9 Best CBD Drinks Of 2023

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CBD infused beverages can be anything from a drink mix to energy drinks, CBD water to a CBD infused tea bag. And with so many CBD seltzers out there, it can be difficult to know where to start.

Lucky for you, we've compiled the best CBD sparkling waters and CBD cocktails below to start you on your CBD drink journey. So get ready to learn about the highest quality CBD drinks out there and take your other drinks to the next level.

#1. Clean Remedies

Here at Clean Remedies, we strive to give you the best products with hemp CBD that you can easily incorporate into your daily routine. And our newly added CBD drink products are just another testament to those efforts.

CBD drinks work lemon lime honeycrisp apple basil

Delta 8 THC Pixie Dust

Call us nostalgic, but we miss those Pixie Stiks we used to eat as kids. Well now, we've added Delta 8 THC Pixie Dust to our lineup of CBD products.

So you can get that Delta 8 into your system. And all while taking a stroll down memory lane.

You can sprinkle about 1/2 a teaspoon of our pixie dust on your tongue and swallow. Or even add it to your favorite drink.

Delta 9 THC Pixie Dust

If you've got a CBD regimen down, then you know that Delta 8 is much gentler than Delta 9. But just in case you want a stronger choice, we're here to offer you our Delta 9 THC Pixie Dust.

Our unique formula is fast absorbing and water soluble. So you can soak up full spectrum CBD and Delta 9 all in one swig or sprinkle.

Plus, our Dragonfruit Punch flavor will make this your new favorite. And it's perfect for summer!

Delta 8 Drink Mix

Rounding out our CBD-infused beverages is our Delta 8 Mix. This sweet and slightly tart CBD extract drink is low on sugar, making this the perfect indulgent drink for these hot months ahead.

CBD waters may offer wellness benefits but consult your doctor if you are taking any prescription medications or have a serious medical condition

So you can go around sipping on CBD infused water all summer long. Our commitment to third party lab testing and clean practices also give us the title of "Best CBD Drinks."

Because at the end of the day, you want CBD products you can trust, right? So feel free to peruse our selection of CBD drinks, CBD topical rubs, and more while adding some refreshing flavors to your everyday life.

#2. Recess Hemp

Another company making a splash in the CBD drinks scene is none other than Recess Hemp. With slogans like "Calm, cool, collected," and "Not tired, not wired," it's easy to see their appeal.

CBD-Infused Drinks

Recess understands that sometimes, you want your CBD infused drink to have a little bit of a kick. A bubbly kick, that is.

That's why they stock a collection of CBD drinks that are all sparkling water infused with CBD and hemp extract. Their zero-proof "margarita" is the perfect example of a CBD beverage that's a great non-alcoholic alternative.

Using broad spectrum hemp extract, american ginseng, and lemon balm, this drink knows how to milk that industrial hemp. (But just to be clear, this CBD beverage contains no dairy.)

Lemon lime artificial flavors distinct flavors

Recess Powder

If you're looking for stick packs rather than already-made CBD drinks, then Recess has got you covered too. Their three-in-one super blend combines magnesium, adaptogens, and electrolytes.

So you can take any drink or beverage to the next level. Pretty impressive, don't you think?

#3. Vybes CBD Tea

Are you more of a tea person than coffee person? Then you'll love what Vybes has to offer in terms of CBD drinks.

Dissolvable CBD powder

Those that are looking for a supplemental dietary product will love Vybes' dissolvable CBD powder. Its fast-acting formula offers 2,000mg of tasteless CBD.

And you can easily dissolve it into any cold or hot beverage. Perfect for any time of year.

Adaptogenic tonics

Vybes knows how to pack a punch with hemp CBD. But they also offer adaptogenic tonics filled with Ashwaganda, Rhodiola, Elderberry, and Zinc.

Potential benefits of CBD include possible health benefits though CBD is not intended to diagnose treat or cure any medical conditions

These powerful formulations know how to tackle specific needs. So go ahead and browse everything this brand has to offer.

CBD beverages

With dozens of flavors to choose from, you'll love just browsing through their CBD drinks catalog. Seriously, they have everything from Blood Orange Lime to Blueberry Mint, Peach Ginger to Ginger Lemonade.

So not only will you get to go on a CBD journey. You'll get to experience a flavor journey as well!

#4. Zolt Mixie Sticks

Zolt is committed to offering plant-powered superdrinks that are functional mixes for both your mood, mind, and body. Plus, their specially formulated CBD powder mixes make it easy to pinpoint exactly what you want to target.

Specially formulated CBD powders

Their "Focus" formulations offer powders with both CBD isolate and full spectrum CBD. While their "Immunity" powders offer full spectrum CBD and even a collagen boost in one.

Browsing through their catalog, it's clear to see just how creative they've gotten with the hemp plant. So you can consume CBD in ways that are specially formulated to tackle your needs.

Zero sugar lemon lime

#5. Mary Joe CBD Cold Brew

How many cups of Mary Joe coffee can you have? Well, their instructions say to begin with 1 TSP. But it's so yummy, you'll have to resist going back for more!

Coffee with Broad Spectrum CBD

Their hemp infused instant coffee combines broad spectrum CBD with African and Latin American coffee blends. So you can expect a sweet, clean, and balanced cup of your morning coffee.

Besides, with CBD, you won't experience nearly as many caffeine jitters as before. So you can help your system get back on its feet.

Real fruit lemon lime proprietary blend pain relief natural ingredients

Water soluble CBD

In case coffee isn't your jam, they also stock water soluble CBD. Formulated like CBD tinctures, you can drop this broad spectrum CBD oil directly under your tongue just like you would with pet CBD

Or add it to your favorite drinks and beverages like it's a CBD syrup. So, what makes CBD drinks good? You'll find out in just one little bottle of this broad spectrum hemp.

