How To Take Edibles

How To Take Edibles

Eating cannabis edibles for the first time can be intimidating. Heck, buying edibles can be intimidating too!

But at Clean Remedies, we want you to feel supported throughout your edible experience. Below are our top tips that will make taking edibles feel like a piece of cake. (Sometimes, literally.)

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#1. Start small with cannabis edibles

As a general rule for both pet CBD and human CBD, you will want to start low with your cannabis edibles. Even if you know your own tolerance.

Double check the potency and mg of THC in your product. And look on the label for guidance as to how much THC to take.

But always opt for a smaller amount than is recommended. You don't want to overload your system as other factors may also be in play.

#2. Wait at least two hours before eating more

When you consume a cannabis edible, it may take some time to take effect. That's because it's traveling through your digestive system first.

Edible dosing may be included on product label but first dose should be small

Then it gets metabolized by your liver. The last thing you want to do is take another edible before the first edible's effects kick in.

So be patient. And know that there are many factors at play that may affect when the THC edible decides to kick in.

#3. Don't take cannabis edibles on an empty stomach

Some people think it's better not to eat before taking a delta 9 THC edible. But having food in your stomach may improve the bioavailability of cannabis.

It may take longer for any effects to kick in. Since your stomach is processing both foods and cannabis.

But it's important to eat beforehand, especially if you are building up a tolerance to cannabinoids. Think of it as a safety net.

#4. Drink plenty of water

When you eat CBD and THC products, you may experience dry mouth. So while you're not necessarily dehydrated, it's still important to drink a lot of water.

Finding right dosage takes time when smoking marijuana

Additionally, drinking water can help to speed up overall digestion. So regardless of whether you're using cannabis or not, drinking water is particularly good for your system's overall function.

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#5. Consume cannabis edibles in a comfortable space

Taking too much THC comes with the risk of having a negative experience. But the most important thing is to stay calm.

That's why it's best to take edibles in a comfortable space. Somewhere you feel safe.

Even listening to music or watching a television show can help to keep you focused on one thing at a time. Besides, trying something new should always be done in a safe space where you feel comfortable and secure.

#6. Have a buddy close by

As another safety net, grab a buddy! You might like to enjoy the experience with them.

Or simply have them there to look out for you. If you've never consumed edibles before, this can greatly aid your potential anxiety.

THC is the psychoactive compound found in edibles

And you can always look to them to tell you that everything is okay. Either way, having another person there can help you feel calm and more secure during this experience.

FAQs about consuming edibles

Should I take homemade edibles or cannabis products from a licensed dispensary?

Typically, we recommend buying from reputable CBD brands like our own. We display our third party lab test results proudly on each product page, including our CBD topical rubs

So you know exactly what's in your product and what's not. With homemade or dispensary products, it can be a little more difficult to tell.

How long does it take for edibles to take effect?

You can expect to feel the effects of your edible within 2 hours after consumption. That being said, there may be other factors at play that either speed up or delay the effects.

Can I mix cannabis infused edibles with alcohol?

Typically, it is not recommended to mix cannabis with alcohol. Namely because alcohol may intensify the effects of the cannabis product and vice versa.

Do not mix cannabis dose with alcohol

Are edibles legal?

CBD with less than 0.3% THC has been deemed federally legal. But state laws still vary.

That being said, it's important to check your local laws. And determine what all your cannabis products contain.

Final thoughts

We hope these tips can help you in your upcoming experience with CBD and THC products. As always, it's important to note that everyone will have a different reaction.

So take your time. And listen closely to what your body needs at the moment. But most importantly, enjoy!

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