How Do CBD Creams Work? Everything You Need To Know

What Does CBD Cream Do

CBD topical creams have been gaining popularity. And with it, plenty of questions have come up for those wanting to become users but are still unsure of how CBD cream actually works.

So, if you find yourself in the same curiosity boat, consider this your guide to CBD creams. We'll introduce you to the world of CBD oil topicals, offer you some tips on how to find the best CBD product for you, and more.

And who knows? Maybe we'll get to add matchmaker to our resume if you end up finding a CBD cream you really just hit it off with!

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How CBD creams work

It's a little bit easier to understand how CBD oil works within your system when ingested. But topical CBD creams access your endocannabinoid system after traveling through various layers of skin.

As the skin absorbs CBD, your skin cells start to respond to the regulating functions of your endocannabinoid system. And when used regularly, topical products may continue to bring balance to the human body.

Well, in this case, your skin. Of course, more research is needed to back these claims definitively.

But that hasn't stopped plenty of folks from using CBD creams in their everyday life. So, what kind of CBD infused topicals are out there, and which might suit you?

CBD creams

CBD creams and CBD lotions are perhaps the most popular form of topical CBD products. And that's because they're easy to use and only need to be applied to the affected area.

When you apply CBD cream, you want to make sure the area is clean. And you'll want to massage the CBD balm or topical cream in circular motions for as long as needed.

It's not uncommon for folks to reapply CBD lotion multiple times a day. In fact, most brands with CBD products recommend regular use to maximize the efficacy of the ingredients.

And if you're not a fan of using your fingers to rub it in, there are always roll-on products too, like our CBD Muscle Gel Roll On. With a roller ball applicator, you don't have to worry about your hands soaking up that precious product.

Instead, you can simply apply it straight to your skin. It's these small conveniences we have in mind for our customers!

Transdermal patches

CBD topicals in the form of patches are a little bit different than a lotion or cream. Because these patches are on a slow-release schedule.

Chronic pain pain relief skin conditions cannabinoid receptors dry skin joint pain medicinal benefits

With a higher concentration, these patches offer a steady flow of CBD to your system throughout the day. So you can simply stick it on in the morning and not have to worry about applying another patch until the end of the day.

Some folks prefer these patches because of their added convenience. Plus, due to their slow-release schedule, they tend to have more CBD in them than other creams.

Additionally, certain patches may have other ingredients with cooling sensations to offer other forms of relief. So there really is a formula for you out there amongst the many different types of CBD patches available.

CBD skin care products

First of all, yes, hemp derived beauty creams exist. And for good reason too.

The potential anti-inflammatory effects of CBD are thought to offer relief from inflammation on the face such as acne, eczema, and scarring. But of course, more research is needed to truly back these claims.

This certainly hasn't stopped folks from using a topical infused product with CBD though. And with additional ingredients that are specifically meant to soothe the skin, skin care products with CBD have become wildly popular among beauty brands.

From these products, you can expect about half oil and half water for added moisture. So it really does have all the makings to serve any and all skin types.

Take our Luxury Hydrating CBD Face Oil for example. Made with full spectrum hemp extract and rosehip complex, this unique formula offers a concentrated blend of nourishing omega fatty acids.

Sore muscles cannabidiol cbd brand reputation alternative treatment

Not to mention the hundreds of phytonutrients and rich botanicals that may reverse the signs of aging and soothe irritation. Now that's a face oil with everything and more, don't you think?

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What to look for in topical CBD products

Because there are so many different hemp derived CBD products out there, we want to give you some tips on how to choose the best topicals for you. We know it can feel overwhelming at first, but you can feel free to use these as guides to your CBD topical shopping.

Type of CBD oil used

CBD extracted from the hemp plant can be modified to fit your needs. So here are the most common types of CBD oil for both pets and humans you'll find.

Full spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD contains all additional cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids found in the cannabis plant. And this includes Delta 9 THCthe chemical compound that contains psychoactive properties.

Full spectrum products will only contain less than 0.3% THC so you don't need to worry about it getting you high. And besides, you're applying the CBD balm to your skin, not ingesting it.

Broad spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum also retains all additional cannabinoids from hemp plants. But it goes through a specific process to eliminate all THC.

Other cbd topicals anti inflammatory properties essential oils cbd oil

This is the perfect option for those looking to use CBD without worrying about testing positive on a drug test. And it still offers all those additional nutrients found in the cannabis plant as well.

CBD isolate

Isolate CBD is just CBD. Not additional cannabinoids from the plant - just pure CBD.

That being said, any product with isolate CBD may also include other ingredients. So you're not necessarily getting only pure CBD. Just be sure to read the label on any products you consider purchasing.

CBD potency

Next, you'll want to look at how much CBD is in the topical formula. For example, our CBD rub topical uses 600 mg of CBD per rub.

So you're really getting the most bang for your buck. But, of course, CBD isn't the only ingredient in our formula.

We also use menthol for an added cooling sensation. And aloe vera to help soothe the skin from any irritation you may be experiencing.

Additional ingredients

Earlier, we mentioned that topical CBD products aren't just made up of only CBD. And it's especially important to look at the additional ingredients used in the case of any allergens or irritants.

CBD gummies peppermint oil lavender oil

Some topicals may use anything from shea butter to avocado oil, coconut oil to essential oils. So if you know your skin to have certain sensitivities to any of those ingredients, you'll want to steer clear.

For the most part though, there are so many different options of products out there. So even if one doesn't work for you, you can easily find another that fits your needs best.

Let CBD do the work for you

As you can see, there are plenty of options of CBD topicals out there. And so the question isn't really, "What can CBD cream do?" but "What can't CBD cream do?"

It's a subtle difference. But with our own lineup of CBD topicals available, we're proud to have put the hemp plant to work for your various needs. 

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