What Is CBD Water And How Does It Work?

What Is CBD Water

When you think of CBD, you may think of CBD gummies, pet CBD oil, or CBD rubs. But CBD water? What's that?

As one of the newest products to hit the stands, CBD water has become increasingly popular and is taking users by storm. And CBD beverages are becoming a part of the ongoing mix that is the CBD community.

So, what can you expect from drinking CBD water? And can you go swimming in a pool full of CBD water too?

(That was a trick just to see if you were paying attention! And no, we don't recommend swimming in CBD water, FYI...)

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Your typical CBD water

Okay, maybe there's nothing "typical" about CBD water. But you get the gist of it...

You know that CBD is a compound found in hemp or cannabis plants. And you know that water is, well, water.

So naturally, CBD water contains both CBD and water by combining CBD particles with a liquid base. In this case, water.

Manufacturers have been newly toying with this CBD product, claiming that drinking CBD water allows for the CBD to be easily absorbed by the body. Essentially offering you faster effects when ingesting CBD.

So, how is this relevant to us here at Clean Remedies? We never thought you'd ask...

Clean Remedies' CBD drink mixes

You may have noticed that a couple of our newest CBD products hop along this CBD water bandwagon. And for good reason.

Our lab tested Delta 8 Drink Mix may not necessarily fall under the exact definition of CBD water. But it certainly falls under the umbrella category of CBD infused drinks

And with our unique Dragon Fruit Punch flavor, you'll feel like you're sipping on a Kool-Aid. An adult Kool-Aid, that is.

CBD water may offer potential health benefits and wellness benefits including relieving chronic pain and more like CBD living water

All you need to do to enjoy this CBD drink mix is mix 3 teaspoons with 6-8 oz of water. Then, stir or shake well. How easy is that?

It's also important for us to point out that while this blog post is specifically about CBD water, our product contains Delta 8 THC. So it may produce psychoactive effects whereas other CBD waters may not, depending on the type of CBD used. (More on that later!)

How is CBD infused water made?

While our product offers you the drink mix, most CBD companies are offering CBD infused water. AKA the finished product.

Now, if you've ever tried to add hemp derived CBD oil to your water, you know how homogenized oil floats. That's why CBD infused water uses microscopic droplets of CBD so that the water molecules are more likely to interact with any CBD around it.

For this reason, it's best to buy CBD water rather than try to make it yourself. Just to ensure that the complicated process goes smoothly and gives you a high quality product at the end of it.

You can DIY plenty of other things. But when it comes to CBD water, it's best to leave it to companies who work closely with labs.

How is CBD water different from CBD oil?

Obviously, one is oil and one is water. But when it comes to the efficacy of both, there's not necessarily one clear winner. Some scientific studies have shown that water may improve the bioavailability of CBD.

And this means CBD water may offer more potency than CBD oil alone. But more research is needed on this front.

Certain medicinal properties may accompany CBD water in flavors like green rush though more scientific research is needed according to the world health organization

Additionally, drinking CBD allows your body to absorb the compound faster than through food. So if you're looking for faster effects, this may be a better option for you than edibles or even delta 9 gummies.

Ultimately, it boils down to personal preference and even geography. While most states have made CBD legal, THC is still on the fence at the federal level, meaning that laws may vary across state lines.

So as you explore this new product, always be sure to double check your local laws and make sure you are compliant with them. It can be easy to get swept away in the excitement of it all, but remember to keep grounded and know your surroundings.

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Types of CBD water

While all CBD is derived from the cannabis or hemp plant, there are various types of CBD that you'll see in products out there. Here's how they all stack up amongst each other:

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Full spectrum CBD water

Full spectrum CBD water will contain all other compounds found in the hemp plant, meaning other cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids. This also means it may contain small traces of THC as well.

But never any more than 0.3% THC as is federally legal. With these extra compounds, CBD is subject to the entourage effect, essentially boosting its efficacy.

In case this isn't quite your cup of tea (or water), there are other forms of CBD water out there for you to choose from. So let's keep going!

Broad spectrum CBD water

Broad spectrum CBD water is similar to full spectrum since it contains additional compounds found in the hemp or marijuana plant. But broad spectrum CBD water will contain no THC whatsoever.

Broad spectrum is a perfect option for those looking to indulge in water and CBD. But without any of the psychoactive effects that THC brings to the table.

CBD isolate water

CBD isolate is pure CBD with no additional compounds or cannabinoids. While you may lose out on the entourage effect, some prefer infusing water with just CBD alone.

Look for a grapefruit warning especially if on other prescription drugs for blood pressure and look up more information at national conference for potential benefits of CBD

So it really does boil down to personal preference. That being said, with all of these various types of CBD water, how much CBD water you ingest will also influence the effects you experience.

Obviously, the more CBD water you ingest, the more likely you are to experience its effects. And as CBD gets stored in your fat molecules, your body weight will also influence how much CBD you need to experience its effects.

In general, as with both water and food infused with CBD - even CBD rubs, it's always best to start with a small amount. Then, gradually increase from there.

What are the potential benefits of CBD water?

While CBD water is still relatively new, there is a reason it's been quick to make its mark as a staple of the wellness niche. That being said, all of these claims still fall within the potential realm of possibility and should not be taken as definitive claims.

It may relieve migraines

CBD is known to possess certain anti-inflammatory properties. So as they interact with the various receptors in your endocannabinoid system, it is possible that those who suffer from migraines may experience temporary relief.

That being said, hydration is also an important factor in preventing migraines from occurring in the first place. So it is also likely that CBD water tackles such symptoms by virtue of hydrating your body.

CBD water may promote heart health

Some preliminary evidence has suggested that consuming CBD - whether in water or in food - may help to lower blood pressure. Which, by extension, may improve one's overall cardiovascular health.

In studies air exposure and light caused CBD water to degrade though a big benefit of this product may offer the same benefits as other anti-inflammatory drinks but do not use suntan lotion to shield CBD water from light

More studies are needed on this front to properly back this claim. But it's significant to note that this is still a potential benefit that CBD water may provide.

It may relieve muscle soreness after a workout

After a workout, you're likely scrambling for any water you can find in view. And water that includes CBD may amplify the effects of hydration while also offering certain anti-inflammatory effects.

Sore muscles are a given after a workout. But by ingesting CBD after the fact, you may be able to help your muscles heal at a more beneficial pace while simultaneously hydrating your body with water.

CBD water may improve anxiety

We mentioned earlier that CBD binds to certain receptors in your endocannabinoid system. And some of those receptors are directly linked to your brain's cortisol levels.

Studies suggest that ingesting CBD may influence the way the body perceives stress, potentially easing that receptor. And directing towards the production of serotonin.

Of course, all of these claims are still up in the air and not to be taken as a definitive claim. So if you are curious about CBD water, always consult a medical professional especially if you are taking any other medications that may interact with CBD.

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The bottom line

CBD water is certainly catching the eye of many. Because, after all, it's the new kid on the block!

Everyone wants to get to know it or see what it has to offer. And while that curiosity is all good and fun, it's important to remember that it is still a relatively new product to hit the stands.

So as you venture forth exploring what this new product has to offer, remember to take it slow. Even our drink mixes allow you to choose exactly how much you want to include in your drink or not.

Ultimately, we here at Clean Remedies always have your best interests in mind. 

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