How Does The Entourage Effect Make You Feel?

What Does The Entourage Effect Feel Like

Despite the fact that there are more than 120 different cannabis compounds present in the cannabis plant, THC and CBD remain the most popular. In fact, some CBD products go so far as to eliminate these other cannabinoids. But doesn't that seem like such a waste of whole-plant cannabis extracts?

At A Glance

  • The entourage effect purports that all hemp plant compounds interact to enhance one another's effects
  • How the entourage effect feels will vary from user to user
  • It will also depend on the combination and concentration of cannabinoids and terpenes present in the product
  • Users may experience the entourage effect through full-spectrum CBD products which retain all cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant
  • Studies have shown that CBD may actually dampen the unwanted effects of THC
  • This leaves users feeling calm and grounded without any of the less desirable psychoactive properties associated with THC

There's a little something called the entourage effect that is shedding light on why these various cannabinoids are so important - not just within the cannabis plant, but with what they may have to offer to cannabis enthusiasts.

Below, we'll go through why all cannabinoids work best together and how they can even enhance your overall cannabis experience, uplifting the effects of THC and CBD alike.

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The Entourage Effect: In Review

The entourage effect purports that all active compounds work together to produce a better effect than any single cannabinoid can produce on its own. While the entourage effect remains a theory, plenty of anecdotal evidence has proven the credibility of this proposed hypothesis.

That being said, more research is continually being conducted to identify the distinct effects the entourage effect may offer cannabis users. But so far, all findings have shown great promise in this reportedly positive effect.

Still, with so much hubbub around the entourage effect, many are left with the question: "How does the entourage effect actually make you feel?"

Cannabis affects the body in various ways so getting the right concentration and blend of cannabinoids will be crucial for having a pleasant experience with cannabis make sure to read the package label before purchase and or use

How Does The Entourage Effect Feel?

While THC is known for its psychoactive properties, this isn't to say that all products that contain THC will make you feel high. In fact, full-spectrum cannabis products that employ trace amounts of THC produce little to no psychoactive effect and all while still offering the entourage effect.

Even cannabis strains that offer equal amounts of THC and CBD are often not enough to make users feel "high" or stoned. Instead, users report feeling calm and grounded without any of the negative effects often associated with high-THC strains.

This is likely because of the way THC and CBD bind to the body's cannabinoid receptors within the endocannabinoid system. When THC binds to these receptors, users will feel that classic high.

But CBD seems to inhibit the binding of THC to CB1 receptors, in particular, causing researchers to believe that CBD is particularly effective at taming THC and its potentially adverse effects.

Additionally, the presence of terpenes (aromatic compounds found within the cannabis plant) may also affect the way THC interacts with the human body. But we'll touch on more of that research later.

Anti inflammatory compound curcumin cbd oil both thc pine trees have terpenes too because they offer aromatic qualities to each plant and some insects as well be sure to shop clean remedies for best products on market today

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CBD Products And The Entourage Effect

As we said before, not all products that combine CBD and THC will make users feel high. So let's go through the various types of products available that will allow you to enjoy the entourage effect.

Full-Spectrum Cannabis Extracts

Full-spectrum CBD retains all additional cannabinoids found in cannabis plants, including trace amounts of THC. With low THC levels, such products rarely ever produce any psychoactive effects, making them ideal for those looking to benefit from the plant's anti-inflammatory properties without feeling overly intoxicated.

The several active compounds found in full-spectrum CBD oil are thought to offer the entourage effect in full, making cannabis work all the more efficiently within the body's endocannabinoid system.

The good news is that there are plenty of ways to consume full-spectrum CBD. Even if you're not too keen on smoking, you can still enjoy the entourage effect with our Full Spectrum CBD Tincture or even our Sleep & Soothe CBD Gummies.

Fungi commonly cbd potentially therapeutic potential for individuals suffering from chronic pain anxiety or other forms of addiction including alcoholism studies have shown the potential of cbd to benefit

Broad-Spectrum CBD

Broad-spectrum CBD similarly retains all other cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. But it goes through a specific extraction process that eliminates any and all THC.

These types of products are typically preferred amongst those who wish to engage with the entourage effect without the risk of testing positive on a drug test. That being said, broad-spectrum cannabis flower may not house the entourage effect in full force as full-spectrum cannabis extracts do.

Still, many users recommend our Relax & Calm CBD Gummies which house Broad-spectrum hemp extract as the perfect remedy for improved sleep and deeper relaxation.

CBD Isolate

CBD isolate is exactly what it sounds like - the isolated compound of CBD and only CBD. Those interested in experiencing the entourage effect will have no luck with these types of products as they contain no other compounds present in whole plant extracts.

What Research Tells Us About The Entourage Effect

Research into the entourage effect remains in its infancy. But scientists have managed to unearth some promising findings, namely those associated with medical cannabis.

Serum concentration and the purported effects of the entourage effect

CBD May Reduce The Unwanted Effects Of THC

A 2020 study identified CBD's ability to dampen THC's effects - namely the psychoactive effects - while elongating the amount of time THC spends imparting its effects on the human body.

Additionally, other studies have purported that low levels of THC content combined with low levels of CBD content may actually increase THC's psychoactive effects while eliminating its less desired effects such as paranoia, dizziness, fatigue, dry mouth, and drowsiness.

Cannabinoids And Terpenes May Offer Unique Health Benefits

In a 2011 review of studies, researchers found that taking cannabinoids and terpenes together could potentially benefit users in a variety of ways.

Studying the entourage effect for medical purposes, they were able to identify the different compounds' ability to provide pain management while maximizing the anti-inflammatory effects of cannabis.

Furthermore, research from 2018 discovered that certain flavonoids and terpenes could provide certain neuroprotective effects, potentially enhancing full-spectrum CBD's therapeutic potential.

Based on scientific evidence the entourage effect is thought to be true despite it being a theory

The Bottom Line

When it comes down to choosing the right CBD product for you, personal preference will always win out. But if you're interested in maximizing the effects of your products, then you'll want to invest in high-quality full-spectrum CBD.

At Clean Remedies, we craft all of our products with your satisfaction and safety in mind. Each batch of products receives third-party lab testing to ensure the safety and efficacy of each product.

Because we understand how nerve-wracking it can be to find a company that produces goods with your best interests in mind. But at Clean Remedies, you can always guarantee that safety and quality remain our top 2 priorities.

So as you browse through our products, know that you're only receiving the best CBD and THC products on the market today. 

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