How Long Does It Take For CBD To Work On Dogs?

How Long Does It Take For CBD To Work On Dogs

Dog owners will do anything for their furry friends. They'll pick up their doo-doo, they'll scour the internet for the best, most nutritious food.

They'll do anything it takes to maintain a happy and healthy dog. So, what's the latest thing pet owners are turning to?

CBD products! Both humans and dogs have an endocannabinoid system. So naturally, many pet owners have started to explore this wondrous world of CBD for pets.

You might be interested in CBD oils for pets but you're not quite ready to dip your puppy's toes into the CBD waters just yet. So, if that's the case, consider this your welcome package into dog CBD oil.

We'd say cozy up and get reading. But perhaps it's more apt to say, "Call your furry friend over and snuggle!"

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How does CBD oil work?

As we said before, CBD oil affects your dog's body just as it affects yours. You both have an endocannabinoid system with cannabinoid receptor sites.

And these receptor sites are all across the cells of your immune system, nervous system, and brain. So as CBD oil gets introduced to your dog's system, it will affect different body functions.

Typically, you should always start by giving your dog a small amount of CBD to begin. Then, you can gradually increase the amount of CBD they take over time.

So long as your dog remains happy and healthy. That's the most important part, right?

How long will it take for CBD to get into my pet's system?

Giving CBD to your dog will look different from somebody else giving their dogs CBD. So generally speaking, it is best for you to find what works for your dog and see how your dog reacts.

Sublingual absorption

You can apply CBD oil directly to your dog's mouth or on their gums. Yeah, some dogs like that!

Depending on the CBD concentration you use, you can expect results within 20 to 60 minutes. This is the quickest way for your pets to absorb CBD.

In your dog's food

If your dog doesn't like taking the CBD product directly (which, hey, we understand), you can give them CBD dog treats. Or even start by administering CBD oil drops to their food.

You can give your dog CBD oil in their food or through a cbd pet treat if they do not want to take it on their tongue

Because they will be absorbing CBD through their stomach - like you would delta 9 gummies - the CBD kicks in about 45 to 90 minutes after consumption. So don't worry if you don't see results immediately.

Unfortunately, it is pretty much a, "Sit! Stay!" situation. But you've taught your dog to have patience, you might as well take a lesson from yourself!

How much CBD oil should I give my dog?

There are plenty of factors that weigh into this decision. So let's see just what will affect how much CBD oil you give your sweet lil pup!

Your dog's weight

Your dog's body and weight will help you determine just how much CBD oil to administer. Typically, bigger dogs will require more CBD oil than smaller dogs.

And that's because CBD oil gets stored in the fat cells. So the more fat cells you have, the more CBD oil your friend will require for them to start feeling its effects.

Then again, it's important to start small. So don't assume that you can give your dog a hefty serving of CBD just because they're a hefty one themself!

Common ailments

Every dog's body is different. And some suffer from certain health conditions or ailments that other dogs might not experience.

For some dogs with common ailments, they may be more affected by CBD than dogs with no ailments whatsoever. So it is always recommended to start small with your pet and adjust their serving size as needed.

The many health benefits that accompany hemp oil in pets may include relieving joint pain helping to regulate a dog's metabolism chronic pain anxiety problems such as situational anxiety and more

It may take time to find the sweet spot for when your CBD oil starts working. So try to be patient and keep an eye out for how your dog reacts.

And if you ever have any questions, you can always ask your veterinarian their advice. They'll surely have lots of information that you'll want to gobble up just like your dogs gobble up their dinner!

Your dog's activity level

If your dog is particularly active, they'll likely have a fast metabolism. (And yes, we're talking running around the house like crazy then slumping onto the couch for a 2 hour nap.)

This may mean that they require more or less CBD oil than a less active dog. So again, a good rule of thumb to remember is to start small.

You can always gradually increase the amount of CBD oil you offer your dogs. But you can't scale back with too big a serving. Word to the wise!

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Your CBD products' potency

CBD for dogs isn't a monolith. There are dozens of brands out there making different formulas for their CBD product.

Always be sure to check just how much hemp oil is in your CBD for dogs. And try to steer clear of any ingredients you don't know how to pronounce.

(Okay, we didn't come up with that line ourselves. We heard it in a skincare commercial and thought, "Hey! That's a pretty good way to describe it!")

After all, if you wouldn't put it in your body, you definitely wouldn't put it in your dogs. (Just don't try to reverse that sentiment though. Dogs eat a lot of weird things that we're sure you probably don't have the stomach for.)

