All Things Sexy

As we round the corner to Valentine's Day-the official holiday of "all things sexy", you are no doubt either busy searching for the perfect gift or busy resenting the pressure you find yourself under to deliver it. You may love it or hate it. You may be newly dating or married for 50 years. No matter which camp you land in, one thing is for sure: come February 14th, you better have something in hand when you see your Valentine. Also-may we suggest that this year you skip that store-bought box of chocolates?You only get about 1/5 of the flavors you actually want anyways. So, what SHOULD you get?.........Read more in our BLOG Section
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It's That Time of Year..

It's that time of year again.. We have all undoubtedly considered and planned for all the ways that we are going to make this year...
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What is CBD?

Cannabidoil or CBD is a non-intoxicating component of the cannabis plant with enormous therapeutic potential.
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