Why Does Weed Make You Hungry?

Why Does Weed Make You Hungry
One of the most well-known aftereffects of lighting up a joint is overwhelming hunger. However, these aren't your run-of-the-mill tummy grumbles.

Key Takeaways

  • The "munchies" are the feelings of intense, insatiable hunger that come after smoking or ingesting cannabis or THC.
  • THC and cannabis interact with your ECS and CB1 receptors.
  • This interaction stimulates the feeling of hunger and prevents your brain from knowing when you're full.
  • If you smoke cannabis, you'll feel the effects of the munchies much sooner.
  • When you consume cannabis, you'll feel the effects later.

The "munchies" is an intense increase in appetite that is best satisfied by chomping down on sugary and salty snacks. So, before you pop a couple of gummy edibles, make sure you have some food nearby.

Keep reading, and we'll share everything there is to know about the "munchies."

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What are the Munchies?

If you've ever smoked or ingested cannabis, you've likely experienced the "munchies" shortly after hitting the peak of your high. The munchies are that sensation of overwhelming hunger that can come after you indulge in your favorite THC oil or cannabis product.

Some people think that you can only feel the munchies after smoking cannabis. However, that's far from the truth - it can come after popping a couple of gummies, sipping a refreshing infused beverage, or snacking on baked goods made with cannabis.

Simply put, weed makes food sound super good. Even if you're full, cannabis can trick your brain into thinking it's not. That's why certain cannabis products are recommended to cancer patients going through chemotherapy.

How do Normal Hunger Signals Work?

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Though tummy rumbles tell you if you need some food, your brain is what controls your hunger. And this isn't as simple as it seems—it takes a lot of complex chemical signals going back and forth between your mind and body to make this happen.

Even talking about food can activate the neurotransmitters in your hypothalamus and make you hungry. When your blood sugar levels dip, the hormone ghrelin in your blood increases. Then, neurons in your hypothalamus tell your brain that you need something to eat. Lastly, when you're full, the hormone leptin communicates that you can stop eating.

How Does Cannabis Affect Your Sense of Hunger?

Cannabis interacts with your body in a unique way. Simply put, the THC in cannabis makes food smell, taste, and sound absolutely delicious. That's why it's nearly impossible to resist the oncoming snack attack after smoking weed or enjoying our strawberry-flavored Delta 8 THC Tincture Oil.

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It is believed that cannabis stimulates your body's endocannabinoid system (ECS). Your ECS is comprised of countless cannabinoid receptors and affects many natural bodily functions like sleep, hunger, and mood.

THC interacts with the CB1 receptors of your ECS in your main olfactory bulb in order to enhance the sense of smell, resulting in appetite stimulation. CB1 receptors are known to increase appetite and stimulate feeding.

It's a good idea to note that THC doesn't actually make you hungry. It just stimulates that well-known feeling. The cravings that come after consuming weed or marijuana are nothing short of an illusion.

On top of that, THC can hinder the chemical signals that tell your brain when you're hungry. Controlling hunger can be hard when you don't realize your stomach is full. What happens behind the scenes in your brain and body might be complicated, but it's easy to know when you feel hungry with cannabis.

Why Does Weed Make Food Taste So Good?

THC is great for promoting hunger and making food taste exceptional. When you chow down on junk foods like doughnuts, burgers, or cookies, your brain releases dopamine (the "feel-good" hormones) in your brain. When you consume cannabis, even more dopamine is made, which can enhance the delicious flavors of your favorite foods.

That rush of dopamine can be inescapable for some, making it even more difficult to feel satiated and stop eating.

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Does Cannabis Cause Weight Gain?

There is limited research on the effects of cannabis on weight. On top of that, any research that is out there has some pretty conflicting results.

Certain observational studies found that cannabis wasn't associated with weight gain, while some clinical trials found that cannabis was linked to weight gain. Researchers did find that the rate of obesity tends to be lower in cannabis users when compared to non-users. This can be due to a few reasons, but some believe that it is because cannabinoids like CBD may help regulate insulin levels.

However, that's not all that CBD is good for. This major cannabinoid is also utilized in our pain-relieving topical roll-on alongside other soothing ingredients like menthol, arnica, MSM, and essential oils.

Regardless, cannabis itself won't make you gain weight. It only makes you hungry. If you're concerned about the health implications of the munchies, keep some healthy snacks nearby and avoid reaching for sweet treats, no matter how tempting they might be.

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How Long do the Munchies Last?

Though chowing down on your favorite foods can be fun with cannabis in your system, the effects will wear off after a while. However, the duration of your munchies can depend on many different factors, from genetics to metabolism.

Your consumption method will play a big part. The extent of appetite stimulation is largely determined by potency and absorption rate, which are often controlled by the method of consumption.

If you smoke cannabis, you'll feel the effects quicker. However, they will be relatively short-lived, only lasting a couple of hours on average. Alternatively, if you consume cannabis, you'll have to wait a few hours before the munchies kick in.

The munchies will normally go away after a few hours.

Final Thoughts

If you plan on indulging in your favorite THC products, don't forget to keep your favorite snacks nearby or get DoorDash on speed dial. That's the best way to get through the "munchies!"

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