Hemp CBD For Diverticulitis

CBD For Diverticulitis

Hemp CBD oil for diverticulitis has been a topic of debate amongst many medical professionals. But can CBD oil effectively help patients manage their symptoms of diverticulitis?

Key Takeaways

  • CBD is derived from the stalk of the hemp plant or cannabis plant
  • CBD oil has been studied for its potential anti-inflammatory properties and ability to alleviate pain signals
  • CBD impacts the endocannabinoid system which regulates a variety of bodily functions including the digestive system and immune system
  • Taking CBD alongside certain medications and adopting a fiber-rich diet is thought to ease the inflammation of the colon, producing positive effects for those with diverticulitis

Common diverticulitis symptoms

Before we dive into CBD for diverticulitis, it's important to understand diverticulitis. Diverticula are abnormal pouches that form on the muscle wall within the large intestine.

These pouches are not harmful on their own but can be prone to infection, causing inflammation. This inflammatory response to infection in one or more diverticula is known as diverticulitis.

The older one gets, the more likely one is to develop diverticulitis which comes with a host of unpleasant symptoms. Such symptoms include abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting, constipation, and more.

So how does CBD factor into all of this?

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Potential benefits of CBD

CBD oil has long been studied for its potential ability to reduce inflammation. And since diverticulitis can cause inflammation in the colon, taking CBD is thought to help with such symptoms.

Of course, those with diverticulitis shouldn't rely on CBD for inflammation management alone. It is typically recommended that those with diverticulitis up their intake of foods rich in dietary fiber and limit their red meat consumption.

(Although, there is a way to combine your CBD and fiber intake with our Broad Spectrum CBD Daily Prebiotic Fiber! Consuming hemp CBD daily fibers and oils may help with diverticulitis by releasing the right amount of cannabidiol into the source of the problem when you digest it.)

The combination of these effects should encourage the body to produce soft stools, making bowel movements a much easier enterprise. Besides, the last thing you'll want with diverticulitis is harder stools which would only cause more pressure on the colon!

But besides these lifestyle changes, how can you expect CBD specifically to interact with your gut health?

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How cannabinoid receptors play a role in the gastrointestinal tract

CBD's relationship to the body's endocannabinoid system (ECS) is thought to help the body function properly as well. The ECS can trigger any number of biochemical interactions between the body's immune function, gut, and brain.

But CBD can actually interact with these signals sent by the ECS. For example, a recent study found that CB2 receptors actually increased in the presence of damaged or infected intestines.

This discovery alone seems to indicate that incorporating CBD into your diet may ease any gastrointestinal distress by producing anti-inflammatory effects. Plus, CBD oil may be able to ease the pain that accompanies diverticulitis.

Working alongside the body's immune response, it is thought that CBD may be able to mediate these signals, ultimately allowing you to get a little bit of relief.

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Bringing it all together

Ultimately, managing your symptoms will require a team effort on all fronts. Whether you decide to combine CBD with fiber or up your daily fiber intake while taking CBD supplements, there are plenty of ways to manage these symptoms while improving your overall gut health.

Along with the right medication, it is said that hemp CBD oil will help to remove the issues that accompany diverticulitis, thus helping you reach a quicker recovery. That being said, we still advise you to check with your doctor before using CBD oil to manage your diverticulitis.

All in all, we hope that this blog post can invite you into the world of CBD and the many potential benefits it has to offer. Whether you're dealing with a specific issue like diverticulitis or simply want to incorporate CBD into your daily wellness routines, check out our various products.

We're positive you'll find a product that's just the perfect fit for you!