CBD Roll On for Pain 450mg / 2oz
CBD Roll On for Pain 450mg / 2oz
Use this roll on gel in specific areas as needed
The menthol in this formula offers a cooling sensation
Offer your muscles some relief with Clean Remedies Muscle Gel Roll On

CBD Roll On for Pain 450mg / 2oz

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USDA Certified Organic Hemp
USDA Certified Organic Hemp
3rd-Party Lab-Tested
3rd-Party Lab-Tested
Clean Practices & Toxin-Free
Clean Practices & Toxin-Free
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  • 450 mg Full Spectrum Hemp Extract per 2 oz bottle with roll-on applicator
  • Contains powerful combination of Full Spectrum Hemp Extract, Menthol, Arnica, Capsicum, MSM, and Essential Oils
  • Fast-absorbing formula for quick relief
  • Topical use will not cause positive result on a drug test
  • Leaping Bunny Certified cruelty-free

Our Muscle Gel uses 450mg of Full Spectrum CBD Hemp Extract along with Menthol, Arnica, MSM, and Essential Oils to deliver a soothing experience, temporarily reducing minor pain and inflammation and increasing mobility. Specially designed for ease of use with a roller ball applicator allowing you to target pressure points and those hard-to-reach areas of the body. Formulated for daily use or as needed to restore your tired and overworked muscles.

Menthol is considered a pain relief medication used to treat minor aches and pains of the muscles and joints (such as arthritis, backaches, sprains).  Menthol is known as a counterirritant, working by causing the skin to feel cool and then warm. (1)

Arnica comes from the perennial Arnica Montana and grows in Europe and Siberia. It is commonly used to treat bruises, because it stimulates circulation, helping the body's own healing system react. (2)

MSM is widely used in the alternative medicine field and by people looking for a natural way to relieve joint pain, reduce inflammation and boost immunity.  It also inhibits the breakdown of cartilage, a flexible tissue that protects the ends of your bones in joints. (3)

(1) WebMD Pain Relief (Menthol) Topical Gel Dermatological Irritants-Counter-Irritant Formulations

(2) Healthline (2020) Does Arnica Help with Pain?

(3) Healthline (2023) 8 Science-Backed Benefits of MSM Supplements


Shake well and apply liberally by rolling on the affected area every 2-4 hours or as needed.

For topical use only. Store at room temperature.


Water, MSM, Olive Oil, Arnica Flower, Menthol Crystals, Meadowfoam Seed Oil, Organic Alcohol, Glycerin, Carbomer, Triethanolamine, Capsicum Fruit Oleoresin, Witch Hazel Distillate, Aloe Vera Powder, Sweet Basil Leaf Essential Oil, Black Pepper Essential Oil, Roman Chamomile Flower Essential Oil, German Chamomile Flower Essential Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Essential Oil, Citronella Essential Oil, Eucalyptus Leaf Essential Oil, Helichrysum Flower Essential Oil, Ginger Root Essential Oil, Pink Grapefruit Peel Essential Oil, Juniper Berry Essential Oil, Lemongrass Essential Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, Pine Needle Essential Oil, Ravensara Essential Oil, Rosemary Leaf Essential Oil, Spearmint Essential Oil, Wild Oregano Essential Oil, White Camphor Bark Essential Oil, Tetrasodium Glutamate Diacetate, Phenoxyethanol, Full Spectrum Hemp Extract


Hemp derived in compliance with the 2018 Federal Farm Bill. All Clean Remedies products are tested for purity and potency by accredited third party laboratories. The Certificates of Analysis (COAs) from these lab results can be found using the QR and batch code on the label of each product, or by searching the batch code on CleanRemedies.com under Explore > Labs.

This product also comes with a 100% Happiness Guarantee. Should you need to return your product for any reason, please contact Customer Support within 30 days of purchase.

This product has not been approved by or evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. As with any dietary supplement, consult a physician if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, currently taking medications, or under eighteen years of age.

    Why Buy Clean Remedies CBD roll-ons?

    Among the many CBD topicals we offer, our CBD roll-on for pain is by far a best seller. With 450 mg of full-spectrum CBD, our CBD roll-on targets the affected area with a roll-on gel that simultaneously offers a cooling effect while reducing inflammation, soothing joint discomfort, and calming sensitive skin.