How long does CBD stay in my dog's system?

We know you asked how long does CBD take to kick in for your pet. But let's also consider how long does it take for CBD to pass through your pet's system.

Delivery method

There are plenty of ways to provide CBD oil for your dogs. And each method of intake will also factor into how long CBD takes to pass through their system.

Dog CBD oil or tinctures tend to pass through their system rather quickly. That's because the oil avoids first-pass metabolism by going straight to their bloodstream.

Just as sublingual application is the quickest way for CBD to take effect, it's also the quickest way for CBD to dissipate. (Well, not literally dissipate. "Pass through" is more like it.)

The standard dose of CBD oil for your pet will depend on a variety of factors including weight body functions and more but you can typically find dosage charts or dosing guidelines online

On the other hand, CBD dog treats that go through your dog's stomach take longer to pass. They do go through first-pass metabolism.

And this means that it can take longer to take effect. And longer to pass as well.

Lastly, if you're using CBD dog creams, CBD rubs, or other topicals, you can expect this to take the most time to pass. IT also is the slowest form of absorption as well.

That's because the pet CBD has to pass through seven cell layers of the epidermis before meeting the bloodstream. That's quite a bit of a journey, wouldn't you say?

Type of CBD products used

There are three main types of CBD that you can administer for your dog or dogs. So let's take a look at them.

Full Spectrum CBD oil

Full spectrum CBD contains small amounts of every component present in the hemp plant. And this also means that there can be trace amounts of THC, the psychoactive compound.

But no need to fret. Federally legal full spectrum products will always contain less than 0.3% of THC. So no, you won't get your dog high from giving them full spectrum CBD.

Broad spectrum CBD oil

Broad spectrum CBD oil is similar to full spectrum in that it retains other cannabinoids and compounds. But it contains no THC whatsoever.

So yes, it covers a broad range. But not the full range. (See what we did there? Maybe that will help you remember the difference between the two!)

CBD isolate

CBD isolate is pure CBD. No other compounds from the hemp plant are present.

You may have to do a bit of trial and error to see what types of CBD work for your dogs. But in general, you can expect the additional compounds from full spectrum and broad spectrum to produce what's known as the entourage effect.

Ultimately, it boils down to what you want for your dogs. And what they want too!

(We're pretty sure they'll tell you. If not with a head bump or a wet nose kiss, then with a bark or a cry for, "Hey! Where's my dinner?" Seriously, it's like they're starving all the time!)

Your pet's size

Remember how we said that CBD gets stored in the fat cells? Well, this makes it great for absorbing CBD.

But this also means that it makes it easier for CBD to be retained. There's no harm in this for your dogs though.

A dose of cbd for your pet will include a number of health benefits even a therapeutic dose can be factored into your cbd dosage

It just means that if your dog is bigger and has more fat cells, you can expect CBD to linger in their system for longer. Additionally, metabolism factors into this as well.

If your dog or dogs are very active with high metabolisms, they'll probably feel the effects of CBD quicker. And then they'll pass the effects quicker too.

Your CBD oils' potency

Of course, the potency of your CBD will factor into how long CBD decides to stick around in your dogs. The more they take, the longer it'll last.

And this will also depend on whether the product you're using is full spectrum, broad spectrum, or CBD isolate. You'll find that all of these factors start to meld together over time.

So don't feel overwhelmed if you're having to take this all in all at once! This is just a matter of making sure you know exactly what you're giving your furry loved ones.

Again, this is where we stress how important it is to start small! If you have a dropper, start with a single drop. Then notice how it affects your dog and adjust from there.

Frequency and consistency of CBD dog treats

Giving your dog CBD once may take up to three days for your dog to pass. But if your CBD use is daily, then it can take up to ten days or more for the CBD to pass through their system.

For some dogs, optimal results occur with daily administration. But it may take a couple of weeks before you start to see any effects or changes.

Ultimately, your dog knows best. (Well, not always, but in this case.) They'll let you know how they're feeling so it's up to you to remain vigilant.

Putting pet parents at ease

So, how long does it take to get to the center of a tootsie - oh wait, that's not what this post is about! Silly us.

But in all seriousness, we hope that this post has helped to answer some questions you have in taking care of your furry loved ones. At the end of the day, their health and happiness is the most important thing.

So when it comes to the CBD waters, you're welcome to dip a toe in. It won't bite! And it won't bark too - because it's water.

(Okay, sorry, we're starting to talk to you like we talk to our own dogs. Thank goodness nobody hears those conversations...)

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