How To Use THC Powder

How To Use THC Powder

You've heard of cannabis oil or even a cannabis edible. But what's the deal with cannabis oil powder?

This relatively new product has plenty of consumers curious and ready to explore. But some aren't quite sure where to start their cannabis powder exploration.

So we're here to help. Because at Clean Remedies, we're always happy to lend a helping hand. Especially when it comes to all things CBD and THC.

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A quick refresher on THC powder

Cannabis oil powder might sound paradoxical. But cannabis powder is made by combining cannabis oil with a carb-rich emulsifier.

This combination creates water soluble cannabinoids that you can add to any beverage or food. And preliminary research has shown that this may improve the bioavailability of cannabis itself.

So, how can you incorporate this water soluble powder into your daily life? And is it really as easy as it sounds? (Spoiler alert: Yes. Yes, it is.)

#1. Take THC powder sublingually

If you're familiar with cannabis infused oil, then you must know that these oils can be taken sublingually. That is, under the tongue.

Well, the same goes for THC powder. We know it sounds weird.

And it probably makes your mouth feel chalky just thinking about it. But it is possible to ingest the cannabis plant this way.

THC powder vs. THC oil

Tinctures and other CBD oils often contain a carrier oil like coconut oil to help the CBD go down, especially when we're talking about CBD for pets. But THC powder won't be paired with an oil for obvious reasons.

Instead, it will likely be paired with something along the lines of sunflower lecithin powder, AKA an emulsifier. There may be some coconut oil in the powder mixture itself.

Marijuana dosage will vary from person to person as some are medical users looking for drugs with benefits to relieve pain whereas others are looking for recreational marijuana

But not enough for the powder to feel like a tincture going down. Not everyone enjoys taking THC powder sublingually.

But once the powder dissolves, the cannabinoids get directly absorbed into the bloodstream. So it's still an efficient way to ingest cannabis, if not a particularly soothing experience.

#2. Add THC powder to drinks

This is probably what you first thought of when we said THC powder. And for good reason too.

THC powder can be added to any type of beverage. Coffee, tea, juices, or other drinks.

This is a great drink alternative for those looking to limit their alcohol intake. And many THC powders come with no zero calories and with no added flavors.

So the taste of your beverage won't be tainted by the earthy musk of hemp. Additionally, preliminary research has found that water soluble cannabis may offer certain effects that CBD oil can't.

Water soluble THC powder may have a much higher bioavailability

Bioavailability refers to the percentage of THC that enters the bloodstream. Let's take cannabis edibles for example.

Edibles have to go through the digestive tract. Then get metabolized by the liver.

By the time it enters your bloodstream, the THC in that edible may be lower in content than when you first unwrapped it. By comparison, water soluble THC tends to have a higher bioavailability.

Simply by virtue of the fact that your body is able to process liquid faster than solids. Of course, there are still many factors involved, including how much THC you add to your beverage.

But for the most part, preliminary research has found water soluble cannabinoids to have a greater absorption rate than other forms of cannabis or other edibles.

#3. Infuse THC powder into your cooking

THC powder can be added to drinks. But don't think they can't be added to food and baked goods too!

THC powder can be added to pretty much any food recipe out there. So, in a way, it's kind of like you're making your own edibles.

Recipe flavors may vary from le herbe to green organic dutchman so double check your medical marijuana laws and note the dose of weed that works for you

That being said, it's easy to infuse too much THC into your food. So keep in mind the potency of the product and how much food you ingest as well.

THC powder vs. traditional edibles

Traditionally, cannabis is fat soluble. So for edibles to work, it will require a fat source to latch onto.

But THC cannabinoids are different. Yes, you can still add a powder mix to your high fat meal.

But it's not nearly as important as it is with edibles. Additionally, you may be aware of the stereotype that cannabis edibles have.

As in, they have a tendency to be extra potent. While this may be true for cannabis edibles, this isn't necessarily the case with the cannabinoids present in THC powder.

Instead, these cannabinoids may travel through various parts of the body such as the liver. But will also diffuse into the tissues of the mouth and elsewhere.

