Water Soluble CBD: Its Uses, Potential Benefits, And More

What Is Water Soluble CBD Used For

In the great big world of CBD products, there's a newcomer who's been making some waves. We're talking about none other than water-soluble CBD!

Water soluble products in the CBD market have become fan favorites. But many consumers are still curious as to know what's going on with water-soluble CBD in the first place.

Below, you'll find a recap of what this unique form of CBD has to offer. And some tips on how to incorporate water-soluble CBD products into your life.

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What is water-soluble CBD?

If you're familiar with traditional CBD oil tinctures or pet CBD oil, then you know they don't mix well into drinks or water. That's why water-soluble CBD has come along to simplify that process.

A water-soluble CBD product is made with nano-emulsified CBD, making CBD water-soluble. AKA tiny particle-sized CBD molecules that are actually broken down using sound waves.

These molecules are far easier for the bloodstream to absorb because of their size. And unlike regular CBD oil, CBD in water-soluble form has some unique characteristics to offer.

But more on that later. For now, let's look at the different ways people are using this unique form of CBD.

Ways to use water-soluble CBD

Incorporating a water-soluble product into your CBD regimen has never been easier. Just take a look at how folks are using water-soluble CBD to their advantage.

#1. Drop some water-soluble CBD powders into your drinks

Perhaps the easiest way for folks to use this form of CBD isolate is by mixing it into their drinks. And this goes for any drink out there.

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This unique form of CBD can be easily mixed into your morning coffee, a cup of tea, your water bottle, and more. These smaller particles mix easily into any beverage when offered in powder form.

And some water-soluble CBD products even come in a liquid form on their own. So you don't have to do the mixing yourself.

#2. Add water-soluble CBD oils to your food

Want to give your digestive tract some other nutrients to metabolize alongside CBD? Then try adding water-soluble or even just CBD oil to your food!

Now you have an "edible" without having to pack it all into one delta 9 gummy. Instead, it's a whole meal on its own!

Just remember that CBD particles are fat-soluble. So you may want to add CBD to a high-fat meal. Healthy fats, that is.

This way, you can enjoy hemp extract on a full stomach. And notice how your body absorbs this unique form of CBD much faster than when in oil form.

#3. Take water-soluble CBD as a supplemental dietary product

Nowadays, both water-soluble CBD and CBD oil can be found in capsule form. So you can easily take it in the morning alongside your other vitamins.

Simply choose what kind of CBD you want: full-spectrum CBD, broad-spectrum CBD, or CBD isolate. Then wash it down with a tall glass of water to start your morning off right.

These capsules typically offer a slow-release effect so you can reap the effects of CBD all day long. But if capsules aren't your jam, don't worry. There are plenty of other forms of CBD out there too.

#4. Consume water-soluble CBD products directly under your tongue

This unique form of CBD can come in powder or liquid form. And with either, you have the option to take them sublingually.

All you have to do is apply the CBD product under your tongue. Hold it there for 30 seconds to 1 minute, then swallow.

Sublingual application is considered the most effective way to consume cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. And that's because it allows the CBD oil to directly enter your bloodstream through the tiny capillaries under your tongue.

Typically, folks can start to feel the effects of CBD within 15 minutes after application. So if you want fast results, consider sublingual administration.

Potential Water-Soluble CBD Benefits

By now, you know how to use water-soluble CBD. But what exactly does this form of CBD have to offer you?

Water-soluble CBD has an increased bioavailability

Preliminary research on water-soluble CBD has found that these small particles have a higher bioavailability than other CBD products out there. High bioavailability means that the absorption process is much faster than with CBD oil.

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So you may experience an increased effect from how many milligrams of CBD you take. In this way, less CBD is actually more.

And may prove to be more cost-effective for customers in the long run. That being said, oil-soluble products still have a high bioavailability on their own.

But recent research have proven that such products are highly bioavailable. Especially when taken with other fat-soluble nutrients.

Water soluble CBD is easily absorbed

When CBD extract is easily absorbed by the human body, it means that you may start to feel its effects faster. Of course, how much CBD you take is still factored into this equation.

But this could be good news for those who are tired of waiting for their CBD oil to kick in. The rate at which you start to feel the effects of CBD will also depend on your method of consumption.

It's easy to measure out water-soluble CBD powder

It can be difficult to get an accurate measurement of how much CBD is in an edible. Or even a CBD cream or rub.

But with this unique form of CBD, it's never been easier to measure out. Some products will divide the CBD into single-serving powder packets.

Whereas others may come in a tincture bottle, not unlike CBD oil itself. This way, you know exactly how many milligrams of CBD you're ingesting.

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Clean Remedies water soluble CBD products

So, what goodies do we have in store for you to try out? We thought you'd never ask...

Delta 8 Drink Mix

Our Delta 8 Drink Mix is the perfect way to start off summer! This passion fruit punch mix is sweet and lightly tart. 

And with 500mg delta 8 THC in every jar, you can relax by the poolside and let your cares drift away. Simply mix 3 teaspoons of our drink mix with 6-8 oz of water.

Or add it to your favorite beverage to make for an extra fun twist. Then, stir or shake well to enjoy.

Plus, when you buy 1 jar of our Delta 8 THC Drink Mix, you also get 2 tubes for free! If that's not a sweet summer surprise, then we don't know what is.

Delta 9 THC Pixie Dust

If you're in the mood for something a little bit stronger than Delta 8, why not try our Delta 9 THC Pixie Dust sticks? Not only will these pixie sticks remind you of a childhood favorite candy.

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But they'll give you that fast absorbing delivery with our unique water-soluble CBD formula. Plus, we mixed Delta 9 with full spectrum CBD.

So you can drink up those other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant too. While our pixie sticks aren't oil, you can sprinkle them directly on your tongue and swallow.

But if you're not into the sublingual application, try mixing it well with water or any other beverage. Cannabis plants sure have given us a lot of options, so we thought we'd give you some too!

Delta 8 THC Pixie Dust

If Delta 9 isn't your speed, you can always slow it down with our Delta 8 THC Pixie Dust. Delta 8 tends to have a much milder effect than Delta 9.

But it can still offer you those fast-acting effects in a water-soluble formula. So don't think that Delta 9 is the only cannabinoid that can have fun around here.

We've got you covered with our Delta 8 formulation. Simply sprinkle half a teaspoon on your tongue or add to any beverage.

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Wrapping up

Hopefully, we've managed to enlighten you on the topic of CBD and its many forms. But if you ever have any more questions, you know where to find us.

Because at Clean Remedies, we're here for you. Not just to provide you with the latest in CBD news and products. But to offer you products that can contribute to your optimal wellness. 

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