CBD Dosage: How Many Drops Of CBD Oil Should I Take?

How Many Drops Of CBD Oil Should I Take

Do you ever find yourself making a whole bunch of New Year's resolutions? Then finding a closet full of roller skates, healthy cookbooks, and jazzercise outfits left to fend for themselves?

Yeah. We think the whole giving up on New Year's resolutions that seem to happen overnight must be a universal trait.

But this New Year, we're all about finding the happy medium. Making resolutions that don't feel unreachable. And seeing them through.

So, if you're looking for a happy medium like us, you're probably wondering what that happy medium looks like in the form of CBD oil. That is, how much CBD oil is the happy medium for you?

(Or your pet! That's right. Pet CBD oil exists too!)

And if you're thinking, "Wow, you just read my mind! That's exactly what I was thinking!" - don't be too surprised. The one resolution we did manage to keep was training under a psychic.

(Get it? Happy medium? Okay, we promise our jokes will get funnier throughout the year!)

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How many milligrams of CBD should I take?

Let's get right to it. How much CBD should you take? The general answer would tell you anywhere between 1 to 15 CBD oil drops.

But there's a lot of ground to cover in there, don't you think? Ultimately, the answer to your question will depend on the following factors listed below. So, what are you waiting for?

Body weight

How much CBD oil you take will greatly depend on your body weight. That's because CBD oil drops get stored in your fat cells.

So, the more you weigh, the more CBD oil you'll need to feel its effects. And the less you weigh, the less CBD oil you'll need to - well, you get it.

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Individual body chemistry

Everybody is different. No, literally. And that also means everyone's internal chemistry is different too.

Your body chemistry refers to every process that occurs within your body from cell production to your heartbeat. So one person may use CBD and feel a particular effect while others may feel entirely different ones.

Digestive system

The amount of CBD oil you take will also depend on what you've got going on in your digestive tract. And no, we don't mean whether you have a particularly sensitive tummy or not.

(Although that's definitely a factor too!) We're talking about whether you've got food in your system or not - but more on that later.

Prescription medications

Maybe you've scoured online for some anecdotal evidence to assess whether the number of drops you take will affect your prescription medications. But to be on the safe side, always speak to a medical professional first.

The right dose will depend on your general health and so it is important to find the right dosage that works for you whether it is one dose or an ideal dose of two so be prepared to explore your recommended dosage for a few weeks to find what dose works for you

That way, you can use your CBD product free of anxiety. And they may even have tips on the amount of CBD you do decide to use.

Different ways of taking CBD oil drops

When it comes to taking CBD oil drops, you'll definitely want to pay attention to how you're taking them. Not just how many milligrams you've got lined up.


When you take CBD sublingually, you're actually sending that CBD oil straight into your bloodstream. Not to mention you'll also start to feel its effects much sooner.

So the number of drops you take should start small, then gradually increase. Even if you're taking an oral spray, just spray once, then see how your body reacts.


Consuming CBD oil, on the other hand, can take a few hours for the effects to settle in. And because of this, you may be able to take more mg of CBD oil than you would sublingually.

That's because CBD oil has to go through the digestive tract. And this process can eliminate a certain percentage of CBD due to the enzymes present in your gut.

So while it's important to be patient, you could probably take more mg CBD or CBD isolate when swallowing than you would take sublingually. That being said, patience is always key.

Daily doses food supplement other medications starting dosage

Applied to food

Yes! You can actually apply CBD oil to your food! Whether it's certain dishes or just a hot drink you're looking forward to sipping on.

Again, the mg of CBD you apply will follow the same rule as straight-consuming CBD oil. You can take more than you would sublingually but you should always aim for a small mg of CBD oil or hemp extract to start.

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Taking CBD oil before vs. after a meal

Odds are, you've scoured the internet trying to find out whether it's better to take your CBD drops before or after a meal. But here's what research suggests.


Some say that you should take a certain amount of mg CBD before eating. But did you know that CBD depends on other nutrients to be processed effectively?


That's why experts say that you should take your total CBD during the meal or shortly afterward. This way, your body can better absorb the effects of CBD, helping you get the most out of your CBD.

FAQs about how much CBD oil to take

We get it, you've got lots of questions! Maybe you should change your New Year's resolution to asking more questions. Because in that case, you're killing it!

Your CBD dosage will be unique as will your cbd oil dosage so no cbd oil dosage calculator will give you the ideal dosage for you it is up to you to determine the optimal dose or ideal cbd dose that will work with your body

How much is too much CBD?

