8 Best CBD Oil For Dogs In 2023 - Top Brands & Buying Tips

What Is The Best CBD Oil For Dogs

Pet owners love to pamper their furry little ones. And rightly so! In just a little (or big) package, these furry friends of ours bring oodles and oodles of joy.

So, how have pet owners been giving back to their dogs as of late? Through CBD oil for dogs of course!

If you're all set to jump on the bandwagon but don't know where to start, we've got you covered. Below are some of the best CBD oils for your pets that will make sure they're happy, healthy, and well cared for.

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Best CBD oils for dogs

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When it comes to CBD oil, you want to give them the same quality CBD oil as any other products you might use. So while you consider these CBD brands for your dog's health, also view the like they're human CBD oil too.

That will give you the best perspective when finding high-quality CBD oils. Because if you wouldn't put it in your body, why would you put it in theirs?

#1. Clean Remedies PAWS CBD oil for pets

Here at Clean Remedies, we're proud to stock CBD oil for dogs and cats, offering our furry friends the best full-spectrum CBD oil there is. With naturally occurring cannabinoids from the hemp plant, our CBD oil is the best CBD oil for dogs that puts quality before everything else.

The only other ingredient in our CBD oil for dogs besides organic hemp is USDA-certified organic safflower oil. And this is simply to help the hemp seed oil go down smoothly.

And since this is CBD oil for dogs we're talking about, we may as well mention that all of our CBD oil products are cruelty-free. And third-party lab testing so you know exactly what's going into your pet's food bowl.

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Speaking of food bowls, our website also offers clear instructions on how much CBD oil to give your dogs depending on their size. For small animals up to 25 lbs, you can administer up to a half dropper.

For medium animals between 25 and 75 lbs, you can administer between half a dropper up to one full dropper. And for large animals that are 75 lbs and up, you can administer one to two full droppers.

See? Introducing a CBD oil tincture into your pet's life has never been easier.


  • USDA Certified Organic CBD oil and Kosher Certified
  • Full spectrum oil packed with additional cannabinoids found in the hemp plant
  • Wide range of products including delta 9 gummies (for humans)
  • Vegan, cruelty-free, gluten sensitive, no artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, or sweeteners
  • Third-party lab tested, making our CBD oil safe for your pets

#2. Honest Paws CBD oil for dogs

Honest Paws is another one of those CBD pet oils that knows exactly how to cater to your pet's needs. With a CBD tincture line that features condition-specific formulas, their full spectrum hemp extract maintains the nutrients found in hemp oil.

And offers different concentrations for your pet according to their size. Not to mention that their pet CBD oil is fully organic, thirty-party tested, and one of the most high-quality CBD products you can find in the CBD industry.

Full spectrum cbd honest paws broad spectrum cbd extract

While this full-spectrum CBD oil may be more expensive than most, you'll want to indulge your pet and give them the very best. Besides, we're sure you've spent plenty more money on other pet products just to make their tail wag.


  • Full-spectrum CBD oil with condition-specific formulations
  • High-quality CBD oil with just a hint of turmeric for anti-inflammatory properties
  • Certified by the National Animal Supplement Council

#3. CBDfx CBD oil for dogs

If you didn't already know, full-spectrum CBD oils may contain trace amounts of THC since they maintain the other cannabinoids found naturally in hemp seed oil. But if you don't want to risk introducing THC to your pet, consider CBDfx's broad-spectrum CBD oil.

Their CBD oil tinctures are flavored with natural bacon which your pup is sure to love. It will almost feel like you're giving them CBD dog treats without the bone to chew on.

Additionally, they offer chicken-flavored dog CBD oil just in case your pet wants a leaner option as well. Made with only CBD-rich hemp oil and MCT oil, this CBD pet tincture sticks to the basics. (And yes, we're including bacon as one of the basics.)

Effective cbd oil honest paws large dogs


  • Broad spectrum oil with no THC
  • MCT coconut oil combined with hemp
  • Human-grade and vegan formula
  • Available in four different concentrations to accommodate your pet's needs

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#4. HolistaPet CBD oil for dogs

Another company making strides in broad-spectrum oil for pets is none other than HolistaPet. They have an impressively large range of organic oil concentrations available.

And to make matters even better, their brand has an advisory board made up entirely of veterinary professionals. So it's safe to say that vets recommend CBD oil, and specifically this one.

Plus, they include a 30-day money-back guarantee on all products. So if you're looking for pet CBD oils that's packed with omega fatty acids from hemp oil, this one is the one for you and your pet.


  • Organic hemp seed oil
  • Gluten-free, dairy-free, and non-GMO
  • All natural ingredients in all their CBD products

#5. Charlotte's Web CBD oil for dogs

If you've heard of Charlotte's Web before, it's because this CBD brand has been around for a while. In fact, it's one of the original CBD companies out there.

Chamomile oil honest paws cbd oils for dogs cbd brands

And for good reason. Their CBD pet products use full spectrum CBD and organic MCT oil to give your pet the very best. Plus, their certification with the National Animal Supplement Council ensures that they meet rigorous quality standards for CBD pet oil tinctures.

