What Is A Cannabis Cola?

Cannabis Cola

When you hear the word "cola," you probably think of soda, Coke, or pop - whatever your preferred terminology. But what does Coca-Cola have to do with the cannabis plant?

At A Glance

  • A cannabis cola refers to the bud cluster at the top of the female plant
  • It is considered the most desirable part of the plant for smoking purposes
  • A cola is often coated in trichomes that house resin and contain a majority of other cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Try Clean Remedies' 1g Pre-Roll Cola of White CBG & Special Sauce CBD to experience the cannabis cola for yourself

Well, Coca-Cola itself has very little to do with the marijuana plant. But the cola on these healthy plants is another conversation altogether.

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What Are Cannabis Colas?

A cola refers to the bud cluster that grows at the very top of the female plant. This flowering site is often considered the most desirable part of the hemp plant for smoking purposes, namely because it contains rich cannabinoids and terpenes.

These cannabinoids tend to be more concentrated in the cola since the top of cannabis plants receive the most light. In fact, our 1g Pre-Roll Cola of White CBG & Special Sauce CBD is made with the cannabis cola for this purpose exactly!

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Anatomy of the Female Cannabis Plant

The female cannabis plant will grow vertically until it reaches its flowering phase, focusing its energy upward through one central stem. The one main stem will typically house the one main cola of the plant.

But other colas and flowers grow elsewhere besides the main stalk. In fact, large colas can be found at the top of the plant or at the end of its branches - basically, anywhere that receives the most sunlight - while smaller colas can be found on lower branches that receive less light.

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Growers are able to manipulate different parts of the growing process and many end up spreading the branches apart to allow for buds to receive more light. They may even prune a leaf or two to allow all the plant's energy to focus on growing more colas towards the flowering top.

While male plants produce pollen sacks that blossom into flowers, female plants are actually much more potent. The female plant is able to produce large buds and flowers which contain pistils, AKA the plant's primary reproductive parts.

The resin in the pistils collect pollen, and when fertilized, seeds are produced. The cola at the top of the flower is often surrounded by sugar leaves that are coated in trichomes which, when milky or frosty, tell the growers that it's time to harvest.

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Growth Process of Cannabis Plants

We know it's a lot to take in. But here's a little breakdown of how these plants and leaves grow to produce such cannabinoid-rich buds.

Germination Stage

As with all plants, the cannabis plant begins with a germination stage. This takes place in the first 1-7 days and can even be accomplished through the paper towel method.

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Seedling Stage

Once the seed has settled into its moist soil and formed roots, a little sprout pops up to create the cotyledon leaves. This stage can take anywhere from 2-3 weeks within the growth cycle.

(If you're going to go "aww," now is the time to do so!)

Vegetative Growth

During the next 2-8 weeks, the cannabis plant will be going through its vegetative stage. This is the time for plants to grow into their stalks and leaves, and you'll slowly start to see some early flowers develop in this stage.

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Flowering Stage

Finally, the plant will reach its flowering stage which can last anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on the strains you're growing. Not every cola will produce at the same time, but expert farmers will be the ones to tell you when it's time for harvesting.

Final Thoughts

At Clean Remedies, we want our customers to know everything that goes into the production process of our products. That's why you can find our third-party lab results easily accessible on every product page.

We use only USDA Certified Organic CBD and Hemp to give you the highest-quality CBD and THC products possible. Because you deserve it!

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