7 Best Melatonin Alternatives & Natural Sleep Aids

Best Melatonin Alternatives For A Good Night's Sleep

Can you even remember a time when you could fall asleep with ease? Or have those days just completely passed you by? If so, you're definitely not alone as sleep disorders are actually much more common than you think.

Our Top Melatonin-Free Sleep Aids

  • Best Overall: CBD

  • Best For Restorative Sleep: Valerian Root

  • Best For Disrupted Sleep: Glycine

  • Best For Good Quality Sleep: Magnesium

  • Best For Insomnia: Lavender

Luckily, restful sleep is not entirely unattainable. And we're not talking about prescription sleeping pills here.

So, are you interested in learning how you can get a restful night's sleep without the help of prescription sleep aids? That might also be a little gummy too?

Then keep reading to find the best dietary supplements for improved sleep health out there. And maybe you can manage to stay asleep too!

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What is melatonin?

We say melatonin all the time like we know what we're talking about. But most people don't know that melatonin is a naturally occurring hormone that your body already produces.

That's right. Just like the smell of lavender or a particular lullaby from childhood, melatonin tells our brains and our bodies that it's time to sleep.

The melatonin cycle typically follows a rise in the evening and a fall in the morning. But that's not to say that folks haven't experienced daytime sleepiness every now and again.

That's where melatonin supplements come into play.

What are melatonin supplements?

Whenever the melatonin cycle gets disrupted - say with jet lag or even just poor sleep - melatonin supplements have been recommended to help you fall asleep or simply aid sleep problems or sleep disturbances.

So, yes. Melatonin can certainly act as a quality sleep aid for you or shift workers who are treating insomnia or having trouble falling asleep.

Just like a CBD rub can be used as an alternative to Advil or Tylenol. 

But if you feel groggy from that over-the-counter stuff, consider a natural supplement like the ones we list below.

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Great melatonin alternatives for a good night's sleep

These natural supplements can help you get that REM sleep you've been dreaming out (literally). So get the sleep time you need and deserve!

#1. CBD

You may have given up on a good night's sleep. But CBD surely hasn't!

Our Sleep and Soothe gummies are infused with Full Spectrum Hemp Extract as well as L-Theanine. Together, these natural remedies are here to induce relaxation, acting as a perfect melatonin alternative.

And you may even fall asleep faster with their help. These gummies are also handcrafted and flavored with natural juices, unlike your typical melatonin supplement.

So you'll not only induce drowsiness. But you'll be lulled to sleep with the sweet taste of raspberry on your tongue.


  • Third-party lab tested

  • In compliance with the Federal Farm Bill

  • Full Spectrum CBD

  • No artificial colors or flavors

  • May help you get some sound sleep

#2. Valerian root extract

Maybe you've heard of valerian root before when it's used to treat symptoms of anxiety, depression, or menopause. But it can also help you improve sleep too just like your melatonin supplements!

While studies remain inconsistent on its effects, menopausal and postmenopausal women have attested to having good sleep thanks to this root. And has only been recorded with minor, infrequent side effects.

CBD has a number of health benefits and can help you reduce anxiety and reduce stress

Because studies are still ongoing, the Food and Drug Administration has not approved this supplement for medical use. But that being said, valerian root has been shown to assist folks with most sleep problems.


  • A common sleep supplement in the United States and Europe

  • Not FDA-approved for medical use

  • May help regulate sleep patterns and sleep habits

#3. Glycine

There's a sweet (and sleepy) little amino acid called glycine. And it has been found to play an important role in the nervous system.

Studies have shown this popular sleep aid to help those who keep waking repeatedly stay asleep. And thus, amino acid glycine supplements have become a popular natural sleep aid in place of melatonin.

Aside from improved sleep quality, folks have also reported feeling less fatigued the next morning. And this just further indicates glycine's positive effects on the waking cycle.


  • An amino acid that's been proven to promote a restful night's sleep

  • Reports of reduced fatigue the following morning

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#4. Magnesium

Magnesium and melatonin are like two peas in a pod. Well, if one pea was really good at regulating the production of the other pea.

Let's put it this way. As a natural mineral, magnesium has been shown to help quiet the mind and body.