With unflavored and chicken-flavored CBD oil for dogs, your pets will love the variety and may even see that little dropper as a form of CBD treats in and of itself. And as far as other pet lovers go, they only have good things to say about this company and its natural products.


  • Full spectrum oil mixed with MCT coconut oil
  • National Animal Supplement Council certified
  • Flavor varieties as well as unflavored varieties
  • Third-party lab tested for all CBD products

#6. JustCBD oil for dogs

Established in 2017, JustCBD has made strides in its CBD oil for dogs and cats too. With chicken, beef, and bacon flavors for your canine loved ones and tuna and salmon flavors for your sweet kitties, they've really managed to match the best CBD oil with flavors your pets will love.

CBD oil brands honest paws best cbd health benefits

Each of their CBD products for pets comes in three different potencies to accommodate your pet's needs. And they openly provide a Certificate of Analysis on each batch of organic CBD products they make.

What's more is that they have a full range of CBD treats for your furry friends, including dog treats and cat treats. So in case, your dog doesn't like the particular carrier oil of a certain tincture, these treats are here to save the day and make sure they get just as much out of CBD, just in edible form. 


  • All CBD products come with third-party lab testing and are fairly affordable
  • CBD oils come in a variety of flavors for dogs and cats
  • CBD treats are also available for pets who don't like the carrier oil of a tincture

#7. Penelope's Bloom CBD oil for dogs

If you want a CBD oil company that focuses exclusively on pets, then Penelope's Bloom is the CBD brand for you. They source some of the best CBD oil and manufacture it into tinctures, balms, and rubs, and treats.

With condition-specific formulations, you'll love the variety they have to meet your pet's needs. And each CBD tincture is crafted with organic CBD, MCT oil, and chamomile.

honest paws best cbd

Talk about a sweet carrier oil. And one that's specifically designed to digest seamlessly, according to their website.

Not to mention that their CBD oils are also available in four different concentrations. This way, pets under 30 lbs all the way up to over 120 lbs can enjoy these CBD products.


  • Vegan and fast-acting formula made with specific conditions in mind
  • Range of CBD oils, dog CBD treats, and CBD balms
  • Easy to digest and made in four different concentrations

#8. NuLeaf Naturals CBD oil for dogs

Another CBD brand that's been around the block or two is none other than NuLeaf Naturals. Founded in 2014, they have remained committed to creating the best CBD oil that's potent and pure in form.

In fact, when you buy CBD oil from NuLeaf, you can rest assured knowing that each product has been tested by a third-party lab. With full-spectrum oil, their unique formula maintains the natural cannabinoids and terpenes found in the hemp plant.

And, as advertised on their website, can even be administered to dogs, cats, horses, and more. Suffice it to say this isn't your average dog's CBD oil, but something much better.

Best cbd


  • CBD extract available in high concentrations and potencies
  • Lab test results are openly available for each product batch
  • Makes taking CBD oil easy for any kind of animal

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How to choose Dog CBD Oil

Now that you have an idea of the brands that sell CBD pet tinctures, we want to give you a couple more tips on how to find CBD oil for dogs. Here are a couple of things you should be looking for in your pet CBD products:

Full-spectrum or Broad spectrum CBD

The products we mentioned above were either full-spectrum or broad-spectrum CBD. But there may be some pet products that use CBD isolate instead. For pet owners who want only CBD and no additional cannabinoids in their pet's system, this is the type of CBD oil for you.

The full spectrum contains all other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and trace amounts of THC. While broad-spectrum oil contains all other cannabinoids, flavonoids, terpenes, and no THC.

CO2 extraction method

When it comes to extracting CBD, the current gold standard in the CBD industry is CO2 extraction. This ensures that the CBD extracted is nutrient-rich and safe for consumption.

best cbd clean remedies

Other extraction methods like solvent extraction may leave harmful residues which you definitely don't want to subject your pet to. So when looking up different products, always make sure they clearly list CO2 extraction, just like they would a Certificate of Analysis.

Certificate of Analysis

Lastly, it's important to double-check the ingredients that are listed in the product through third-party lab results. These forms will tell you exactly what's in your pet's CBD product and what isn't.

So you can cross-check it on their website to make sure they are being truthful. This added layer of security is both for you and for the CBD brand.

So if you don't see their third-party lab results openly displayed on their websites, consider it a red flag. Most brands will make these results accessible to the public to ensure the safety and quality of the products. And those are the exact type of brands that will have your pet's best interests in mind.

Clean remedies best

Only the best for your pet

There's nothing in the world that could make you love your pet more. Except for maybe their snuggles, cuddles, licks, and barks.

So why not treat them to the very best CBD there is and choose a brand that values your pets just as much as you do? Because trust us, they're out there. 

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Clean Remedies is a woman-owned, independent family business that uses USDA Certified Organic Hemp Extract to create products that are free from harmful chemicals, cruelty-free, and made in the USA, meant to benefit your well being and meet our own high standards of efficacy. For CBD facts, product discounts, and more, follow us on InstagramFacebookYouTubeLinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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