There's no amount of drops required to take with CBD. But that being said, there is such a thing as too much.

While too much CBD in your system won't cause much harm, it does end up wasting your product. Your body can only absorb so much CBD.

So taking too big an amount may render most of the product useless as your system simply won't be able to take in its effects. That's why it's always best to start small.

Then increase the amount of CBD you take over time depending on how your body reacts to it. Besides, that seems more like a "happy medium" to us.

Is CBD legal?

Yes! CBD is legal in all 50 states but each state will have its own specific laws.

So if you're looking to buy CBD oil, you don't need to constantly look over your shoulder. It's perfectly legal and besides, CBD is becoming much more popular in mainstream consciousness anyway!

Are CBD oils better than CBD gummies?

Remember how we talked about the different ways your body processes CBD? Well, this question stems from that.

Most of the time, CBD oils are taken sublingually which can yield quicker effects. And since CBD or delta 9 gummies are consumed and go through the digestive tract, their effects can take longer to show up.

Your dose of cbd will differ from someone else and their dose of cbd so to determine the correct dosage start with a small amount of a proper dosage not the desired dose because you need that small dose to give your body the desired effect so always start with a low dose or low doses rather than higher doses or the total dose

But this doesn't mean that one is better than the other. In fact, like the answer to your original question on how many CBD oil drops to take, it really just depends.

Not only on your body and its internal chemistry. But on the desired effects you're looking to achieve.

You know that consuming CBD during or after a meal allows your body to better absorb its properties. But you also know that sublingual application sends CBD straight to your bloodstream.

Ultimately, with all of this information, it's up to you to decide. But just know that there is no wrong or right answer!

What strength CBD oil should I buy?

At Clean Remedies, we offer several different types of CBD oils. And they range from 350mg to 900mg, from 1200mg to 3000mg.

So if you're just starting out with CBD oil, it's always best to start small. 350mg CBD allows you to test out what amount is going to work best for you.

Consistent usage one drop entire bottle dosage of cbd beneficial effects single drop upset stomach overall health small dosage health condition human studies animal studies

And if you find that you need something a little stronger, you can always bump up to 900mg CBD. Again, this will also depend on your intended use - whether as a tincture or maybe even a CBD rub

So, once again, we can't give you a straight answer. Gosh, that must be annoying!

But what can we say? There's nobody like you and you deserve an answer that's uniquely catered to your needs.

(Did we make you blush? Because that's what we were going for!)

What if a few drops don't do anything?

No need to fret! If you find that only a couple of drops simply don't affect you, you can always add a couple more drops.

Just remember to go slow with this process though. Especially if you're consuming CBD oil, not taking it sublingually.

CBD dosage varies from person to person so the dosage of cbd oil you choose to take whether for cancer pain anxiety disorders severe pain or otherwise will affect your cbd dosage and additionally if you are worried about safety concerns do not opt for high doses or a high dosage in general as your cbd dose and cbd dosage should reflect what your body can handle from a dosage and what you want to get out of a dosage

It can be frustrating to have to wait for the effects to crop up. But the last thing you want to do is add more CBD on top of your original amount.

Then, find yourself with too much CBD in your system. Again, this won't harm your system necessarily but you want to get the most out of your CBD, don't you?

How do I know if my CBD products have been lab tested?

Typically, CBD brands will provide their lab tests as a proud badge of honor. Kind of what we like to do at Clean Remedies!

That's because we want our customers to know that each and every product has been vetted and is safe for your consumption. You can find our thirty-party lab tests easily under every product on the site.

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And other sites that take as much pride in their third-party lab testing will often follow suit. If you have any concerns about the CBD products you're perusing, you can always feel free to reach out to the brand directly.

Especially if you're having trouble finding their lab results. Not only does it help to hold CBD brands accountable for the products they are putting out there.

It also helps you to get the most out of your shopping experience in the CBD world! Because when it boils down to it, these products are here for you to use.

So they should be of the highest quality and caliber that they can be. Alright. We've spent enough time up on our soapbox...

Drip, drip, drop!

If CBD drops are new to your life, then they can be a very exciting new adventure to try out! Hopefully, these tips can help you to determine just how much is right for you.

And how to wade through the various kinds of information out there. Because we have your best interests in mind, always and forever. (Cue Taylor Swift song.)

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