How To Store Gummy Edibles

How To Store Gummy Edibles

A food product is kind of like Goldilocks. It likes to either stay cold, stay warm, or at least be put on the pantry shelf just right.

Well, CBD products are no different. In fact, cannabis products may even be a little bit more finicky than your standard grocery products.

But we're here to give you the best tips on storing cannabis edibles the right way. So you can enjoy and elongate the shelf life of your cannabis cookies, chocolate, candies, gummies, and cannabis-infused food.

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#1. Store cannabis edibles away from light

First rule of thumb when it comes to storing cannabis gummies (and CBD oil for humans, pets, and anyone): keep them away from light. THC is a little bit like a vampire.

No, it won't burst into flames if exposed to light. But exposure to sunlight is the quickest way to break down THC into a non-psychoactive compound.

That being said, when storing cannabis edibles, THC is not on the outermost layer. But depending on the other ingredients involved, your cannabis candies and gummies can still run the risk of losing their potency.

Besides, you wouldn't leave a normal chocolate bar out on a sunny window sill, would you? So don't do that to your cannabis chocolates either!

#2. Keep edibles fresh by storing them in the right temperature

We all know that foods can't be stored in too warm an environment. Otherwise, mold and other bacteria can start to grow while causing moisture loss in your food.

But when it comes to CBD edibles, we're actually worried about the opposite. We're talking about too much moisture.

Medical marijuana tinctures may need to be stored differently from baked goods or any other shelf stable

Once you start to smell condensation droplets, you know your edibles have gone bad. That's why it's best to keep them at room temperature or even a little bit cooler.

A cool environment will ensure that THC remains at its peak potency. And any other ingredients used will also enjoy that cool touch.

#3. Store cannabis edibles in airtight containers

We cannot stress how important an airtight container is when making sure that your edibles are stored properly. Below, we'll go through the best storage materials you can use to keep your edibles fresh.

Glass containers

Glass jars like mason jars are good for storing edibles. But if you have any edibles that are sticky, you'll want to wrap them in parchment paper or wax paper before storing them.

There are few foods that can benefit from exposure to CO2. Least of all THC.

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So any glass container that you can store your edibles in will greatly enhance the shelf life of your product. And if you don't have an airtight container?

Stick to the original packaging that the product came in. Odds are, the company who produces it will know how to best store it so that the taste and eating experience is optimal for the customer.

Silicone containers

Silicone containers are a good short-term storage solution. But be weary of how you fill your silicone container edibles.

You'll want to choose a container size that is close to the amount of cannabis you store. That way, you can avoid moisture buildup so it won't affect the taste of your product.

Airtight containers

In general, an airtight container is going to be your best bet for keeping your cannabis products fresh - and even most CBD rubs and topicals come in airtight containers anyway. To make this method even more effective, wrap your edibles in parchment paper.

Just like with glass containers. Additionally, you can seal it inside of a Ziploc bag, then place it inside of an airtight container.

We know that's a lot of steps. But if you really want to make sure your product lasts up to its expiration date, this is the best way to store it.


Plenty of people decide to freeze edibles, especially when they know they won't be digging into them on a daily basis. And we know what you're thinking: Yes, cannabis ice cream does exist.

Typically, edibles can last up to a few months in the freezer. But you'll want to take the defrosting period slowly.

Let them acclimate to the temperature in the fridge first. Otherwise, that sudden temperature change can impact the taste of your THC product.

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#4. Store gummies in a dark place

The oxidation process can get the best of your CBD products. So it's always best to store them in a dark place away from light.

Use these as general rules to help your edible product stay fresh and avoid sugar bloom

Light can speed up the degradation process of both CBD and THC. So if you can find any closet, drawer, or cabinet to store your products in, they'll certainly last longer than in a windowsill.

#5. Consume older gummies first

If you have multiple gummies, you'll want to consume them in the order in which you purchased them. That way, you won't eat the freshest one first.

And end up with a bunch of spoiled ones when you go back to find some six months later. We've all been there...

#6. Don't overbuy your gummies

You can consider these last two points a bit of advice rather than a how-to guide. But the best advice we can offer is not to overbuy your delta 9 gummies.

You don't want to end up with too many for fear that they'll reach their expiration date before you got to them. And that's just a waste of money and product.

Factors that can affect the shelf life of marijuana edibles

If you can't remember all of the points above, keep these factors in mind. That way, you'll be able to deduce whether that hot car is a good place to keep your edibles or not. (Spoiler alert: it's not.)


Humidity will speed up the degradation process of your product. Not to mention it'll also invite bacteria to come and breed.

Sun exposure

Sun can also speed up the degradation process of your product. If it's not the UV rays that spoils it, it'll be the heat.

Breaking news expired gummies may lose their potency and freshness level over long periods of time so if your container edibles feel rough toss them


Well, wouldn't you know! Heat can break down the compounds in your CBD product. And this is what makes a room temperature space the ideal spot for your CBD.


Storing cannabis edibles properly is just as much about getting your product to last as it is keeping your product safe from cross-contamination. You don't want to have CBD flavored mold or insects, do you?

FAQs about how to store cannabis edibles

Should you store edibles in the fridge?

Every edible is different. But in general, storing them in the fridge is an ideal spot due to its cool temperature and lack of oxygen.

Then again, it's always best to contact the product company. They'll have the most knowledgeable answer for you when it comes to storing the product they made themselves.

How long can you store cannabis edibles?

Obviously, a brownie or cookie won't last as long as a candy will. So always be sure to check the expiration date on your CBD product.

In general though, you can expect baked goods to last a few days in the pantry. And hard candies to last up to a year if properly stored.

Keep your gummies delicious for longer!

CBD gummies are a super fun way of incorporating CBD into your life. And hopefully with these tips, you'll be able to keep those gummies around for much longer!

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