Understanding The Wellness Wheel

What Is A Wellness Wheel

At Clean Remedies, we take wellness seriously. No really, just look at our past blog posts on the various dimensions of wellness we've delved into.

But we also understand that visualizing wellness can be a little bit difficult. That's why we're here to introduce you to the wellness wheel.

This simple wellness model can help you in so many different areas of your life. So let's get to it and also take a look at how CBD and even CBG can contribute to a healthy lifestyle as well!

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A wellness wheel explained

A wellness wheel is a visual representation of the seven (or eight) dimensions of wellness. (The number of dimensions varies depending on who you're asking.)

But it serves to show you visually how to resolve conflicts, reduce stress, and stimulate growth practice in the different aspects of your life. And what's better yet is that anybody can create their own wellness wheel.

You don't need to consult a professional (although you're more than welcome to). But if you simply want to take a look at how you've been living life, then a wellness wheel is the perfect wellness model for you to explore.

The seven dimensions of a wellness wheel

Below are the seven dimensions of wellness that you can incorporate into your wellness wheel. (We'll also touch on a bonus dimension for those that are interested.)

#1. Physical wellness

Physical wellness seems like an easy concept to grasp. But many confuse it with physical health, i.e. daily physical activity, attention to medical care, and eating a balanced nutritional diet, and more.

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Physical health is absolutely important - we're not saying otherwise. Between a balanced diet and maintaining a healthy weight, you can do great things for your body.

But physical wellness also acknowledges that good health comes from having a healthy relationship with your body. This means not pushing yourself past your limits when exercising.

Not beating yourself up for looking a certain way. When health and wellness are combined, you're more likely to experience personal satisfaction while also taking the time to invest in your own self care.

For example, let's say you just went on an intense run and now your muscles are asking for a little TLC. Massaging on some of our CBD topical rub is the perfect way to give back to your body while nurturing your physical wellness.

#2. Emotional wellness

Emotional wellness similarly has to do with one's overall health. But it's more so focused on living a balanced life where one acknowledges their feelings and develops methods for coping effectively.

To be emotionally stable may look different to everyone. Some may find that going to therapy helps their self-development while others find that occupying a calm home environment feeds their inner soul.

Either way, a wellness wheel asks you to spend time on your mental health and emotional health. That way, you can develop appropriate stress management techniques while appreciating the positive thoughts you've learned to cultivate.

#3. Spiritual wellness

Many people tend to confuse spiritual wellness with religion. And while there are no limitations to what spiritual wellness may hold, the main intent behind it is developing meaningful relationships with something bigger than yourself.

Wellness comes in different forms

In essence, spirituality is about discovering a sense of purpose and meaning within your life. And it is extremely important to your overall wellness and leading a happy life.

#4. Social wellness

Social wellness has to do with our healthy relationships to others. Engaging with friends, family, and other loved ones is tantamount to our optimal health.

And it can even help contribute to our sense of personal safety as well as personal satisfaction. On the wellness wheel, this area may examine your connection to community, building boundaries for your own well-being, and whether you are occupying pleasant and healthy relationships.

All of this is to say that your social health plays a great role in how you may lead a healthy life. So share some delta 9 gummies with friends or be out in nature with the ones you love. 

#5. Occupational wellness

On the wellness wheel, occupational wellness has to do with your job satisfaction. Are you occupying a role where your creative abilities are able to flourish?

Are you able to expand knowledge in the workplace while being generally free to explore your other interests? Are your organization skills being put to the test through new challenges that are always enrichment derived?

These are the kinds of questions wellness wheels will ask of you. Because each dimension of this wellness model contributes to your overall mental health and well-being.

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#6. Environmental wellness

Environmental wellness has to do with where you are physically spending your time. Are you occupying stimulating environments that have your mental health and well-being in mind?

Or is your space cluttered, making you more anxious and unsettled? Making small changes to the physical space around you can do wonders for your overall well being.

#7. Intellectual wellness

Lastly on the wellness wheel is intellectual wellness. Our intellectual wellness has to do with our critical thinking skills.

Nurture your intellect with wellness activities

Nurturing your intellect may be as simple as doing brain teasers or learning new hobbies that you find interesting. All in all, intellectual wellness focuses on how to make a lifelong learner out of all of us.

Bonus: Financial wellness

Sometimes, a wellness wheel will also include financial wellness. And in this day and age, we feel it's not only responsible but important to address the financial aspect of our personal health.

You may find that making a financial plan can help you achieve your financial goals. Or maybe even the act of evaluating your finances is enough to set you on a path of self-reflection.

Why use a wellness wheel?

A wellness wheel can be used in many different ways. And there's no one right way of using it.

For goal setting

Many look at a wellness wheel as a visual starter for goal settings. Once you're able to evaluate various dimensions of your life, you may identify certain goals you would like to achieve and how.

For self-reflection and self-exploration

Perhaps you've been wanting to reflect on how you spend your time and who you spend your time with. A wellness wheel can offer you such feedback in an organized way, literally mapping out the various dimensions of your life.

Use CBD to incorporate a wellness routine into your everyday life

To identify areas of improvement

What is life if not the continual pursuit to improve it? A wellness wheel can help you identify areas in need of some extra love and care.

It can be as simple as incorporating a CBD routine with CBD oil in your everyday life to make for some "me time." Or discovering a new hobby to stimulate your creative abilities.

The bottom line

Ultimately, a wellness wheel is here to help you reflect. It offers you a visual way to explore the various aspects of your life.

And discover new ways of enriching your involvement whether in community, with family, or with yourself. So use a wellness wheel today to start taking back your time and finding what makes you truly happy and fulfilled!

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