until chicken is ¾ the way cooked. Remove from pan and reserve. Add remaining olive oil, add peppers, onions and celery. Sweat vegetables, on medium heat. Once onions have become translucent, add garlic and jalapeno. Add rice, tomatoes and chicken broth. Reduce to a low heat, stir and cook for 45 min or until the rice is tender. Add chicken, sausage and shrimp. Season and cook on low until rice is soft and your desired flavor is achieved.


 Blue Berry Biscuit YIELD: 12 2 oz. biscuit

1.5 Cup flour 4 T sugar ¼ tsp. Salt 2 tsp. baking powder 16 tsp or 1/3 cup of Clean Remedies™ CBD FIBER ¾ C cold butter, cut in small cubes ¾ C Butter milk, cold ¾ Cup blue berries ½ powder sugar 2 T water

Combine all dry ingredients, add cubed butter, berries and butter milk Blend in a mixer, do not allow butter to melt. Blend until just incorporated. Place on a lightly floured surface, fold dough to incorporate butter, kneading with your hands. Spread dough out on the surface (dough should be about an 1.5 in thick) Use a circular cut out or small juice glass to cut dough into circles. Place on ungreased cooking sheet, bake at 400 degrees for 15-20 min. Mix powder sugar and water and drizzle on hot biscuits as a glaze.