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#6. Cloud Water CBD Drinks

Cloud Water offers both sparkling CBD drinks and immunity beverages. So you can feel like you're walking on a cloud - made of CBD water, that is.

Hemp Clouds

Their Hemp Cloud Water collection offers a variety of different flavors. And each beverage offered is 100% THC-free.

So those looking for no intoxicating side effects can join in on the CBD fun. If that's not inclusive, we don't know what is.

Enjoy CBD beverages in flavors such as pomegranate hibiscus fruit punch peak blossom valerian root and more

You can pour this beverage over ice, mix it in a cocktail, make popsicles, pair it with pizza, you name it. Plus, their 100% environmentally conscious recyclable packaging makes this THC-free CBD drink all the more appealing.

Immunity Clouds

Vitamin D and Zinc are the stars of their immunity drinks. So just in case you're wanted a little variation from CBD, consider these beverages as well.

Not only do they come in fun flavors like Grapfruit & Mint & Basil and Blackberry Lemon & Rosemary. But their design is also too cute to resist!

(Admit it. You've fallen victim to a product's design simply because you wanted to grace your Instagram grid with it. We've all been there...)

#7. Mad Tasty

Sparkling water on its own can be refreshing and invigorating. But when combined with CBD, these beverages will easily become your new favorite. After all, they're Mad Tasty.

Proprietary blend artificial ingredients low sugar heavy metals

Sparkling water

Sometimes when you drink CBD water, it's packed full of artificial sweeteners and sugar. But that's not the case with these cans.

These sparkling water beverages are made with 0 sugar and 20 mg of broad spectrum hemp extract. Each can is less than 15 calories.

And their clean formulas are meant to offer you a restorative and hydrating beverage. All without trying to mask the hemp flavor.

Plus, flavors like Watermelon Kiwi, Yuzu Citrus, Unicorn Tears, and Grapefruit just add to the fun. (Admit it - you're dying to know what Unicorn Tears taste like.)

Wellness boost

Need a little CBD boost without a whole beverage to chug? Then you'll love Mad Tasty's wellness boost shots in flavors such as Mango Ginger and Citrus Elderberry.

These 2 oz bottles are packed with 50 mg broad spectrum hemp extract. Well, that and the likes of vitamin C and other electrolytes.

These holistic wellness boost bottles greet your digestive system lovingly when you're looking to replenish and recover. Whether it's after a workout, or simply when you're trying to power through an afternoon slump.

Caffeine free gluten free unique flavors

#8. Miraflora Naturals

All Miraflora Naturals products are made with organic full spectrum CBD. Grown in the Rockies, this company's products are always backed by science and blended with ingredients you can pronounce.

Plus, they also stock CBD gummies. So you know they've got a good hold on the CBD industry wants. 

Specially formulated CBD drinks

With specially formulated CBD drinks, you can tackle just about anything. So let's take a look at what exactly these drink recipes have to offer.


Their Sparkling CBD Beverage+Balance drinks are meant to offer you a sense of calm, focus, and bliss. This beverage option is low in calories and contains no sugar.

Instead, it's packed with 35 mg of hemp flower extract, plus vitamins and minerals. You'll love the various flavors they have to offer like Tuscan Blood Orange and Lemon Lime.

Whether you're looking for something refreshing. Or simply something with just the right amount of sweetness.

Gluten free sweet reason chronic pain added sugar


Miraflora's Sparkling CBD Beverage+Relax takes the edge off. And allows you a healthy way to unwind.

With full spectrum hemp extract, ashwagandha, L-theanine, and chamomile, this can of goodness brings a lot of calm with it. And that's not all.

These additional antioxidants help to boost your immunity. And all without any sugar added. Simply sip on this 5-calorie drink and enjoy your daily chill.


Need a drink that will help you reach your peak? Then try their Miraflora+Sport Sparkling Drink. 35 mg of full spectrum CBD make an appearance alongside amino acids and coconut water.

How much CBD you consume depends on a variety of factors but always start small with cbd then work your way up

This makes it the perfect low-calorie post-workout drink. And it can even help your muscles and joints recover faster so you can go further next time.

Additionally, it contains tons of electrolytes and antioxidants. So you can recover with no sugar added and enjoy the hydrating effects of this unique CBD drink.

#9. Sträva

We get it. Sometimes, you just need a little bit of caffeine to help perk you up. But Sträva helps you take that to a whole new level by introducing CBD into your morning cup of joe.

CBD coffee pods

The variety of products that Sträva manages to stock is pretty impressive. With coffee pods, tinctures, and various coffee blends, you'll have a hard time choosing which product you want to try first.

Their Medium Roast coffee is a great choice for those looking to cut down caffeine jitters. But still introduce the strength of CBD to their morning cup.

Daily dose mg cbd stress levels gluten free gluten free

Infused with organic broad spectrum hemp cannabinoids, this coffee contains natural CBD, CBG, and more. And each 12oz bag makes 25 servings of coffee - so you can depend on their roasts lasting you quite some time.

And for those who want to cut out caffeine altogether, they even offer Decaf too! There really is something for everybody at Sträva.

Wrapping up

While CBD drinks may be relatively new, there are plenty of trustworthy companies working to bring you the very best. Whether you like coffee, tea, punch, or water, there are options for you everywhere.

So go ahead and explore! Plenty of CBD brands will welcome you with open arms.

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Clean Remedies is a woman-owned, independent family business that uses USDA Certified Organic Hemp Extract to create products that are free from harmful chemicals, cruelty-free, and made in the USA, meant to benefit your well being and meet our own high standards of efficacy. For CBD facts, product discounts, and more, follow us on InstagramFacebookYouTubeLinkedIn, and Pinterest.

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