Are Fireworks Causing Anxiousness In Your Dog?

Are Fireworks Causing Anxiousness In Your Dog?

So, you’re getting ready for America’s favorite Holiday; what do you need besides the food, a grill, and a beautiful place to watch everyone's favorite part (fireworks)? While we may stare in awe, some of our beloved family members, however, find America’s version of a birthday celebration their least favorite part. That's right, we’re talking about your four legged best friend!  For whatever reason, (maybe they miss the context of our celebration), to Rover’s surprise, fireworks sound like terrifying explosions. Unfortunately, our loyal companions are unable to make the connection between independence from the British monarchy and the loud, concerning noise that usually relegates them to whimpering under the bed in fear--one of the ultimate fight or flight triggers.

Despite our many differences, dogs and humans are more similar biologically then you may like to think. Dogs have an endocannabinoid system (ECS) just like humans do, and like humans, dogs endogenously produce cannabinoids. The ECS is believed to help promote equanimity and balance in the body's many complex processes. The regulating effect of cannabinoids on animal systems suggests that these compounds have the potential to mitigate the discomfort your furry friends experiences during one of our most revered celebrations. 

Let’s make sure your Fourth is suitable for both human and non-human family members!

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