    Our CBD Roll-On For Pain Stick Offers A Cooling, Soothing Sensation

    Within 450 mg CBD in our CBD rollers and roll-on products, we also packed in plenty of soothing menthol, arnica, and MSM in each CBD roll-on to maximize pain relief and soothe aches. Especially for inflamed or painful muscles, this roll-on can provide instant relief. Each of these anti-inflammatory ingredients has been studied for its potential ability to soothe sore muscles and muscle pain with anti-inflammatory effects while delivering innovative formula sets meant to ease muscle soreness and help you get back to enjoying everyday life. In short, you can expect to experience immediate pain relief with our CBD topical products while enjoying lasting pain relief throughout your day. Simply apply the product in a circular motion to target specific areas and experience the difference and roll-on relief for yourself.

    Our CBD products utilize top ingredients

    While other CBD-roll-on products may use CBD isolate, pure CBD, or broad-spectrum CBD with zero THC, we decided to go with USA-grown plants that retains all additional cannabinoids. This way, you can enjoy the positive effect of all cannabinoids coming together to enhance one another's effects while targeting affected areas with ease. In essence, CBD helps to regulate inflammation found within the human body while targeting the desired area for maximum benefit. Whether you're used to CBD creams, CBD freeze roll-ons, or otherwise, everyone can benefit from our CBD freeze roller, perfect for treating temporary pain with tried and true CBD oil. This cold therapy is the pain reliever you need!

    Menthol for joint and muscle pain relief

    Menthol is known for its cooling sensation. In fact, it's been used historically to heal aches and pains, according to a variety of studies.

    Paired with 450 mg CBD in our CBD cream, menthol does just the trick in this topical CBD oil roll-on to deliver a fast-absorbing product that you can apply throughout the day for pain relief.

    Arnica for additional Pain relief

    Arnica grows in the perennial Arnica Montana in Europe and Siberia. Its most common use is to heal bruises, as it may stimulate circulation and improve the body's own healing system. Plus, when paired with our CBD, the power of arnica turns into extra strength with trace amounts of THC found in our CBD extract.

    MSM for immunity

    MSM has historically been used within the field of alternative medicine for those looking to boost overall immunity. Studies have shown that MSM is particularly helpful at inhibiting the breakdown of cartilage, further protecting the ends of your bones and joints.

    Aloe Vera for hydration

    Lastly, we decided to go with tried and true aloe vera. Across several cultures, aloe extract has been used to heal wounds and more recently has even become a common ingredient in skincare products.

    Its soothing effects have been studied in relation to a variety of skin conditions, making this CBD roll-on stand out from other premium products applied topically. Whether you're dealing with knee pain or simply looking for targeted relief, the soothing ingredients in our CBD roll-on formula are guaranteed to treat pain, offer quick roll-on relief, and impart lasting relief as you go about your day.

    How To Apply Our CBD Freeze Roll-On

    When applying our CBD freeze roll-on, make sure to avoid contact with broken skin or open wounds, as this product is only meant for external use. While our product is not THC-free, you may feel free to consult your doctor before using this product should you have a medical condition you are worried CBD oil may interact with. That being said, all of our products, including our CBD for pain relief roll-on, come with hefty documentation in the form of lab results. This way, you can ensure that no other contaminants or heavy metals are present in the product. For any discomfort for your muscles and joints, this THC-free CBD freeze roller will easily provide targeted relief and many other benefits. From arthritis to sore joints to sensitive skin, this CBD freeze roll-on can soothe it all!

    The best CBD roll-on out there for inflamed or painful muscles

    When looking for a CBD roller or roll-on, you've got plenty of products to choose from. So why go with our CBD roll-on and other CBD products? Because every one of our products contains organic cannabis from a line of non-genetically engineered extracts. Our practices are always cruelty-free and to support local farmers, we grow our agricultural hemp plant under the sun in Oregon. Our CBD roll-on has more than just your best interests in mind. Every part of the production process has been cultivated and tested to offer you the very best experience.



    Not all hemp is created equal.

    USDA Certified Organic CBD


    Our organic hemp is free from harmful residual solvents, microbials, heavy metals & pesticides.

    Non-GMO Hemp Extracts


    Our line of full spectrum hemp extracts feature the highest quality ingredients.

    Cruelty Free


    Never ever will we test on animals. In fact, we carry hemp products to help your furry family members.

    Made from USA-grown Hemp


    To support our local farmers, and ensure quality and sustainability, our agricultural hemp is farm bill compliant and sun grown by Oregon.

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