How Much CBD Chocolate Should I Eat?

How Much CBD Chocolate Should I Eat

CBD chocolate sounds like a match made in heaven. After all, it combines CBD with chocolate - what's not to love?

But if you're not quite sure how much CBD chocolate to take on your first go-around, don't worry. We've answered all your questions below.

All you need to worry about is enjoying your CBD chocolate with peace of mind. Deal? Let's get started.

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Key takeaways

There are a lot of different factors to take into account when it comes to CBD edibles. But as a general rule, you can follow this breakdown below:

  • 5-10mg is perfect for those who are new to CBD or hemp oil
  • 20-30mg is a standard single-serving recommendation
  • 50+mg is considered a very large serving of CBD-infused chocolate

Of course, these mg servings are a ballpark range. Below, we'll get into all the different factors that should be taken into account.

And we'll even stack up CBD dark chocolate against other CBD products! Lots of goodies await those who keep scrolling...

Factors to determine how much CBD chocolate you should eat

When it comes to CBD edibles, there's not one universal serving size that fits everybody. Besides, every individual who uses cannabis products will also have a different reason for taking them.

With this in mind, it's important to start with the facts. Each of these factors below will help you determine how much CBD your body can handle.

Your body weight

CBD is a fat-soluble compound which means that it gets stored in your body's fat cells. Typically, this means that those with a higher percentage of body fat may require a larger CBD concentration in order to feel its effects.

How many cbd gummies to take start with low dose for cbd dosage then work up to higher dose especially if you are taking other medications with cbd gummies

On the other hand, those with a lower percentage of body fat may require less CBD to achieve their desired results. All in all, it's important to start with a small amount of CBD chocolate - or any CBD edible, for that matter.

Then, assess how your body reacts. After testing out that small amount, you can gradually increase the mg of CBD chocolate you ingest from there.

Your unique body chemistry

Everyone is different, therefore everyone's body is different. At least that's what they should have taught you in Health class.

But this also means that everyone will react to cannabis differently. Some may feel the desired effects immediately upon their first use.

Others may not feel those effects until a couple of weeks after regular use. Ingesting CBD is an entirely individual process that should be taken as slowly as the user feels comfortable with.

Even if you're dying to dive right into that CBD milk chocolate bar, take it one bite at a time. Then wait and see how your body reacts as the CBD chocolate travels through your digestive tract to access your endocannabinoid system.

The type of CBD chocolates you're consuming

Not everyone realizes that there are various types of CBD despite all being derived from the hemp plant. So let's see how they all stack up against one another.

Full spectrum CBD

Full spectrum CBD retains all other cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. And this includes trace amounts of THC.

But if you're worried about getting high, don't worry. Full spectrum CBD products will contain less than 0.3% THC content as is federally legal.

That being said, full spectrum CBD oil and full spectrum hemp extract are highly sought after due to the entourage effect. This effect purports that all cannabinoids working together empower the effects of the other.

In other words, no single cannabinoid is as strong without its cohorts.

Broad spectrum CBD

Broad spectrum CBD is similar to full spectrum CBD, but it contains no THC whatsoever. This is the perfect type of CBD oil for those looking to experience the entourage effect without worrying about testing positive on a drug test.

Many make the mistake of thinking that full spectrum CBD won't result in a positive drug test. But just know that it's not uncommon due to the trace amounts of THC.

CBD isolate

CBD isolate is just pure CBD. No additional cannabinoids have been retained from the cannabis plant.

Lower dose of gluten free chocolate or cbd gummies is better than high dose for beginners check serving size for desired effect

The only active ingredient involved is CBD. Typically, CBD isolate products will contain a variety of other ingredients (as will full spectrum CBD and broad spectrum CBD).

So it's important to check the ingredients of each product to make sure you know all the active ingredients involved.

Your tolerance of CBD products

Over time, the more cannabis you ingest, the more cannabis you're able to tolerate. Frequent CBD users may find that the suggested serving size on a CBD chocolate bar is perfect for achieving the desired effects.

But those who use CBD every day may find that a larger serving is what does the trick for them. Alternatively, those who are new to CBD chocolate or other edibles should start with a small amount.

This will be the best way to introduce your body to the active ingredients involved. While we suggest this for CBD chocolate, we also suggest this for CBD gummies and other edibles.

The potency of the CBD product

No two CBD chocolate bars are made the same. And we're not just talking about whether they use dark or milk chocolate.

We're talking about how much CBD is in each chocolate bar. Before you eat, always double-check the serving on the package label.

And to triple-check, visit the company's website for any lab tests they may display on their product pages. Reputable brands will always advertise their third-party lab testing to give their customers peace of mind.

In these lab tests, you can confirm that you're getting high-quality CBD in every bite. And if a brand doesn't offer these lab results, consider moving on to the next CBD chocolate supplier available.

