How To Give Your Dog CBD Oil

How To Give Dog CBD Oil

There's nothing a pet owner wouldn't do for their pet. After all, look at that adorable face!!

Whether it's getting up at the early hours of dawn to walk them. Or driving an hour out of your way to find their favorite treat or snuggly toy, there's a lot that you would do.

Well, something that many pet parents and animal lovers are turning to is pet CBD oil - high quality CBD oil, that is. Because you want the very best for your furry friend, right?

So how do you give CBD oil to your pet? And how much CBD oil is the right amount to give them?

All of these questions and more will be answered. Because you're not the only one with your pet's best interests in mind. (Can you tell we have a soft spot for animals?)

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#1. Straight from the CBD tinctures

Giving CBD to your pet doesn't have to be hard. In fact, most dogs are able to take CBD oil straight from the tincture itself.

All you have to do is squirt a couple of drops of your CBD oil product into your pet's mouth. And let the hemp oil get to work!

For pets who don't mind a natural flavor

That being said, not every dog tolerates the natural flavor of a CBD tincture. But luckily, there are a plethora of CBD oil products with different yummy flavors for your dog to enjoy. 

So no, it's not like having to take a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down. Just explore the range of CBD products out there for your pet!

Apply directly to your dog's mouth for fast-acting effects

Those looking for fast-acting results will particularly appreciate a CBD oil tincture. Unlike a CBD dog treat that travels through their digestive tract (or a delta 9 gummy for a human), a tincture enters their bloodstream directly.

And accesses their endocannabinoid system more readily. So if you want the power of hemp plants to reach your dog at a faster rate, consider administering them any full spectrum CBD oil or CBD isolate tincture straight from the bottle.

#2. Mix CBD oil up in your dog's food

If you're worried that even the slightest change in your pet's routine will make them suspicious, mix up CBD oil into their food. (Don't be suspicious, don't be suspicious.)

This is one of the most standard ways to give CBD oil to your dog. And when combined with food and other nutrients, the hemp plant and its cannabinoids may function with greater bioavailability.

Add CBD oil to wet food or normal dog treats

There are CBD treats out there that you can give your dog. But if you've got a picky eater, you can easily add hemp oil to any pet treat you know they'll love.

There are potential health benefits associated with CBD that may help relieve chronic pain

That being said, you might find a CBD treat that becomes their next favorite. So if you've got an adventurous eater, feel free to explore the world of pet CBD products with them!

Porous treats are best at absorbing CBD oils

If you do go the route of adding full spectrum CBD to a non-CBD pet treat, make sure the treat is porous. CBD baked goods don't have to worry about absorbing more CBD because it's baked into it.

But a porous treat will ensure that your high quality CBD products get absorbed best. Besides, you don't want to waste your CBD product on a treat that literally rolls it off its metaphorical and literal back.

#3. Make it special with CBD dog treats

If you feel confident in your ability to give CBD to your dog the homemade way, feel free! But just be weary of how you measure out the cannabis plant and mix it in.

Just be weary of homemade treats

A CBD product will come with its own assurances of quality and accuracy. So only give CBD treats to your dog that are homemade if you are certain of the amount of CBD in them. And whether they are thoroughly mixed in.

#4. Administer CBD oil topically too

CBD oil for dogs isn't just something to eat. It can also be a luxury topical treatment like a shampoo or CBD rub that targets specific areas!

You might be wanting to address a localized area for your pet and don't want to overload them with CBD in their system. Well, CBD topicals are a perfect way to strike that balance.

Using a CBD rub is less concentrated than other application methods

That being said, topical CBD is not necessarily fast-acting. It will have to travel through layers of skin (and fur) to get to your pet's system.

Consult your vet about adding CBD oil to your pet's health regimen especially if they are taking other prescription medications

#5. Dilute CBD oil for dogs with water

Let's say you don't have any treats or food that will absorb CBD oil well. And your dog has adamantly refused to take CBD oil directly from the tincture.

Well, try diluting CBD oil in their water bowl! (Cue "don't be suspicious" once more...)

For an option that enters your dog's system faster than dog food

Diluting CBD oil in water may not act as fast as a tincture straight from the bottle. But it'll certainly be absorbed by your dog's body faster than their food.

So think of it as a happy medium between straight from the tincture and mixed in with their wet food or treat. You'll find that there are plenty of ways to give CBD oil to your dog.

So it's just a matter of what works best for them! And isn't that what being a dog parent is all about anyway?

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FAQs about CBD oil for dogs

Of course you must still have some questions about CBD oil and your dog or cat. It's perfectly normal for any pet parent to worry! So allow us to lay your concerns to rest.

How much CBD oil should pet parents give their dogs?

How much CBD oil you give your dog will be determined by a couple of factors. First and foremost, you'll want to take your dog's weight into account.

Small dogs tend to require less CBD than bigger dogs. And that's because your pet's weight also correlates to the percentage of body fat they have on them.

CBD benefits may offer certain wellness benefits such as lowered blood pressure so introduce CBD infused peanut butter to your dog today

CBD oil is fat soluble so it gets stored in your pet's fat cells. So the smaller your dog, the less CBD they'll require. And the bigger your dog, well, you get it.

That being said, you'll always want to start off with a small amount to start. Then, you can assess how your dog tolerates CBD oil and gradually increase from there.

How does CBD oil for dogs work?

CBD oil works in the same way for your dog as it does for you as a human. It accesses their endocannabinoid system which is in charge of certain receptors in the brain.

Like we said earlier, different application methods will yield different result times. So fast-acting results will always be aligned with straight from the tincture bottle.

Then, diluted with water. Then, mixed in with their food or treats. Then, topically applied.

How often should pet owners give their dogs CBD oil?

This is a question we get asked a lot, and rightly so! Typically, you can give your dog CBD on a daily basis though some are able to tolerate multiple doses a day.

If your dog needs those extra doses, you can administer CBD oil every eight to twelve hours. But it will ultimately boil down to what your dog needs and can tolerate.

The proper dosage of CBD for your pet will be listed on the packaging but just in case the CBD dosage is not listed start with a small CBD dose to start then gradually add more if you feel your pet needs it

Furthermore, giving your dog CBD oil on a daily basis can actually yield you the best results. You might think it's best to give CBD oil to your pet every once in a while.

And that's perfectly fine too! But for CBD oil to work best, daily administration is the way to go.

This allows the CBD oil to compound upon itself in their system. And work its magic on a consistent basis.

Besides, a regular routine is always best for your pet anyway, right? That's why plenty of pet owners choose to subscribe to a recurring purchase each month with their favorite pet CBD product. This way, it becomes a way of life for both them and their pet.

Giving back to your furry friend

There's a lot that our pets do for us. They love us, they get us up in the morning, sometimes, they even test out limits.

But at the end of the day, their health and happiness is the most important thing to every pet parent out there. So if you want to give your pet the best, try incorporating pet CBD into their regular routine.

And watch them flourish from regular administration. Sure, you could buy them that one extra toy you happened to come across online.

(And we're not telling you not to buy that toy. Because your pet needs all the toys in the world!)

But this is yet another way to give back to your little one in thanks for what they've given you. Don't you think they just deserve everything in the world and more?

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