Does Delta 8 Make You High?

does delta 8 make you high

It is said that many people look to Delta 8 THC for pain, anxiety, and a handful of chronic illnesses. But, since Delta 8 is derived from the same cannabis plant that get's people stoned, you may be wondering, "does delta 8 THC make you high?"

Many people interested in Delta 8 or medical marijuana have questions about what Delta 8 THC is, how it differs from Delta 9 THC and CBD, and how it could benefit them.

A good understanding of your options is important to finding the product that's right for you, so if you have questions about Delta 8 THC, you've come to the right place.

Keep reading to learn more about how this helpful cannabinoid works and how it differs from Delta 9. 

What is Delta 8?

Delta 8 is a cannabinoid and close relative to Delta 9 THC (the one that gets you "stoned").

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the chemical in cannabis that produces the psychoactive high we're all familiar with. The most popular form of THC is Delta 9, which is more prominent effects than Delta 8. 

Does Delta 8 Make You High?

Yes, Delta 8 can cause the feeling of being high (it will also show up on a drug test). This is because, just like its cousin Delta 9, Delta 8 is a form of THC, which is an intoxicant. 

However, it's important to understand that a Delta 8 high differs from Delta 9 high in many ways.

What Does A Delta 8 High Feel Like?

Delta 8 is far less potent than Delta 9, meaning that it provides a less intense and more clear headed high. Many users also report that Delta 8 is less likely to cause anxiety or paranoia, a side effect that sometimes comes with Delta 9 marijuana use. 

Common feelings associated with Delta 8 use include boosted mood, euphoria, heightened creativity, and increased energy.

What Can I Use Delta 8 For?

Though it's less potent, Delta 8 comes with many of the same benefits proposed by Delta 9 in medical marijuana.  Because it is less potent than the major form of THC, Delta 8 is used by many people who are looking for a gentle buzz and sense of wellbeing without the effects of full potency medical marijuana.  Be aware that you may be unable to drive if you've taken Delta 8 THC.

Is Delta 8 Legal?

While Delta 8 is its own shaky legal ground, it is federally legal as of 2021. However, many states have begun to ban its use, meaning that you may live in a state where it is prohibited. 

There are additional regulations depending on the state, and most require you to be 18 to purchase Delta 8. Be aware that you may need to present your ID as well.  

Because the legality of Delta 8 is changing in many states, you must check your state's legislation before using it. 

How Do I Use Delta 8?

Delta 8 cannabis can be used in all the same ways as Delta 9 marijuana. How you choose to use Delta 8 is up to you, and you have a few options. 


When using Delta 8 hemp in its flower form, you can smoke it with a water pipe or glass pipe. It's important to note that Delta 8 flower comes with the same powerful scent as typical marijuana, so be mindful of that when using it. 

You can also purchase Delta 8 in a concentrated form that is smoked with a vaping device. This method provides little to no scent and is popular because of its ease, convenience, and discreteness. 


If you aren't able to or interested in smoking, you can also ingest Delta 8. One popular way is to eat it with Delta 8 gummies, which come with standardized amounts of Delta 8 for easy dosing. Keep in mind that it can take between half an hour to two hours for your dose to kick in. 

You can also find Delta 8 tinctures, which contains concentrated Delta 8 oil. Tinctures are usually taken sublingually (under the tongue), a method that will help the dose kick in sooner. Most tinctures can take effect after ten to twenty minutes. 

Should I Use Delta 8 Or Delta 9?

The type of THC you choose to use depends on many different factors. You'll want to consider your comfort with feeling intoxicated, what you are looking to achieve with its use, and what is legal in your state. 

Some users find that Delta 8 is not strong enough or loses its effectiveness over time and prefer to use only Delta 9 THC marijuana. 

Others choose to use Delta 8 simply because it is legal. They can achieve almost all of the same benefits of Delta 9 THC without purchasing it illegally or needing to qualify for a medical marijuana card. 

If you want to use Delta 9 but don't live in a legal state, Delta 8 is the closest experience you'll find. 

Keep in mind that Delta 8 is not better than Delta 9, and vice versa. The best choice is what feels comfortable for you and what your legal options are in your state. 

Exploring The Effects Of Delta 8

Now that you know more about this special cannabinoid, you'll never need to ask "Does Delta 8 make you high?" again!

Delta 8 is quickly gaining traction in the medical and recreational marijuana community, and it's easy to see why. With many of the same benefits of Delta 9 THC but with fewer side effects, Delta 8 is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a gentle high that provides many medical benefits. 

If you're looking for something stronger than CBD, want a less intense high, or don't live in a state where typical marijuana is legal, Delta 8 may be the answer you've been searching for. 

Ready to give Delta 8 a try? Head over to our amazing line of Delta 8 products to find the one that's right for you.

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