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How does CBD chocolate differ from other CBD edibles?

It's easy to think that CBD chocolate offers the same effects as gummies with delta 9, for example. But the combination of chocolate and CBD is a fairly genius one if we do say so ourselves.

Chocolate aids CBD absorption

CBD is fat-soluble. So, when taking CBD, it's better to pair it with something that's fatty in content.

Luckily, chocolate is extremely high in fat content. That goes for milk chocolate too.

As a delivery method, chocolate is the perfect vehicle to deliver fast-absorbing CBD to your digestive tract. This is similar to how CBD oil will often use carrier oils to induce fast absorption as well.

Dark chocolate has its own potential health benefits

There have been many proven health benefits of dark chocolate, including the fact that it's a nutrient-rich superfood. In a 100-gram bar of dark chocolate with 70-85% cocoa, you can expect to find 11 grams of fiber, 66% of your Daily Value for iron, 57% magnesium, 196% copper, and 85% manganese.

Potential benefits include relieving arthritis pain calming central nervous system decreasing pain sensation aiding stress management and more but shop smart and find sweet relief from reputable companies who use no heavy metals for good breakdown

And that's not even including the amount of potassium, phosphorus, zinc, and selenium that dark chocolate also contains.

Beyond these nutrients, studies have also shown dark chocolate's potential to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease. In fact, a review of studies revealed that participants who ate chocolate 3 times per week lowered their risk of cardiovascular disease by 9%.

Studies are still ongoing to definitively determine whether dark chocolate has these amazing superpowers. But preliminary research certainly shows its promise as a superfood capable of enhancing various bodily functions.

A CBD chocolate bar masks the grassy flavor

Sometimes, CBD can offer a particularly earthy flavor that certain users would rather not endure. That's why it's common for folks to reach for CBD products that pack tons of additional sugary ingredients in an attempt to mask that flavor.

But chocolate on its own has a robust flavor that can easily overpower that of CBD. This makes CBD chocolate the perfect choice for those who want CBD's effects, just with a richer, creamier flavor profile.

Best CBD chocolates on the market today

There are plenty of CBD chocolates for you to choose from on the market today. But if you're going for quality, these CBD chocolate products are the best you can find.

Delta 8 THC Chocolate Haze

Our Delta 8 THC Chocolate Haze is the perfect blend of milk chocolate and Delta 8 THC. THC is one of the many cannabinoids found in the hemp plant that produces psychoactive effects.

But Delta 8 THC is considered the gentler version of typical THC, otherwise known as Delta 9, which can sometimes produce disorienting effects. In this chocolate bar, you'll get 50mg Delta 8 THC per square.

Some small batches of cbd chocolate include mct oil check other ingredients and other methods of extraction for different products at local dispensary or online shop

And to demonstrate our commitment to quality, these chocolate bars are crafted by hand in small batches for your enjoyment. You can enjoy 1/4 - 1/2 square of chocolate, offering you 12.5mg-25mg of Delta 8 in every bite.

Then, allow for up to 60 minutes to start to feel the product's effects. From there, you can gradually increase as needed.

Delta 8 THC Chocolate Dream

For dark chocolate lovers, we have our Delta 8 THC Chocolate Dream. This bar is infused with 150mg CBN, 250mg Valerian Root, and 500mg of Delta 8 to promote sleep and a sense of calm.

Valerian root has long been studied for its ability to promote healthy sleep hygiene. And coupled with CBN, otherwise known as the weaker version of THC, these ingredients help to promote one another's effects.

As you'll see in our third-party lab reports, our products use only the necessary ingredients. And this chocolate bar is no exception.

With chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, sugar, soy lecithin, vanilla, Delta 8 THC, valerian root, and CBN, you can count on these eight ingredients alone to offer you an uplifting and rejuvenating experience.

Delta 9 THC Chocolate Delight

For those interested in something a bit stronger, we have our Delta 9 THC Chocolate Delight bar. This bar blends 100mg Delta 9 THC with 100mg full spectrum CBD.

Because we didn't want you to enjoy Delta 9 alone. We wanted to offer you all the cannabinoids available from the hemp plant.

In comparison to our other chocolate bars, you may start to feel the effects more rapidly with this one. Still, our federally legal, hemp-derived Delta 9 THC chocolate makes for the perfect welcome after a long day.

So you can unwind and relax without worry.

Final thoughts

We're just as thrilled as everyone in the CBD industry that CBD chocolate is gaining popularity. With its unique effects, CBD chocolate combines stellar ingredients that only serve to enhance one another.

That's why we're passionate about bringing you the best experience possible with these new products. So as you eat your way through our chocolate bars, remember to enjoy the process.

It's more than just a yummy treat for you to enjoy at the end of the day. It also has your wellness in mind. 

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