What Are The Six Dimensions Of Wellness?

What Are The Six Dimensions Of Wellness

At Clean Remedies, we're always focused on wellness. In fact, that's the very reason why we exist!

But not too many people know that there are actually six dimensions of wellness to consider. The National Wellness Institute promotes these six dimensions of wellness as a way to engage with your personal responsibility.

And make for a more successful existence. Curious to learn more?

Then keep reading to learn about the six dimensions of wellness. And how you can start implementing them into your everyday life.

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#1. Emotional wellness

Emotional wellness refers to the evolving process of self-examination. It includes the ability to express one's feelings, engage in satisfying relationships, and understand one's limitations.

When put into practice, emotional wellness can help you cope effectively with stress. And take in life's challenges with optimism and enthusiasm.

The national wellness institute cites that helping professions have become more popular with a focus on wellness

Practicing emotional wellness

There are plenty of daily habits that can help you practice and expand your emotional wellness. But here are a couple of points to sum it up:

  • Spending time with loved ones (including furry friends with a side of pet CBD)
  • Having a more positive world view
  • Taking time to yourself with a CBD rub to boost your self-esteem

#2. Occupational wellness

Occupational wellness refers to the personal satisfaction and enrichment one feels through their life's work. While it may sound like it's only focused on professional development, it has a lot to do with community too.

When you follow a career path that is consistent with your personal values, you engage in an enriching process. It may be easy to sit at a desk with no connection to community whatsoever, but it's ultimately unrewarding and uninvolved. 

Practicing occupational wellness

On the other hand, occupational wellness encourages us to engage with work that brings us a holistic sense of peace. Here are some tenets to keep in mind:

  • Work can actually be enriching to our health and lifestyle
  • It is interconnected with community, play, and social well being
  • It is related to environment wellness, i.e. occupying a pleasant and stimulating environment that supports your wellbeing

#3. Physical wellness

Physical wellness encompasses all that has to do with physical health. This means eating well, exercising regularly, and exercising self control over harmful habits.

Co-founder of the national wellness institute created this interdependent model

Complete physical wellness may look different to everyone. But it ultimately boils down to the active process of engaging with healthy living practices.

This means engaging in physical activity and listening to your body when it needs a rest. So if you hear those delta 9 gummies calling, consider how they may contribute to your physical wellbeing.

Practicing physical wellness

When combined with an encompassing lifestyle focused on wellness, physical health can give you more energy and endurance. That's why from a physical standpoint, it's important to maintain the following:

  • Get enough sleep
  • Find joy through regular exercise
  • Eat whole foods that support your overall health

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#4. Social wellness

Social wellness has to do with your connection to others and generally contributing back to your community. These interpersonal connections are basic components to both your physical and emotional health.

Though many don't seem to view it that way. But when you cultivate a strong support network, your life and environment are so much more fulfilling and rich.

Wellness is a conscious self directed process to achieve your full potential

Practicing social wellness

There are plenty of ways to develop a strong network of friends and family. Here are a couple of ways you can start to get involved:

  • Maintain regular contact with loved ones
  • Get involved in your community while giving back to others
  • Handle conflict in a healthy and respectful way

#5. Intellectual wellness

Intellectual wellness is about expanding your knowledge and stimulating your mental capacity. It ties into an ongoing journey with personal growth.

But can also mean seeking out problem-solving endeavors. (And no, we don't just mean Wordle.)

Practicing intellectual wellness

There's so much in life to learn. And maintaining a sense of curiosity is a great way to stimulate your mental view of the world while contributing to your overall well being.

  • Learn something new just for the sake of learning
  • Pursue hobbies outside of your occupation
  • Keep abreast of current events and issues to stimulate your mental faculties

#6. Spiritual wellness

Spiritual wellness doesn't just refer to organized religion. Instead, it involves exploring principles, beliefs, and values that give your life meaning.

Spirituality can mean very different things

Most, if not all, spiritual philosophies tend to center around the core tenets of love, compassion, forgiveness, joy, and altruism. So when you think of spiritual well being, think of it as living in a way that's consistent with your unique world view.

Practicing spiritual wellness

Spirituality can be found in everything you do. Here are a couple of ways to nurture your spiritual side:

  • Understand and live out your values and beliefs
  • Set aside time each day for personal reflection to discover what gives your life meaning
  • Be tolerant of others with differing views and view life as a learning experience

Meeting your full potential wellness

Wellness, mindfully focusing on one's well being, there are a million ways to view it. What matters within the six dimensions of wellness is your willingness to explore your unique gifts.

And create a sense of peace within yourself and the world around you. And it's important to keep in mind that wellness is not merely the absence of stress or negativity.

It's understanding how to deal effectively with it. Because these dimensions of wellness aren't here to negate the fact that negative experiences are simply a part of life.

Instead, they are challenges with lessons to be learned. And at Clean Remedies, we're here to support your well being always. 

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