And for those with a magnesium deficiency, taking magnesium supplements has helped improve sleep quality. Just as melatonin would the same way.


  • Regulates the production of melatonin

  • Connected to brain function and heart health

  • Known to relax muscles and induce sleep

#5. Lavender

If you've never been soothed to sleep by the smell of lavender, then you've been missing out! No, seriously.

Lavender oil has been shown to positively affect those with mild insomnia. And some even advocate for the use of lavender supplements as a sleep aid over melatonin.

Stick to herbal tea as opposed to green tea if you are having trouble sleeping

Studies are still ongoing to evaluate their efficacy and safety. But the aromatherapy that lavender provides is undeniably soothing.

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  • Lavender's aroma is believed to enhance sleep

  • Some studies on lavender supplements for sleep

  • Ongoing research to determine the true efficacy

#6. Passionflower

If you're passionate about sleep, you'd better try out passionflower. Passionflower is already a popular herbal remedy for insomnia.

But its effects seem to depend on how the passionflower is consumed. When brewed as a tea, passionflower has been found to improve the quality of sleep just like melatonin.

Although some say that passionflower tea did not increase their total amount of sleep. As always, studies are ongoing, but passion flower continues to provide a much-needed reprieve.


  • Mixed study results on passionflower's efficacy

  • Best when brewed in tea as opposed to a supplement

  • Passionflower consumption is typically safe for adults

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#7. L-Theanine

Glycine isn't the only amino acid around here looking to help you improve your sleep schedule and overall relaxation. Allow us to introduce you to L-Theanine.

Studies have shown that L-Theanine supplements help to improve overall sleep. Although more research is needed to back up these claims.

Still, its use has become fairly popular. And animal studies have shown it may be even more effective when combined with GABA.


  • A natural protein shown to improve overall sleep

  • Studies still ongoing

  • Best when paired with GABA

FAQs about melatonin alternatives

We're sure you have questions, comments, concerns, and more. So allow us to put any of those queries to rest.

(Get it? Like rest? As in, sleep? Okay, we're done.)

Can natural sleep aids actually improve sleep quality?

You probably noticed that some of the natural supplements above had mixed results. Especially when it came to its ability to induce sleep.

But that being said, research has shown these organic ingredients and essential oils can help sleep habits, just like other medications and melatonin supplements. And get you the restful night's sleep you've been looking for since 2001.

Keep up to date on the latest natural supplements that can help you fall asleep and enhance your well being

Or, however many years you've gone without catching enough of those Z's. And what's even better?

Some of these ingredients can even be used for your furry loved ones. Like CBD for pets or even valerian root supplements.

Either way, finding the right ingredient for you will always take a little bit of trial and error. But luckily, these melatonin alternatives listed above don't have nearly the amount of side effects as prescription drugs.

Are natural sleep aids safer to use than prescription sleep aids?

Do you want a short answer? (Of course, you do, you're exhausted!) Yes.

Supplements derived from natural ingredients are much safer than any type of prescription drug. But even still, it's important to always dot your i's and cross your t's.

And by that, we mean this. Choose quality products from reputable brands. And keep in mind that the FDA does not regulate herbal supplements.

Additionally, it's best to note that these melatonin alternatives are only intended for short-term use. Even melatonin itself.

So if you have questions about ongoing sleep issues, always consult your doctor first. Then, test out these melatonin alternatives, like our Delta 9 gummies, with as much information about them going forward.

Finding your natural sleep remedy

Sleep is definitely one of the things we take for granted in childhood. After all, can you even recall the last time you slept so well?

If that memory's far off, don't worry about it for too long. Because these melatonin alternatives are here to take your stress away.

These melatonin alternatives can offer you improved sleep without knocking you out like prescription drugs do

Herbal remedies offer a more natural way of tapping into our bodies' regulating systems. So it only makes sense that supplements like CBD, lavender, magnesium, and more are here to help you ease into sleep.

You know, without conking you out completely like prescription drugs tend to do. So take that gentle slide into a deep sleep.

And wake up the next morning feeling refreshed and new! Besides, that's the best part of sleep anyway, right?

Waking up ready for the day, able to conquer everything.

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