Though the absorption rate of THC powder is higher, this only means that you will feel its effects sooner than you would in an edible. But it won't necessarily be as potent as an edible since they both create a different process.

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Using Clean Remedies THC powder

There are many different cannabis powders making the rounds out there. But we want to give you a firsthand look at the products we have to offer here at Clean Remedies.

Delta 8 Drink Mix

If you love fruity drinks and juices, then you'll love our Delta 8 Drink Mix. The taste is sweet and just slightly tart.

And with 50 mg Delta 8 THC in every tube, you can enjoy the traits of both CBD and THC. Simply pair this powder with a tall glass of water to create an infused drink that you can enjoy at the end of the day.

Delta 8 THC Pixie Dust

Those interested in getting their cannabis powder straight from the tube will adore our Delta 8 THC Pixie Dust. After all, it's in candy form!

Dose weed such as le herbe or green organic dutchman with restraint as too much medical marijuana may produce adverse effects for those that are health conscious

This fast acting cannabis powder is packed with 150 mg Delta 8 THC. And comes in the delicious flavor of Dragon Fruit Punch. We're salivating as we speak!

Delta 9 THC Pixie Dust

Interested in a slight alternative to our Delta 8 selections? Then try our Delta 9 THC Pixie Dust.

This cannabis powder offers you 25 mg of Delta 9 THC. And is absorbed fast and can be infused in water. Simply take your pick of how you want this powder consumed and enjoy!

And if powder isn't your game, then try our delta 9 gummies. That way, you'll still get to enjoy delta 9, just in a slightly more chewy form than a powder. 

Finding the best cannabis products

Because THC powders are relatively new, you want to know you're getting the best. So, what should you be looking for when purchasing these types of cannabis products?

Third party lab testing

Reputable CBD brands will always display their third party lab results on their website. This way, it's open to the public.

And you can see exactly what's infused in each product. Whether it's a new CBD coffee, flower, or CBD muscle rub, it's important to look at these results.

Not only for peace of mind. But to make sure you're getting a product that has your best interests at heart.

Customer reviews

Customer reviews are another great way to determine the credibility of a brand. If there are too many negative comments, consider following the voice of the people.

Benefits are still being researched but do not follow a recipe with a mason jar to make your own final product instead go with reputable brand recipe that has been cannabinoid tested

But if there are firsthand accounts of positive experiences, then great! You've found yourself a cannabinoid company that puts your enjoyment first.

Additional ingredients used

Some powders may contain other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. Or even other ingredients like coconut oil, dextrose, and more.

Knowing what's in your product is incredibly important. Not only to know what you're ingesting, but also to prevent any potential allergens.

FAQs about THC powder

We know there are tons of questions to answer when it comes to THC powder. But here are the top questions we get asked about the subject.

How long does it take for THC powder to take effect?

You can expect to experience effects about 20 minutes after consumption. Some THC powders can produce effects that last for up to 4 hours.

So it's important to start with a small amount. Then gradually increase from there.

Some people are surprised at how fast the effects settle in. But that's because of the solubility of the powder.

Not only are you absorbing the powder through the mouth. But your intestines and liver are also absorbing the powder simultaneously.

Is consuming THC powder better than smoking?

Studies have shown that smoking and vaping isn't the greatest thing for your lungs. So from a health standpoint, ingesting THC powder comes with far less risk. 

And to make matters better, THC powder's fast acting effects match that of smoking or vaping. Often, people smoke to get the effects faster.

But THC powder offers fast effects without the attachment of certain health risks. So from both standpoints, THC powder has more positive outcomes to offer than smoking.

How is THC powder different from cannabis water?

CBD water is pre-made for you. It's already gone through a process to be combined with water.

Whereas THC powder allows you to add THC to any beverage or food of your choice. Neither one is better than the other.

It's just that they each offer a different experience from one another.

Final thoughts

Hopefully, we've managed to clear up some misconceptions about THC powder. So the next time you want to venture out into the vast world of CBD products, you're educated about what to look for. 

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