Taking CBD Oil Under Your Tongue: How It Works & Why It's Effective

Why Do You Put CBD Oil Under Your Tongue

Taking CBD oil is like a Choose Your Own Adventure book. After all, there are dozens of different kinds of CBD products out there!

But perhaps the one product that continues to confuse people is a CBD oil tincture. Namely, because it instructs you to take CBD under your tongue.

If you're confused as to why you need to put CBD oil under your tongue, then you've come to the right place. Below, we'll answer all your CBD-under-the-tongue-related questions and put to rest once and for all the reason behind this seemingly silly request on your product bottle.

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What is sublingual administration?

Sublingual administration is actually quite a common technique for taking CBD oil drops. And it involves keeping your tongue raised and placing small drops of CBD oil under the tongue (this goes for pet CBD oil too). 

And no, this isn't a gag (both figuratively and literally). It's actually an incredibly effective way to ensure the process of CBD absorption.

When you apply CBD oil under your tongue, you're allowing CBD to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. So it's not having to travel through any other parts of your body before reaching the endocannabinoid system.

So how exactly is under the tongue a gateway to the bloodstream? Keep reading to find out.

What's under the tongue anyway?

The days of raising your tongue in the mirror to see what's going on might have ended around 7 or 8 years old. But it's worth it to take another look!

The sublingual glands under the tongue are filled with thousands of tiny little capillaries. So placing CBD oil under your tongue allows the CBD to penetrate your blood vessels via those glands.

If you have a medical condition or take certain medications consult a doctor on the potential health benefits of cbd and cannabis

Research has shown that this is the most efficient way to take CBD oil. Plus, it's also a low risk option for those who aren't interested in smoking or vaping.

What sets the sublingual method apart from other methods of taking CBD?

Research has determined that taking a CBD tincture or CBD oil under the tongue is effective and efficient. But what factors are they looking for to make such a claim?

Taking CBD sublingually may increase bioavailability

Bioavailability is a term that describes how much of a particular substance can be effectively utilized by the body. Through different consumption methods, bioavailability differs.

One of the unique parts of the sublingual method is that it completely bypasses the metabolic process of digestion. So essentially, you're getting far more raw CBD than if it was to be metabolized by your liver.

It's worth noting that the only other method with higher bioavailability than sublingual application is inhalation. But again, this poses certain health risks that some users may not feel comfortable taking.

Sublingual tinctures are one of the fastest ways to feel the effects

Because CBD drops under the tongue bypasses the digestive process, the effects of CBD are able to be felt much faster. With direct access to the bloodstream, you may even start to feel the effects of CBD within 10 minutes after consumption.

Those looking for fast effects will definitely want to take CBD oil sublingually. Plus, you lose less CBD this way as opposed to having CBD oils travel through your body.

Aside from effectiveness, sublingual drops are also easy and discreet

One of the best parts of taking CBD oils using the sublingual method is that it's so easy and discreet. Some products have to be prepared, like when you're smoking or vaping CBD.

Additionally, some CBD oils found in CBD rubs may have additional ingredients that leave an odor, albeit a pleasant one. But if you want to absorb CBD discreetly and without making a scene, then using tinctures is the way to go.

Benefits of cannabis are still being researched but all Clean Remedies products are farm bill compliant

No more having to excuse yourself from the room. All you need to do is apply a few drops of as much CBD oil as you want under your tongue and wait.

Sublingual CBD vs. other ways to take CBD

Like we said in the very beginning, there are a number of different ways to take CBD oil, including using a topical CBD rub. But let's see how taking CBD oil under the tongue stacks up against these other consumption methods.

Taking CBD through the digestive system

There's nothing wrong with swallowing CBD oil in food or drink, or even ingesting gummies with delta 9. But just know that this means CBD will have to travel farther through your body in order to be metabolized by your liver.

Taking CBD with food is a popular method and nothing to poo-poo on. But sometimes, users will only start to feel the effects of CBD up to 2 hours after eating.

Other times, it may be as soon as 30 minutes after eating. But if you're looking to have CBD absorbed quickly into your bloodstream, know that there are other faster and more efficient methods available.

Vaping CBD

Inhaling CBD into your lungs offers another quick way to absorb CBD into your bloodstream. But some users prefer not to put their body through the potential health risks that come from smoking or vaping.

Swallowing CBD capsules

CBD oil capsules are unique in that they have a slow release function. So while they're not absorbed directly through the bloodstream, they may offer longer lasting effects than a CBD tincture.

The benefits of taking CBD under the tongue are many though these benefits should be discussed with a medical professional

That being said, there may be other active ingredients present in a capsule, including the many compounds found in the cannabis plant. So it's important to remain informed on what each CBD product includes.

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FAQs about taking CBD oil under the tongue

Can I take CBD oil on an empty stomach?

Yes! Because the sublingual method bypasses the digestive system, there's no need for you to eat before using an oil or tincture.

That being said, you're more than welcome to eat before taking CBD oil, even if sublingually. So it ultimately boils down to personal preference.

If you decide to swallow CBD oil without letting it rest under your tongue, then it will go through your digestive tract. That would be the time to make sure you eat beforehand.

How long do I need to keep my mouth open for the sublingual method?

Typically, you'll want to keep your mouth open or at least have your tongue raised for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This is enough time to allow all CBD to be absorbed through your bloodstream.

That being said, you don't have to keep your mouth open this entire time. If you're able to seal your lips but keep your tongue raised, then you're still accomplishing the sublingual method.

What is a carrier oil in CBD tinctures?

A carrier oil acts as the vehicle to deliver CBD to your system. It essentially helps the CBD go down a lot easier.

Carriers oils can vary from olive oil to coconut oil to MCT oil. So before you dive into any CBD oil or tincture, make sure you know what ingredients are used to avoid any potential allergic reactions.

A cbd product may or may not contain thc depending on the type of cbd you purchase for example full spectrum cbd will contain trace amounts of thc

For the most part, these carrier oils are meant to be gentle on the system. Any remaining oil left after holding your tongue up should be swallowed, so these oils are used with that in mind.

How much CBD should I take sublingually?

Typically, a CBD tincture or oil will come in a bottle with its own dropper. That dropper will have its own measurements to make sure you get a precise amount of CBD.

For our customers, we recommend starting with 1/4 of the dropper. When you're just getting into CBD, it's important to start with a low amount.

Then, you can gradually increase from there. Droppers make this process particularly easier because of their precise measurements. So you can make sure you know just how much CBD you're getting each time.

The bottom line

Hopefully by now, placing CBD under your tongue seems more like an efficient method of delivery rather than a silly request. There is evidence behind its efficacy and efficiency.

So no, you're not just being fooled by companies who wish to joke around. Instead, these instructions on the CBD bottle label have your best interests in mind.

Not only can you increase the bioavailability of your CBD. But you can use it discreetly throughout the day and experience the effects faster than any other consumption method.

At Clean Remedies, CBD makes us feel inspired with the various ways we can utilize the power of the hemp plant. And with that in mind, we're proud to be delivering those products to you.

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