Clean Remedies Continues to Lead the THC and CBD Wellness Industry with a Commitment to Quality, Transparency and Safety

All of Clean Remedies’ products are hand-crafted in small batches before being thoroughly third-party tested for purity and potency.

Avon, OH - Clean Remedies, a leading provider of THC and CBD products, offers high-quality cannabis wellness products with an unwavering dedication to transparency. Operating as a woman-owned, family-run business, Clean Remedies places a strong emphasis on quality assurance, transparency, and the holistic well-being of its customers.

Total transparency is a crucial focus for Clean Remedies. The company believes in giving customers the complete story when it comes to its natural remedies. Clean Remedies is USDA-certified organic and grows hemp at its Oregon-based farms right under the sun. This commitment is underscored by their official USDA Certified Organic seal, ensuring that no harmful chemicals end up in the remedies.

Clean Remedies proudly utilizes USDA-certified organic hemp in all its CBD products, including their topical CBD freeze roll-on for muscles and joints. Hemp is celebrated for its ability to naturally purify and clean the soil it grows in by absorbing existing toxins. By growing hemp on USDA-certified organic farms in Oregon, Clean Remedies ensures its products are free from harmful chemicals, providing consumers peace of mind about the remedies they choose for themselves and their families.

Clean Remedies upholds the principle that every product must meet stringent quality assurance standards for efficacy. To ensure complete transparency, each product undergoes third-party lab testing, with the results accessible through a QR code on product packaging. This allows customers to retrieve the Certificate of Analysis (COA) effortlessly. Clean Remedies surpasses state and federal requirements by employing third-party analytical testing for potency, mold, mildew, and pesticides. This additional step in testing ensures that Clean Remedies products meet the highest quality and safety standards.

Maintaining a vigilant approach to product safety, Clean Remedies continuously tests to ensure its products are free from toxins and other impurities. This commitment reflects the company's dedication to providing consumers with remedies that are not only effective but also safe for daily use.

The commitment to quality extends to the ingredients used in Clean Remedies products. The company uses only certified organic and natural ingredients, ensuring its products are free of artificial colors and dyes, non-genetically engineered, and vegan.

Clean Remedies’ CBG & CBD Gummies are natural cherry-flavored and one of their many products featuring organic and natural ingredients.

"Clean Remedies is a well-structured alternative, created with an inspirational vision of life-long wellness for our society,” stated the chief scientist at Clean Remedies. “Through the understanding of CR’s mission, philosophy, commitment to promoting life-long health, and preservation of values, we work to make the highest quality products for everyone.”

As a woman-owned, family-operated business, Clean Remedies takes pride in its commitment to meaningful values, ensuring that every product benefits the well-being of its customers. Clean Remedies is not just a THC and CBD company but also a beacon of quality and transparency in the wellness industry. With a commitment to providing superior THC and CBD products backed by rigorous testing and a passion for life-long wellness, Clean Remedies invites consumers to experience the difference in their journey toward well-being.

For media inquiries, please contact:

Company Name: Clean Remedies

Contact Person: Meredith Farrow

Phone: (216) 777-3133

Address: 1431 Lear Industrial Pkwy Avon

City: Avon

State: OH

Postal Code: 44011

Country: USA


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