4 Ways To Celebrate National CBD Day This August 8, 2023

National CBD Day

August 8th is National CBD Day! That means it's time to celebrate. But how?

At A Glance

  • National CBD Day was initiated in 2018 to spread awareness of CBD's potential benefits and uses
  • Those interested in joining the celebration of CBD may discover new products each year under the hashtag #NationalCBDDay
  • Check your calendar for any local event on August 8 that celebrates CBD like the Delta 8 Expo or the Cannabis Conference
  • Spread awareness by teaching others about CBD's various forms and effects
  • Support your local CBD companies to keep this industry growing and expanding

While everyone celebrates differently, there are a couple of core values that come with this national holiday. These values include everything from spreading awareness of CBD to teaching others about its purported benefits and effects.

With CBD, there's plenty to celebrate. So, keep reading to see how you can get involved!

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History Of National CBD Day

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National CBD Day has only been in rotation for the past few years. In fact, it was only initiated in 2018 as CBD began to take the wellness world by storm.

Plus, The 2018 Farm Bill also played a major role in establishing National CBD Day as it made hemp-derived CBD products containing less than 0.3% THC legal under federal law. 

While many states have adopted similar legal sanctions on CBD oil and the hemp plant, some states retain CBD's illegal status, making it extremely important for users to brush up on state laws while traveling with CBD.

Still, the growing number of CBD users expanded to 14% of the U.S. population by 2019, and that number has only continued to grow today - up to 33% of American adults have reported using CBD once or more!

Suffice it to say that any natural hemp product has become a staple in the world of holistic alternatives as general knowledge of this cannabinoid's potential benefits has continued to spread.

So, how far back can we trace this national day? And who discovered this premium cannabinoid we continue to enjoy and celebrate?

When Was CBD Discovered?

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While National CBD Day wasn't established until 2018, we can trace cannabinoids all the way back to 1940. Roger Adams was the first chemist to successfully isolate cannabidiol from marijuana and hemp plants.

And by 1964, CBD was determined to be non-intoxicating, unlike its fellow cannabinoid THC which is known for its psychoactive effects. Since then, CBD and other cannabinoids involved in medical cannabis have been studied for their potential health benefits.

In fact, a 2015 study found CBD to benefit those suffering from depression and anxiety while a 2019 study analyzed the efficacy of CBD used in clinical trials to treat patients with epilepsy.

Of course, more research is needed to suggest CBD as the ultimate form of treatment for such medical conditions. But the natural relief and recovery individuals have reported experiencing from using CBD tinctures and other products has continued to influence the growing CBD market today.

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How To Celebrate National CBD Day

As with any special occasion, there are plenty of different ways to celebrate. But here are our top 4 ways to join in on the CBD fun and participate with others just as excited about CBD as we are!

#1. Discover New CBD Products With #NationalCBDDay

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By now, life comes with its own hashtag. And the same can be said for #NationalCBDDay!

Feel free to engage with others through this hashtag, whether you're browsing for new CBD products to try or looking to connect with others who share your celebratory spirit.

You may even find some great deals with CBD companies on National CBD Day as they celebrate the cannabinoid that started it all!

#2. Get Together With Other Cannabis Enthusiasts

This year, National CBD Day falls on a Tuesday. But you might be able to find some local events celebrating the legal status of CBD with food, drinks, and more.

Finding a CBD community can connect you with folks who share similar values. And they can even open up your world to the wonders of CBD that you may not have realized before.

Events like the Cannabis Conference or the Delta 8 Expo are perfect for those looking to learn more about the potential advantages CBD has to offer. From scientists to physicians, researchers to industry experts attending such events, you may come away with more knowledge in your head than you had before.

#3. Spread CBD Awareness

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Despite its now legal status, CBD continues to be misrepresented in the media. But days like these offer individuals the perfect opportunity to cite scientific evidence on CBD's purported effects while dismantling the stigma this drug continues to carry.

Besides, you don't have to be an absolute expert on CBD to start a conversation with someone. If you've found a sense of calm from any CBD products consumed, then you have a CBD experience to share with others.

#4. Support Your Local CBD Companies

The CBD industry is growing every single day. But small, local businesses still need your help!

When purchasing any hemp products, make sure the business you shop from provides third-party lab reports for each batch of products they produce. This way, you can rest assured knowing that you're getting the highest quality hemp possible.

FAQs About National CBD Day

Is There A National CBD Month?

Yes! National CBD Month is typically observed throughout January.

Can You Eat CBD Every Day?

Yes! Daily use can be particularly beneficial for those looking to ease daily symptoms such as chronic pain, anxiety, trouble sleeping, and more.

Final Thoughts

At Clean Remedies, CBD is celebrated every day! But we're more than happy to share a national day of celebration with many. 

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