How Long Does CBD Oil Stay In Your System?

While this is a pervasive question, it is also not particularly easy to answer. There are a multitude of variables for each individual that will determine precisely how long Cannabidiol (CBD) will stay in your system. For example, body fat content will dramatically affect how long your body will retain the metabolites of cannabinoids. Since this is not the most straightforward question to answer, we want to first approach it by breaking it into two separate issues, as we hypothesize that those asking this question will be doing so for two different purposes. 

Thus, it is logical to break the people asking this question into separate categories and then focus on what we think they are trying to answer. The first group of people may be asking this question because they are anxious about coming up for a false positive on a drug test for marijuana. The general rule regarding drug testing and CBD is that it is almost impossible legally for vendors to officially guarantee that their product will result in a negative drug screen. There are too many variables that the vendor cannot foresee or control to enable them to make that claim without needlessly risking liability. Even though CBD can be effectively separated from other cannabinoids, including THC, many of the most diehard consumers prefer full-spectrum hemp extract for various reasons. Mainly they maintain that something called 'the entourage effect' occurs when all major cannabinoids are consumed together that results in a wellness benefit more considerable than the sum of its mere parts. Broad-spectrum THC was synthesized to specifically meet the concern of false positives on drug tests or to meet other legitimate reasons that consumers might have an aversion to THC. Broad-spectrum THC has all the cannabinoids, except it has THC removed to the extent scientifically possible. Even these formulations still contain trace amounts of marijuana's psychoactive ingredient.

Will CBD Cause A False Positive On A Drug Test?

While it may be impossible to remove THC altogether from hemp extract with current extraction methods, which are primarily mainly carbon-based solvent or C02 based methods, CBD vendors come exceedingly close with the broad-spectrum product for consumers who have elevated concerns about false positives on a drug test. Some may be federal employees, airline pilots, surgeons, or law enforcement personnel, and some may follow a lifestyle or program that requires aversion to psychoactive substances. Therefore, out of extreme caution, no CBD vendors will likely say that they can guarantee that you will pass a drug test if you take their product. However, you may be confused that you see products marked 0% THC. You can trust these readings if a certificate of analysis backs them because most labs will not be able to measure THC if it is less than 199 parts per million. This is an absurdly low level, so people generally agree that it is ‘close enough for government work’ to label something with less than 0.000199% THC labeled as 0% THC. The legal limit is 1500 times higher than any product that is correctly labeled as having 0% THC will contain.  

This brings us to a significant secondary query about CBD. How long does it stay in your system? As we mentioned above, this is dependent on numerous factors that are highly unique to each individual's genetics, health, and habits.  

Unfortunately, many false and erroneous claims are used by vendors in the nascent legal market for hemp extract/Cannabidiol oil. It is essential as a consumer seeking health supplements always to conduct appropriate research; more than you would when following a prescription from a doctor. It is imperative still to do your homework when beginning to take a new supplement, and it is even more critical to make sure your physician is looped in and involved in this decision. There are potential interactions with medications and other side effects from CBD of which consumers should be aware. Always only select CBD from a reputable vendor that sources from USDA certified organic hemp producers and only vendors that can provide evidence of lab testing. If you'd like to purchase CBD from a vendor who meets these standards, click here.

We realize this was a hard answer to get to that included a lot of disclaimers. Generally, though, most CBD users can expect the compound to remain in their bloodstream for 3-5 days from occasional use, and 7-10 days for those that use it consistently. This, of course, varies dramatically based on individual characteristics, the quality, and quantity of hemp extract consumed, and other behavioral and environmental factors.

How Long Do The Effects Of CBD Last?

Like with many other products, the higher the quality, the longer the product will last. If you follow the guidelines that are usually recommended on the tincture or supplement you have purchased, the effects should last about 2-6 hours. 

Everyone's body is unique and metabolized things at a different pace. If you want more insight into the unique aspects of why and how your organization might metabolize cannabidiol, you could always consult a nutritionist in addition to your physician and get them to conduct a micronutrient test. This will give you a more nuanced and accurate, as well as customized, framework to assess how your body, in particular, will retain, metabolize and excrete cannabidiol and other compounds from hemp extract. The most important thing to remember is that CBD should never be used to treat any condition or cure any disease. It should be taken as a vitamin supplement and only after you have consulted medical professionals!

Always select quality CBD products that have a Certificate of Analysis (COA) included. The veterans of the wellness community tend to prefer Full-spectrum and broad-spectrum CBD, primarily because of the beneficial 'entourage effect' and the increased bioavailability of these formulas. Don’t you think it's time for you to see for yourself what all the hype and crazy is about with CBD? Like many other customers, you will likely find it is no hype at all, and integrating this excellent substance into your routine will provide tangible and noticeable benefits.  

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