How To Use CBD For A Chill Christmas 2023

Cbd Christmas

With Christmas just around the corner, it's time to finalize your online holiday shopping. CBD-infused products make for the perfect present, letting you give the gift of therapeutic relaxation and a good night's sleep to your loved ones.

At a glance

  1. Best CBD Gift Overall: Full Spectrum CBD Tincture
  2. Best CBD Gummies: Delta 8 THC Gummies
  3. Best For Skincare: Luxury Hydrating CBD Face Oil
  4. Best Holiday Treat: Delta 8 THC Chocolate Dream
  5. Best For Health: CBD Pain Cream Rub
  6. Best For Self-Care: CBD Bath Salts Lavender & Rose
  7. Best Psychedelic: Amanita Muscaria Psychedelic Mushroom Drink Mix

Whether you're looking for fruity, snackable gummies or a pain-relieving muscle roll-on, organic, hemp-derived cannabis products are the gift for the 2023 holiday season.

Keep reading, and we'll share the best CBD Christmas gifts for this festive time of year!

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 #1. Full Spectrum CBD Tincture

If you're looking for the best overall CBD gift to give this holiday season, you can't go wrong with a full-spectrum CBD oil. The Full Spectrum CBD Tincture from Clean Remedies is the best CBD Christmas you can find on the cannabis market in 2023!

It's available in natural and citrus flavors as well as a peppermint variation, perfect for spicing up a warm latte or hot cocoa.

A CBD oil that is made with high-quality, natural ingredients

If you want to help your friends and family unwind during the winter months, this tincture will be the key to it all. It's made with organic hemp grown locally in the state of Oregon and is free from any harmful residual solvents, microbials, heavy metals, or pesticides.

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Everything here is cruelty-free and not genetically modified, just like the rest of the products from Clean Remedies. Plus, everything is third-party tested by an accredited laboratory.

#2. Delta 8 THC Gummies

Here are the ultimate CBD gummies if you're looking to give the gift of relaxation this holiday season.

Hand-crafted with delta 8 THC, these fruity blueberry Delta 8 THC Gummies pack a potent punch.

These CBD gummies can make your Christmas wonderfully enjoyable

After a gradual onset, your mind and body will be flooded with a deep state of relaxation and euphoria.

This is a one-way ticket to a calm mood and less stress all holiday season!

#3. Luxury Hydrating CBD Face Oil

Our CBD products can do more than relax your mind and body through ingestion. Don't underestimate the luxurious potential of this natural cannabinoid when applied topically!

This Luxury Hydrating CBD Face Oil is made with full-spectrum hemp extract, vitamin E, rosehip oil, and other essential oils to encourage better skin health.

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Each bottle of this lightweight, fast-absorbing formula comes packed with nourishing omega fatty acids and rich botanicals that will leave your face glowing.

#4. Delta 8 THC Chocolate Dream

Everyone knows that the holidays are a time for tasty treats and delicious eats. This Delta 8 THC Chocolate Dream from Clean Remedies is the cream of the crop when it comes to holiday sweets and makes for the best stocking filler for the festive season.

Whether you're gifting for a CBD enthusiast or someone fresh to the world of cannabis, this rich chocolate bar can bring plenty of therapeutic benefits for anyone. Each prescored square comes packed with delta 8 THC, CBN, and valerian root to promote a better night's rest.

Plus, everything is vegan and gluten-free!

#5. CBD Pain Cream Rub

This CBD Pain Cream Rub makes for a great gift for those looking to enhance their physical health. This unique anti-inflammatory formula is made with full-spectrum hemp plant extract, menthol, arnica, MSM, and other essential oils to help ease tension and pain in muscles and joints.

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This fast-absorbing formula is applied topically and goes on smoothly.

#6. CBD Bath Salts Lavender & Rose

It's time to toss out your unused CBD bath bomb in favor of something a bit more tasteful and simplistic. These CBD Bath Salts are made with calming lavender and rose to help uplift and heal the senses.

This soothing mix of Epsom salt and pink Himalayan salt is completed with a blissful blend of essential oils and the scent of blooming rose. This is the best Christmas self-care gift for those in your life looking to indulge!

#7. Amanita Muscaria Psychedelic Mushroom Drink Mix

If you want to take your CBD Christmas experience to the next level, try this Amanita Muscaria Psychedelic Mushroom Drink Mix from Clean Remedies.

clean remedies amanita muscaria drink mix bath bombs smile wellness anxiety save shop person wellbeing filled christmas gift set gifts

Make your CBD Christmas a trippy endeavor

Each serving is infused with 1,000 mg of refreshing amanita muscaria psychedelics and 10 mg of therapeutic delta 9 THC.

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